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Male Torso Anatomy 2012

Did this one a few years ago.


And it's obvious I need practice.

These are not original poses... but rather me trying to get where all the parts go.

Swing by and check out my anatomy course.

For those using Udemy, my course is on there now…
And, just loaded up on skillshare as well
But I think the best deal is still on HTDCs…
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OH my god this is an INCREDIBLE reference! INCREDIBLE - BBiEaL [Baldi] 
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The muscles in various poses are shown in detail! It's great! Thank you very much! La love 
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this have been really helpful to me. thank you
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This is very useful to me! Thank you very much!
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hey friend very useful you don`t have female torzo that will be very useful
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Bottom right looks like a pose from Shawn Ray from back in the day.

Nice work on these.

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Great study man.
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This is a must have tutorial for anyone who loves drawing muscles! I'll tell my friends about this :iconmonkeythumbplz:
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These are great practice drawings! IMO it takes years of study and practice to get an instinctive feel for muscle shapes/functions/positions. I used to teach anatomy at the Joe Kubert School and had the students try two things: one was to trace over a bodybuilding photo, and then try to redraw the muscles/figure w'out any tracing, using an anatomy book as further reference. Another was to have them do dumbbell exercises (yes, the school bought hand weights for my class for this purpose) for specific muscles and then have the students (after a short break) go back and put what they "felt" into an action figure drawing. Your drawings are nicely focused on detail, and worthy of comment if you don't mind so. Ultimately you'll be comfortable leaving out some detail and still create a figure that looks powerful and accurate!
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Yeah, you'r first exercise is what a lot of these are. I actually took "simplified" character shots, and added in where I though the muscle detail would fall.

As for the lifting of weights, that reminds me - off to the gym! lol
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Nice you drew this based on normal pictures and just draw all the muscles?
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From all different sources. Some were from bodybuilding shots, others were from simplified animations... But just added in the anatomy.
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I think I will try that swell. Seems like a great idea
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Juggertha this is awesome. This is very helpful also. I myself am trying to get better at the human body, and I'm glad you put this together. :)
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Thanks, got any practice you've posted up?
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Not yet but will soon hopefully. I'm in the middle of moving to Colorado, working, and college. I'm going to try :D
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If you ever end up with a extra $40 or someone doesn't know what to get you for your birthday check out David Finch's anatomy DVD....was super helpful to me.... [link]
kinda addicting though as you start buying more and more of them...
Great work yo....
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Cool, bid. Will check it out.
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Looks great, my friend.
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Thanks a lot, Fade.
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