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CryptShade by Juggertha Handbook - Jessie Maggik by Juggertha Mindswipe by Juggertha
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Day and Night by Juggertha Sureshot X by Juggertha Erudin and Rularuu the Ravager by Juggertha
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Juggertha meets the Rikti by Juggertha Juggertha - Civil War by Juggertha Heaven and Hell II by Juggertha


How do I start the process?
-You contact me at and send me the details of your request.

When do I pay you?
-That can be negotiated, but generally I will send you off a 'rough blue sketch' and if you approve it, you can send payment via paypal to

What if I want something I can't find in the pics above?
-Look through my gallery and see if you can find something similar. Keep in mind though, I rarely do anything too erotic.

How long does the process usually take?
-Ah, it depends on how much I've got on my plate, but it's usually less than a month.

What about additional characters?
-Well, it depends on how we approach it; if they are just 'standing around' all in a group shot, it might be wise to tell me about them all in advance and consider having them done as individual pieces (we can work out a group rate). If you want them in a fight, that will also bump the rate about 20-30%.

What do I get for giving you my hard earned money?
-Buahahaha - not much.  Honestly, you'll get a large rez jpg or png file sent via email to you. Unless you're in Korea, shipping costs of prints would be prohibitive.

What if I want something really specific?
-I can probably help you out with that. I try to mess with my style as much as possible, so examples like these pics will run you between $50 and $100.
Storm Devil by Juggertha Cat Fight by Juggertha Mako vs Statesman by Juggertha

How long is your waiting list?
-I'll try to keep it updated below:
1. Mallet in the Dark
2. Scion
3. Commander Amazing

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jakester2008's avatar
Wow...I would buy one but....pricy. :wow:
Juggertha's avatar
Yeah... I try to make it worth my time per hour... but for some people, that's just a bit too much.
jakester2008's avatar
Maybe if I can put some money to the side from my after school job I can hopefully buy one. And what does BG mean?
Juggertha's avatar
Back Ground - usually adds to the price.
jakester2008's avatar
Oh okay. Ill think about it.
ThorsAssassin's avatar
Bring on the art brother!! Got me all ansy here! lol
Kant-Lavar's avatar
*rolls will save*


Juggy, check thy email.
Juggertha's avatar
ok, checking thine email... yet seeing nothig from you

Kant-Lavar's avatar
Hm. I was having problems with my email today - it must not have made it out of the server. I shall recreate and send said mail again.
Tsuk1y0m1's avatar
dam i cant send you that money, im in australia XD and I cant walk at the moment.

anyways man have a great Xmas and Happy New Year,

Peace Eric aka Tsukiyomi
Juggertha's avatar
I accept kangaroo meat ;)
Tsuk1y0m1's avatar
hahahaha, i ate that once in my life it taste like steak.
3113-studios's avatar
* Checks his bank account *
3113-studios's avatar
*Sighs. If only....
skywarp-2's avatar
wow! your back in the commissions work! way ta go buddy...

hey on a side note, i know you and I different politically, but i still regard you in high standards as a friend.. and i hope you feel the same.. your Juggertha and Captain Korea Art trade will be up soon.. hope I live up to your ideas for them.. :thumbsup:
Juggertha's avatar
Lookin' forward to them man. :)
EricLinquist's avatar
Art trades? How does that work? Is it as simple as it sounds? Hmmm.
Juggertha's avatar
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