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Wolverine - Bloodbath

Well, I'm participating in an art battle over on the Planet boards [link] and the first themed battle is "Bloodbath". Who else but Wolverine could pull that off.

I'm up against two other guys, so if you dig this drawing, go over and vote for me at the end of the month (actually, just join up anyway - it's a cool forum).

*the two logos were taken from a Marvel comic.
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Ewwww! Doesn't he know how hard it is to get bloodstains out of clothing? That's nothing that he'll be able to just Shout! out either... May as well just burn that costume and get a new one...


Nice job, btw.
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freaking sick bro!! excellent work :headbang:
Juggertha's avatar
Thanks man - twas for a contest.
skywarp-2's avatar
I'm astonished!! wow!!! I'd love for you to do a commish.. but I'm not sure I can handle the cost right now..maybe someday soon we can get a Juggertha Capital comics whose who guide done with you fabulous art and bio pages.. :)
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The old school cover elements are an especially nice touch. The Marc Silvestri issues of Wolverine are some of my favorites!
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Wow that looks sweet! :D
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Thats so cool. Wish I learned how to do that type of stuff with my Photoshop elements. I'd have a so many covers lol

- Lak
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Aye, you need to get Photoshop.
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I got photoshop, just photoshop Elements though. But I heard it has about 70% the same functions, so as long as I don't try complicated stuff, I should be able to do it on Elements as well.

- Lak
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Who better to have in a blood bath then the one and only...Wolvie :D
MichaelWKellarINKS's avatar
Nice work...

I like the fact that you picked the Brown & Yellow suit to use, it is my favorite Wolvie suit to date :D
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for some reason when I saw "Blood Bath" I instantly thought of: [link]
From DC comics in the early nineties. It was an incredibly bad story (though it had it's moments), but it did have Hitman in it, so it was by default awesome.

Anywho, love the picture. Wolverine is surprisingly clean for being submerged in a poll of gore.
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It's CLEAN gore. ;)
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WOW! I will definitely be voting for you. :D
ApoloOhnoLuver77's avatar
SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this guy!
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Glad ya dig it man.
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