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Rahbitt Sketch

Mechanical Pencil
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faetea's avatar
gorgeous sketch!
galeh-chan's avatar
waw its so beautiful. is it ok to color this??
ArtisticMystic76's avatar
Wow, what a beautifully flowing style you have!!
MaliceInTheWake's avatar
Hey, that's nice line work. I really like how free and loose it is. You have a great sense of control there!
artistdude88's avatar
I love mechanical pencils, but I always forget to buy extra replacement lead and end up throwing them away lol

Nice sketch ^^
Jujika's avatar

how dare you waste 5 dollar mechanical pencils!!! >:o
*calls mechanical pencil police*
artistdude88's avatar
KateMcBlair's avatar
Woot! I love Mechanical Pencil! hehehe, i would trade a spectrum of drawing pencils for one mechanical pencil any day ;-)
Jujika's avatar
so true, its all i sketch with anymore. Screw pencils and their devious piles of shavings and irreplaceable erasers
AndySerrano's avatar
Classic. Like a Renaissance master.
SweetYuya's avatar
beautiful sketch! Such smooth, flowing lines. She looks like a very sad but still serene queen.
Wataru2001's avatar
Wow, great sketch! Lovely.
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