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I Joined a nationwide illustration contest here in the Philippines for a TV show called Imortal. It's kinda like twilight, you know, love stories and conflicts vampires and werewolves, but of course they changed the story a bit.

The Deadline of the contest was Dec 15, 2010 and I was able to submit 3 entries, all of which are also uploaded here in my DA account. Dec 17 was the day I would know if my entries were among the top 30 of the competition, they would be picked by judges composed of the creators of the TV show. When my friend told me that I didn't made it in the top 30, its sad but I accepted it. But when I saw the gallery of the top 30, MY GOODNESS, WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!

I mean, they could have picked better artworks among the 12,000+ entries than the ones they have on the TOP 30 Gallery. I realized then that this competition has belittled and degraded many of the FILIPINO ARTISTS and the FILIPINO Artistic and CREATIVE STANDARD. Yes there are few artworks that are good but they were made by the same artist and it seems that the judges wanted this person to win so they picked artworks that were WAY BELOW THIS ARTIST'S standards to be part of the top 30 so that it would be obvious who would win...

If you guys want to know what I mean, just check out this site...

you'll easily see the artworks of the artist that I'm referring to since they are the ones who look best among the rest, BUT HELL!!!!! A LOT MORE ENTRIES OTHER THAN MINE SHOULD BE ON THIS GALLERY AND ARE MORE DESERVING!!!

Also, after the top 30, there would be the top 10 and finally the top 3. The winners will be determined through popular vote... and a lot of people are complaining about the competition... so I guess its future is quite bleak... not unless they do something about it!
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Submitted on
December 24, 2010