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Dangerous Ichigo

By Juhani
Ichigo :heart:
Episode 165, just before the battle!

Man, I love doing hair these days!

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EDIT: Fixed the hair ;P ty for ideas and comments.
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awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
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Juhani, this is wicked, wicked wicked....I wish that if Johnny Bosch, voice actor for Ichigo, would be at any of the conventions this year before Izumicon in November, I would be requesting to buy a print for the Charity Auction we will have again at the convention. I have this over on my website, even though, I messed up on my favorite page, and have you down as three files on the left now, because I am dyslexic with instructions with computers, but, anyway, you did good on this. I have to contain myself not to click so many prints on the artists that assisted me last year on my
favorite page. Thank you so much. You were one of the first ones that sent me a message last year giving me permission to have your artwork at the convention for one of the prizes. I will never forget it.....
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haha, you are welcome. I'm glad you enjoy my art. Thanks.
I still have the autographed print from Vic on the print of Zero. Whenever you are ready for me to send it, just send me a note.
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awesome hair and eyes
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Wow that's awesome! I :heart: that details on his hair and eyes :D
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the detail on the hair is nuts!
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lol took ages :) glad u like
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I'll bet. ~hyu
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Did u use some kind of drawing tablet?
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Yeah, Genius tablet.
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so dangerous yet so hot.
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Splendid! Reminds me of a quote from "Hamlet": "...yet I have in me something dangerous which let thy wiseness fear..."

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