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Doc Aether - Eye of the Storm

So, I was approached to do a magic caster dealing with some mages in City of Heroes. Doc Aether. has some mez abilities and electric cage casting, so I thought I'd try to incorporate that somehow.

He als has the baility to turn invisible, and while I initialy wanted to put that in, visually, it just didn't look all that amazing.

I'm hoping that this final version conveys the power I was after.
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Very nice indeed :)
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Nice work.

Those Mages where always a pain at lower levels!
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I loved the cover - didn't fancy the first four pages but the cover is AWESOME
Juggertha's avatar
Yeah, those pages are definately not my forte'
Chizel-Man's avatar
Wow! this is really cool man.
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your welcome man.
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Great drawing and amazing photoshop work :D
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Thanks, this is one of my faves.
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Very nice special effects, though it's a little tricky to tell visually which one is under attack, the guy in the center or the group surrounding him. Some sparks playing off the victims might give it a more vicious effect. But that's nitpicking at its finest... this is a very well composed piece of work.
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Yeah, I should have made all of the Mage's poses more defensive.
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Holly Carp! This
If I was Doc, I'd have this as a larger-then-lifesized poster.
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Yup, I think he's getting it printed out.
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Pretty cool Juggertha, you do some nice work. 8-)
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Looks great! Great evolution on your art :)
Juggertha's avatar
Thanks man.. that's important to me.
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I say it like I see it :)
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Brilliant fx work. Your colors are always cool, but this is above and beyond. :)
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Thanks. I hope the client likes it as well.
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cool I really liked how you captured the lightings
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Yeah, it ended up pretty cool IMO.
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