Zarmina: Around the Red Dwarf Sun

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About 20 light-years away from the Earth, orbiting at about 0.15 AU from a red dwarf sun, there is a planet called Zarmina. It is about 3-4 times the size of the Earth, while its sun is about 3 times smaller than ours. It's kinda a small solar system, as most of the 6 planets are inside a 0.2 AU radius and are bigger than the Earth, so you can clearly see them from Zarmina. An interesting thing about Zarmina is that the planet is tidal locked, meaning it's always showing the same face to its sun, so there's a side it's always day and the other, always night. The year is about 36.5 earth day long and there's no concept of day as it takes the same time to rotate around once, hence tidal locking. The temperature there is from about -40°C to -10°C, so it's pretty much always winter, no concept of seasons as we know of otherwise, as there's no tilt like there's one of about 23° on Earth, and the atmosphere, very Earth-like, is just powerful enough to relay heat to the dark side, so the climate difference is only moderate. The planet sits just inside the habitable zone for its star, meaning tons of life developed there, including a human-like civilization that inhabits pretty much the whole planet. The planet as a whole is pretty much Earth-like, except for those conditions mentioned above.
This should describe the planet Zarmina, its climate and what it looks like, for the game of the same name. Next, a description of what's happening on this planet. Feedback and questions are encouraged ^_^

Preview is the sun viewed from Zarmina (aka Gliese 581 g), taken in Celestia.
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