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CoH Halloween pg2

Here's the second page to my 'City of Heroes Halloween Special'.

It was originally plotted out as a 20+ page comic, but personal isues are making that look next to impossible nowadays.

I'm heading out of town agina today, so you'll have to wait for the rest 'till the end of the month.
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It's the pumpkin heads, iddn' it? Man, they're annoying...

Still awesome, by the way.
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This is very cool...can't wait for more!
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very nice! great perspectives and colors on this man!:w00t!:
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Devouring Earth, I'm guessing...? Hate them so much... comic's still coming along nicely.
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I'm sworn to secrecy.
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I really like your camera angles. Very good directing.

Do you mind one minor tweak suggestion? I don't know what programs you use and how you keep your digital stuff, but its something that might be a very quick and easy tweak.
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go for it... what's your suggestion?
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The Happy Halloween and ghosties and stuff on the building. If you have those on their own layer, I would skew them just a bit (I think a bit of stretch and widening towards the top would do it). Right now they're dead on to camera but should have a teeny bit of distortion to look more flush on the building because of the perspective.

Nothing that would make or break the overall page, but one of those things that could be a 2-minute adjustment that could make it that much stronger. Of course, if your working file isn't set up to make that easy, totally don't do it because its not worth lots of aggravation. The page is really good as-is.
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good word. I thik that' be an easy fix. Worse case senario, even if they are on a 'flat', I can just select that specific panel and push and pull a bit.
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