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Sakura VS for 7

Hey there, school's done and I figured I'd polish this up a bit and send it out. This comes from my shot Letters from Yokosuka.
This theme includes start orbs, nav buttons, and fonts to get the theme fully working.

Sakura for Litestep

Tools for Installing Custom Themes:
UxTheme Patcher - Used to patch system to allow third party themes.
Customizer God by Kishan-Bagaria - An all in one tweaking tool for visual styles
Aero Blur Tweaker - Kishan-Bagaria
I use Aero Blur Tweaker all the time, however this visual style shouldn't require it.
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how do you hide the icon apps in the start menu? please tell me

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do you have it for windows 8.1 or would you do it for windows 8.1? please, it's very good

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Who use WIN7 in 2016? 
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i still use win7 in 2018-2019 ; )
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windows 8. 1 pleasee
For windows 8, please. this is gorgeous!
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I'll see if I can port it over, or get someone who has more experience to do it
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beautiful art man,,, keep this up! :D
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Thank you! More will definitely be out soon!
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PErfect need it for W10 :___:
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Thanks! We'll if I can manage a win10 port once I get back to main machine.
I vote for this too !
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Ohhh nice! Very clean and simple minimal theme. Totally diggin it. Well done! :thumbsup: :clap:
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Thank you! Thanks for the kind words, I hope you enjoy!
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Would be nice if you make that for Windows 10:happybounce: 
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I wish I had a Win10 machine to work on this with, but without it, it's hard to port to 10. I would be able to do all the image editing, but would not be able to test it before releasing.
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You can simulate Win 10 on an Virtual Machine like VMware Player or VirtualBox
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Ah yes, this true. I should have thought of that.
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Thank you so much for making this available! You've really outdone yourself!
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No problem mate! I'm glad you like it.
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I honestly don't appreciate that.
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