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What is she? hmmm
Im open to theories, not quite sure myself.
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She's a character that's just begging to be written about, that's for sure.

Lessee, crown, regal figure, flowing robe-I'm going to go with a goddess of nature to a forgotten pantheon, the last remaining survivor of the religions from the days before the last ice age, waiting once more for the line of priests and priestesses whose ties born through faith and solidified in blood sustained her beyond the age of ice to rediscover her.

Basically, they are her direct descendents and under her protection, though only the greatest of dangers will allow her to interfere-and meet them face to face.

There you go, potential story/backstory/series inspiration if you want or need it.
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Character from Twilight Princess? :3 Beautiful!
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The fabrics are amazing!
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Jessica Rabbit's much cooler, alien-queen alter ego :dance: ...okay, maybe not. Beautiful art!
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This piece is fabulous! I'm faving it because I'm in love with that texturing on the fabric. I think I could stare at it all day, but I probably have other things I should be doing.
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Loooooov the mood
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I adore the colors. Red and green is and always will be an epic combination. The ears; I really like. I've never seen ears drawn in such a way before. And that one section of light shining through gives everything a really nice luminescence.
I love the detail and color depth of the hair!
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Wow! What a colours!
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if the ears weren't detailed with a touch of furry.... maybe she could be what Marvin the martian goes home to...
i like it overall and really like the detailed textures that are on the skin as well as the hair highlight. however i do get a little lost when my eyes fade to the bottom of the piece as there doesn't seem to be anything to really lead them up. as perhaps a hard fold diagonally towards either corner might do. i realize and support a spot to weight the piece down, and a lack of detail in places to create greater focus, but my eyes seems to never leave the top half or get caught disinterested in the bottom half.
but i probably have gone on too long, don't let my ramblings distract you from my most likely far too silent applaud.
nice job again.
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seriously awesome...
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A...sea fawn?
She has fawn ears at least.
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Looks like an alien bunny maiden to me
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Very beautiful work Stacy (can I call u Stacy? lol) Love her hair especially, I used to do many sketches like that in pencil mostly. Been gone for quite a while so I'm enjoying catching up on all your artwork! Lovely! ;)
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<3 Amazing hair and fabric. Great colors.
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beautiful light and colors
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Wow, I haven't been back to your gallery in forever and had briefly forgotten how good your taste in selecting subjects is and how beautiful and voluminous your painting style is. I'm definitely going to have to update my watch settings.
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amazing hair... I`ve no words...
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What a very pretty rabbitlady. Her hair is RAD!
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Very nice, great colour scheme, her hair and ear are rendered beautifully
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the texturing on the cloth is phenomenal! it looks like it's billowing in the wind. :wave:
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to me she looks like a rabbit crossed with a human and its deformed and evolved into this beautiful masterpiece
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awesome work and textures
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