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HEROES - Nathan Petrelli

I've had mixed feelings baout hte series HEROES since its launch.

The first season was great, and had the type of character development sorely needed in the Hero genre, but it fizzled by the end.

This second season has been hit and miss.

I figure, hey, why not spice things up with a costume or two?


Here's Nathan Petrelli, the 'flying man'.
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yeah, I should. I kind of forgot about these.
Nice, it looked like him before i even read the name.
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You about that show... I don't really like the concept of the show... but at the same time its original.
Love the chest design - very Heroes :).
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thats cool man. i feel the clothing is way too tight though, especially on the legs, instead of flaring out you got it wrapped around the legs. Like if you look at wrestlers who wear suits, they still look big, but not really defined, they just wear big clothes.
fdiskart's avatar
Is that a bullet hole through his chest?

I kid I kid! :p

Good job :)
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Aye, a REALLY big one. lol
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Pretty cool. I wish I had watched it so I can REALLY give a more indepth critique on how his lip should be angled 30 degrees to the right or whatever though. Haha.

Anyways, I was actually thinking of trying to get my hands on the first season when it's released (if it hasn't already been out) but I think I may have to rethink that based on your comment. LOL!
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Ah, the first season is good up until the finale.

And as for his upper lip... you'll just have to watch the show - because you MUST watch the show to understand. ;)
Druce-White-Owl's avatar
I like it!
I also lvoe how ya used the heroes logo! :D
PaperCrane5's avatar
Like I said on the Hype, perfect.
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This is cool! I really like the costume you designed for Nathan, as well as how you captured him as a comic character. Excellent job!
buckeyestar's avatar
"Frying man!!!" \^_^/
Juggertha's avatar
Aye.. gott'a love Hiro (was considering his costume next if I do more)
tiddas's avatar
yes do it! and this one is awsome man!
sole-soul's avatar
I haven't been watching that at all since it began, but I should try to catch up since I'm not working.
leohirok's avatar
Very awsome Jugger. I think you should do a whole series on the main cast from Heroes!
Juggertha's avatar
Yeah, kind of considered that - got too many projects on the go right now though.
ajaxx1184's avatar
Yeah, something about superheroes is missing without ripping open a collared shirt to reveal a brightly colored costume.
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Awesome, Juggs !
valstaples's avatar
I've never seen Heroes, but that's a cool costume design. :)
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