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Mouse Wallpaper

By Jujika
My current wallpaper =p
Painted it as a little warm up. White mice with red eyes are creepy o.O
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© 2008 - 2021 Jujika
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Mice are a comic or cartoon?
You know what?

Thanks in advance,

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eny chanches you play Mousehunt on facebook? :PP
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OMG Voldemort in mouse form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol just kidding
:iconbigheartplz: great job!
dreamssetufree's avatar
love the red eyes lol
Waarde's avatar
Yeaaah.. This isn't going to give me nightmares or anything.. :|
tastetherainbow24's avatar
the middle one looks creepy as crap o.o the others are cute though :D
psych0amaya's avatar
the left one is too cute ! xD
roika-elfili's avatar a warm-up?!?!! what do you produce when you're serious?!?!!! *talks while faving*
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Terrifying.. I love the composition of this wallpaper!
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thats realy cool :p
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They're so sweet and cool... great job!
hehe reminds me of my demon hamster
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Haha, I love the fat one!
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lol nifty and neat
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they all look soooooo cute XDDD
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Too awesome. I love the little one on the left!
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squeaky squeaky :)
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