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CoH Halloween pg4

Here's page 4 of what was planned out as a 20 page comic. But, with Halloween fast approaching, I'm doubting I'll hit that mark.

This comic is designed as a homage piece to all the player characters that are in City of Heroes.
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nice work!!! I love your style.. wait till you see my MOC pages.. I'm trying hard to get as much done as I can before my dude date, so maybe I can post early.. we'll see.. but wow! way ta go bro!
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anytime, awesome work by the rock bro!!!
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Hahaha, you nailed it!
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Hehe, these comic pages are pretty sweet :D Keep 'em coming!
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lol nice one man!
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Typical woman.No fun.
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I'm glad to see i'm not the only one that thinks that.
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Ha! That's great. Kirste would sooo say that to him, too. Thanks, Juggy!!
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heh, glad you like it.
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BWAHAHAHA!! This personifies my greatest fear of this year's Halloween.
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Make sure you take pics ;)
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Film could not contain the terror ^.^
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:lol: Maybe you should have had him ask "Why so serious?" in panel three. :D
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This is EXACTLY what my husband is doing to me this year. He's got a green wig, going for a more traditional style, and sewed/dyed his own suit.

I've had to tell him multiple times I am NOT dressing in red and black spandex. Our toddler is going as his nemesis with the infant as Bat's jr. sidekick. I'm just there to push the stroller.
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