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CoH Halloween pg1

Here's the first page to my 'City of Heroes Halloween Special'.

It was originally plotted out as a 20+ page comic, but personal isues are making that look next to impossible nowadays.
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great start juggy :)
WildfireMagni's avatar
Ooh, halloween event! Makes me double excited since I'll be participating this year! Can't wait to see more-ohwait, there's another page! Exclamation mark!

Also, whatever personal ishies you're having, I hope they're resolved soon.
gwdill's avatar
Nice work man!!
Chadfuller's avatar
wow! thats some detail!!
Dualmask's avatar
Dude, did you actually draw out Atlas Park? Most impressive... :wow:

I generally stay away from Halloween-related stuff but I had to check out some of the few and far between Juggy sequential works.
Juggertha's avatar
Thanks for coming by then man. Of course I used a screeie as reference here, but yeah, a lot of lines went into this. In the following pages are different types of BGs as well... and that's the main part of what's slowing me down.
BlueWolfD's avatar
OH MY! I keep looking at your art and thinking how great it is and I keep forgetting to ask what server you play on LOL I have toons in most of the servers lol
BlueWolfD's avatar
ah the big server i see. he hee
Blacklamb-MK's avatar
I like it, and the rhyme is great!
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