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[SFM/DL] Rainbow Dash's Room



This room was made in september 2015, some of this models have a very bad UV, it's just because i was trying different stuff, i dont have time to fix that, it's working fine in SFM anyway.
Bed and nightstands was made by: :iconnein-skill:
Animated Preview U dont have to watch this, i just was in good mood in that days.
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Thank you for this, this is really AWESOME ~~

A question: Could you please add what you wrote in a comment below to the description?
"It's not a map. Just bunch of models. When you spawn models, type "rd_ room" and spawn all that crap. After that just select all models and use "Default" slider in a proceduals."
I am new to SFM so it was really confusing why this didn't show up in "Load Map" until I read your explanation below.