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Pinkie's Brew

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Just wanted to draw something cute :3
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Pinkie Pie: Hey Apple Bloom! Do you know what that brew lacks?
Apple Bloom: Uh... sugar?
PP: Yeah! You got it! And loooooooooooooooooot of it!
AB: Um... wouldn't that ruin the potion?
PP: Probably.
AB: Then, why we'd need to put some in it?
PP: So it would taste better, duh.
AB: Who in his good mind would even take a sip of that mixture?
Pinkie stared at her with a smile.
AB: Oh no. Not me! I...
PP: Don't you want your cutie mark?
AB: What does it have to do with that?
PP: I heard that this potion can give a pony its cutie mark.
AB: R-really?
PP: Yes. Or was it to kill huge rats? Or keep changeling aways.... hmmm.
AB: W-what?
PP: I just know that it makes a pony have big exes in their-
Apple Bloom ran away.
PP: ... eyes. Apple Bloom? Wait! Where you going?
Apple Bloom paused and looked at the pink pony.
AB: No way I'm going to taste this! I... I... I'll go tell Twilight.
PP: What? No! She will think that I'm crazy and... that I wanted to.... poison you.
Pinkie dropped her head. Apple Bloom kept looking at the pink pony.
AB: M-maybe she could... uh... see what you did wrong and... correct your poi- er, potion?
Pinkie's head shot up.
PP: Okay! Let see her. Lalalalala...
She bounced happily to join Apple Bloom's side and both headed to Twilight's castle. Apple Bloom, still stunned by Pinkie's radical mood change, stared at her with concern.
PP: Just don't tell her I asked you to taste it. Okay?
AB: Uh.... O-okay.
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Then I saw this comment, I had a silent scream.