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[SFM/DL]Enhanced Overhaul Ponies 6 of 6



Last version may 31

You can decompile these models, only with one condition: Do not make models private with this base. Read about share-alike license. Don't be a greedy bastard.
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Still better than the V6 version. At least they are close to the ones in the show

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there are no rarity textures

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I don't get it. Why aren't the used songs titled? In the flash itself it's just compilation of them all together, so need to search every part with shazam or such. But I mean it was easy just to write them down in the description for the athor themselves? >< It was a bit strange to me personally to read about licenses there and see songs being used just like a random material which doesn't deserves credits or be wished to be found by other people

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Says file is missing

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None of this works, is there a way to just get a DL link?

Edit: I am dumb
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PSA: Download button unresponsive/broken?, copy the URL and paste it on a different browser like Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome. Clicking the download button after that should give you the regular prompt.

double click it, then it works

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i cant download the pack :(

double click the download button

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Link broken :C
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... Why when the music starts it fuckin startled meh... EEEEEEE
When I load the model into SFM it has no textures at all, and is just invisible. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Hey i just wanted ya to know that rarity's textures are missing i looked in the file and there gone. everyone else is there though
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What's this song called?  I like it.
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And who's it by?
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Like how the music suddenly fades into full quality.
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Well, given a long enough wait. x)
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Christ, how many tracks are in this thing?
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If you are having trouble with the download try a different browser, I was using IE and no luck. Switched to Chrome and it worked fine.
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can you enhance the fillies?
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it's called procrastination
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it was very unclear to me that this pack contains multiple ponies,
Luckay a friend helped me out
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There is no texture for fluttershy

In fact there is no folder for her textures at all sir
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