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Kaleidoscopic Concepts by jugga-lizzle Kaleidoscopic Concepts by jugga-lizzle
My ability to be easily entertained knows no bounds. Im currently laughing at the title :giggle:
Really, more than anything, I just didnt want to use the "Rainbow Concepts V17.4" -or- something to that effect...
This kaleidoscopic title however is very nice and Im a happy happy gal!

Might as well point out what I feel is the obvious, yes, this is a pretty much redone version of:
My main differences are the lack of things like layer blending options, or the "stroke" option at all. There are no gradients in this version. Or should I say, the gradients there are, are very light for depth and lighting effects. Everything was made with the pen tool of some sort, and it was very fun to work on!

->> Please, oh dearest please, if you see my images out there on the web for any kind of sale or money being made, and you dont think its me selling them (what since I only have things on dA as of this moment) take time to check it out. If its not something very similar to my screen name "ThyLizzle" than it is not me, and that is a sucky situation :stinkeye:

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chesney Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013
It's good to see work from you again! I always love your images. I have some set as my computer wallpaper in fact :D
jugga-lizzle Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is very nice to hear, thank you! :XD:
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