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I am the LAW

By juhoham
You won't fuck around no more.
I judge the rich, I judge the poor.
Commit a crime, I'll lock the door.
Because in Mega-City I am the law.

Aaaah...Judge Dredd fan art was fun to make :)

Wacom & PSCS3

:bulletblack: My other works [link]
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The lawwwwwwwwww...
juhoham's avatar
You better not be: [link] or Dredd gonna get you! :)
Metal-Truncator's avatar
Great Dredd interpretation - !
Wolvenfire86's avatar
I fucking loved this movie!
juhoham's avatar
Comic's aint bad either :) Dredd Vs. Aliens was a blast :onfire:
Wolvenfire86's avatar
I never read the comics, so I will take your word of for it.

I said "I am the LAW" over and over again for like a week after I saw that movie and my friends hated me for it. :P
juhoham's avatar
:D This Anthrax song nails it perfectly [link]
Wolvenfire86's avatar
Awesome! I've never heard this song before.
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Aaah, Judge Dread. I have such great memories reading about him when I was a kid. One of greatest fictional badasses ever and you've certainly done him justice.:D
juhoham's avatar
Thanks man, thats very nice to hear!
Focusion's avatar
Amazing as always, NOW DO SOME L4D ART!

jk, keep up the good work. :)
juhoham's avatar
:D thanks, still waiting that L4D inspiration to kick in again.
lepramessias's avatar
Mal de la madre amante, gallo negro retoño! Haga clic en, clítoris! :gun:
juhoham's avatar
:D Muchas gracias! :kitty:
pilotpig4dead's avatar
Love the detail & atmosphere
juhoham's avatar
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