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Handmade wrapping paper

I'm pretty sure my mother got this from Oxfam, so, if you actually want to buy some, you can get it from there. It's patterned, and i'll be putting up another submission showing the pattern, but otherwise, i always need handmade paper textures. Higher resolution/sizing is available on request.

If you use it, send me a message, I'd love to see what people do with it.
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Thanks for the download!
I used here ➡ (Japan)
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Hi, Thanks for the download. :D
It's perfect for water ripples.
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Thank you for your texture! I used it here [link]
I would love to use some of these textures, but call me dumb, I cant work out how to get them to use.

Can someone put me on the right path please?
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your texture here [link]

thanks a lot ! :heart:
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used your stock here [link]
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Thank for texture

I use here [link]
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I used your texture here =) =>
-Our Freaky Family- by ~Sinepe on deviantART
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:frail: this lovely texture has been featured > [link]

Keep up the good work :heart:
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hey there. i wanna let you know that i'm using this paper as my photo background. thank you very much. =D =D check this [link]

=D once again, thank you.
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