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Molotov Cocktease

By Juggertha
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Done up for a quick challenge over on :iconbattle-artist: , this is Molotov Cocktease from the Venture Bros.

I've never watched it, so you can tell me how far off the mark I am.

Edit: Be sure to swing by and give some love to my opponent's piece
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I digs this one.
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oh hey look, boobs.
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This is like a perfect storm of Cocktease!
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Um... Only 3 faps and you're done?

She is not impressed.
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3 faps before she killed me for the insult. This is Molotov Cocktease.
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Not to worry, even some the deviants who don't watch the show can lead to the greatest of pics and hell think your artwork certainly isn't lacking to say the least!

Wow would have thought this was a cover for a comic book the way you play off the tease part of her name and the way you dress her up in that tight jumpsuit, bravo!

Can say without a doubt you know all to well how to render the appeal of the ladies and even more cheer on the way you take to your own fashion adding some extra realism and further charm to this already jaw dropping deadly chick.

Rather like the mix of the dark colors of the image, they make out so that you pay much more attention to her and her suit than being drawn solely to her chest, well done. Also nice touch of the added personality with the cigarette on hand and even the iconic heart shaped eye patch, wow!

Think your piece is already a winning in the challenge and want to add nice effect on the shading giving her instead a darker tone of her dark jumpsuit but using the lighting to cover the bends/folds even in the darker parts of the image.

That and add that killer stone cold look with that wild and red hair, hats off to you again Juggertha, here's hoping you won.

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Achi-juevos!Goooood job,buddy.Very good job. ;D
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oh Molotov, gorgeous and horrible but...she'd be a different person if any good C:

I'm devastated that they killed her off.
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awesome work!
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woah! Not messing around, great work yo!
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This is a very nicely pulled-together piece. A big improvement on your lady-drawing too. You hit this one out of the park!
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Wow! Ya think? Thanks, that's awesome of you to say.
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Kick Ass as always Juggs ;)
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