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Simple Concepts:

Per request **

Orriginal - Rainbow Concepts II: [link]

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Rainbow Concepts Seiries:

Rainbow Concepts I: [link]
Rainbow Concepts II: [link]
Rainbow Concepts III: [link]
Rainbow Concepts IV: [link]
Rainbow Concepts V: [link]
Rainbow Concepts VI: [link]

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I would like to request if you upload the colors creation that I created from your art inspiration into your gallery, I feel that will make it part of your gallery plesae dont misunderstand. N since i m new I appologise .

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rainbow goodness! :+favlove: definately prefer this one - others were a little busy and took away from the rainbow :D
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Thanks very much!
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I love your concepts images. I have faved a few of them!
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i found this here [link]
just thought you might want to know.
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Yeah, so.. The first words that comes to my mind is funky and childish, and I even bothered to leave a comment =) That MUST mean that I like it.

Good job!
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i luv it all!!!
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I love all of them.
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WOW... really cool Lizzzzzle ;)

What program are you using for these mad vector based designs..!?!?

I fiddled with Illustrator a while back, really enjoyed it actually... i should get into it again.
mrbungle2003's avatar
Absolutely.. and you can see that it comes naturally when you look at all these.. They are really fantastic and look so clean and just perfect, I am flabagasted (sp?) that you just use Photoshop :eyepopping: good work Lizzzzle
Keep em coming.
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Heh, I use photoshop with everything I do. So its not even a technical vector I guess. I would like to get into illustrator at some point in time, but for now its all just PS work. I started messing around with this style one day, and it seemed to come to me so naturally. So who I am to deny it right?

Thanks for commenting :blush:
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Wow o_o
Among all your rainbows drawings, I think this one is my favourite (for the moment =) I keep on watching your gallery ^^)
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Im glad you like it!!
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The colors are so bright and rich.
jugga-lizzle's avatar
:) Thank you very much!
Liar-In-The-Glass's avatar
Aw, I love it.
I love rainbows :heart:
wonderful job :]
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