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Illustrious Boom Town.

These buildings took a right ole time to make. Original is 1920x1200. I had fun with it though, which is always good. I knew I wanted to get more into the buildings.. I dont know however why I am obsessed with making building images. Just always liked em yea, and now that I have a bit o' knowledge in me Im putting it to use. Yay for that lol. Everything Im doing, is to keep bettering myself. I look forward to the day when I truly am proud of something because I was able to spend 30+ hours on it and its detail is mind boggling. At least, those are the kinds of images Im most fascinated by. The randomness of my title here amazes even me.. and provides me with laughter :giggle:

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This wonderful work is featured here [link]
I hope you like it!
hello! I would like to buy this picture to use it on my website. If it's ok, please let me know how much it costs and how can I buy it. Thank you.
therob's avatar
Perfect wallpaprer for my new monitor :D
jugga-lizzle's avatar
:XD: Im glad you found something you can enjoy!
Thanks for the comment!!
hauntingmewithsmiles's avatar
Mm, wow! This is amazing and I it!
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Thanks very much :)
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say hello to my new desktop wallpaper!![IF you don't mind, that is..:)]
love the texture and the colors! oh, and the details too!
thanks for sharing, jugga-lizzle!

i love your gallery, by the way..awsome!:)
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Thank you very much!! :aww:
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welcome! and thank YOU, too..:hug:
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Gosh I really like this piece. It's one of my favs amongst the many other wonderful artworks in your gallery. Keep it up! :)
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Incredibly detailed.
I can see by looking at the windows.
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Perfect image! I got new wallpaper. ;-)
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I love the reflections below the city-scape, and the dull color scheme. I think this'll be my new desktop, if you don't mind. :)
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Oh of course not! I made it with the hopes of it reaching as many desktops as possible. Thanks for commenting! :)
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Wow, I really like's sooo....colourful! :D Good job!
jugga-lizzle's avatar
Thanks very much! I do enjoy the colorful images :D
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