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Edited my 'Cornrow' picture a bit.
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This is very beautiful! Love the braids! :)
Quackamos's avatar
Ahh this is so cool! :D
LauraMartinArt's avatar
oooh very cool! love the hair
xXxOUDYxXx's avatar
LBProductions's avatar
What a politically correct statement...
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
many civ's had plaits and braids as hair-styles.... :D
xXxOUDYxXx's avatar
by civ's you mean white persons?
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
No ... civilizations: Persian, Tchokwe, Celts, Romans, japanese, wombles, schtroumfs, Assyrians, Bengali, Thibetan, etc... :D
VethBlack's avatar
wow I love you attention to details. keep it up ♥
haruko-doe's avatar
You're hair looks awesome!
sihonorio's avatar
great texture, it's awesome!
NioTheDreamer's avatar
So strange, even surreal. Ghostly, it just captures my attention
RoXxy-WolfStyle's avatar
How did you do that!
That's painting??? :)

pixelworlds's avatar
If you don't mind my asking, how was this created Jujika?
v-smoke's avatar
*awestruc* Amazing realism... It's beautiful.
tigre-lys's avatar
So fantastic.
I just started working on this short graphic novel and this was the style I was aiming for at the start and somewhere along the route I drifted from this and got lost, and I saw this and I just stopped and stared because this was what I had in mind but never created, and now I'm jealous and in awe, and a little worried, but also inspired. thank you. May I ask what your process was?
seriously though, thank you.
alpkaraca's avatar
Dude, I love it :)
The1Blur's avatar
miss-insolent's avatar
not only it's well drawn, it's also so exceptional.
vhartley's avatar
This is a really cool ID. I love the tattoos on the arm and the marble texture on the statue. It really creates a cool effect, making me think of a statue to a Celtic goddess or something similar. :)
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