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By Juggertha

Apparently Disney just bought Marvel for a whopping $4 billion. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8…

So, as artists, it's our job to help these mega-monsters merge their catalogues. Here's the art Jam challenge - Draw any disney character "merged" with a Marvel one (for example, Iron Duck).

The deadline is Sept 20th.

Good luck all.


Also featured here :icontryout1980:

Entries so far...

Timon and Pumba - Marvel by Juggertha Spider-Mouse by AngelCrusher Goofbit by Scadilla Marvel + Disney by mistermoster :thumb135544188: :thumb135481224: Logald Duckerine by SaiyaGina The Incredible Duck by StephenBergstrom Under Her Spell... by StephenBergstrom God of Blunder by StephenBergstrom Maleficent, The Goblyn Queen by syrusbLiz Dormabog sketch by syrusbLiz Marvel and Disney by danielhdr :thumb135497947: Venom mouse? by robiant Donald Duckpool by dsoloud Mouse Rider by dimsumdemon Winnie the Pooh-nisher by Dangerman-1973 Cinderella as Ms. Marvel by Dangerman-1973 Daisy Frost by joeartguy Battle Royale - Marvel vs. DC by StephenBergstrom Mickey America by StephenBergstrom Spider-Goof by StephenBergstrom Future Marvel by pigmanga Stitchcrawler by montevideo-1 A Goofy MARVEL by JLoc09 Disney loves Marvel by VixieArts Disney's MARVELS by Aeolus06 Steamboat Wolvie by turkeycreaux :thumb135983542: :thumb135983258: I got my own club, Bub by TheOnlyWarman Ironduck by TheOnlyWarman Spider-duck N Daisy Jane by chikinrise What? Seriously? by jasonhohoho Dark Reign stikes again by nathan-hendricksen J J Jameson's dilemma by JoniGodoy Going somewhere? by Hyper-Venom Disney Marvel Mash Up by mashi Juggertha Jam: Hulk-Duck by Speedslide Typhoid Minnie by ZhaxRa :thumb135807600: :thumb135807822: :thumb136120885: M.O.D.U.C.K. by ZhaxRa Finding Namor by skywakko Disney Marvel Mash: Ultron by jackcrowder Goof Rider by Gonzocartooncompany Disney Fantastic Four by Dreekzilla Spider-POOH by brianrobinson Wolverine-POOH by brianrobinson Wonderlocke vs. SabreHun by ZhaxRa Poor Cap. by Gonzocartooncompany spidey mouse by maestro-efectivo Crystal Loves Her Lockjaw by LEXLOTHOR The Little Sub-Mariner by Dangerman-1973 Gambit Sparrow by ArtisteJolie2005 Iron Duck by Captain-Paulo The Mad Gambit by ZhaxRa Mulanlocke by ArtisteJolie2005 Spidergoof by TheOnlyWarman Scrooge McDoom by Dreekzilla Gyro-Ock lineart by RoxyMcSocks Spider-Mickey by brianrobinson Disney's X-Men by wingzero620 Disney-Marvel Jam: KingPete by LittleTaffy The Silver Goofer by Sean-Loco-ODonnell Kim as Black Widow by captainkodak1 Nightarzan by sketchandthecity :thumb136890618: Chip 'N' Dale X Rangers by Whatyawant Beast as Beast by Mally-Pepper IRON-DUCK by EvAneScfan Goofy Claws Launchpad red? WTH by JazylH :thumb137128998: Disney-Marvel Art Jam Entry by Tyrranux Just a spoonfull of sugar... by ZhaxRa Disney-Marvel jam: Gyro-Ock by RoxyMcSocks Daisy Frost by joeartguy


Ok all, this was amazing! I think the pieces speak for themselves. You all put in a lot of effort here. And just remember, these were all the ones submitted to the JAM, not just taken off of DA - so there are even more out there!

Let's hope that Disney puts as much effort into this moves as youall have shown.

Thanks again all.


© 2009 - 2021 Juggertha
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Donald Duck is Dare Devil.
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Hi hi!


... too late...

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It's still 10:30pm here!
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Hi Ed
Here's my entry [link]
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another find if you're inclined >>> [link]
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Am I too late for the ice cream social [link]?
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I decided to make two more just because it was fun making the first one I did XD; [link] [link]
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One more for the road [link]
I want to see Duckpool (Donald Duck + Deadpool)! Any takers? :)
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Crikey! I have another one for you. [link]
Hopefully it comes off as being a mash-up the likes of which we had never seen before. :p
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awesome - added
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Hi, here is my entry: [link]

Hope you like ;)
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got it - entered.
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here's mine (IRON DUCK)

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Here's mine. This was fun. Loving the entries so far. Thanks for hosting this juggertha. :)

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nice job on this

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Thanks man. :)
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Did you get my message to you?
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