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The Long Climb Up

Cubbie rockfall!

Some other Lion King Adventures in Comic Strips

Slimy and not satisfying by Juffs
What are you doing, Simba? Part 3 by Juffs
Sticking around for dinner by Juffs
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"Or a stupid King." Yeah he was a dick in the 2nd movie.
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Hungry jackal waiting at bottom of rock when friend comes by.
Friend: Hey bro, whatcha waiting for?
Jackal: dinner.
Friend: what dinner?
Jackal: oh, those two cubs trying to scale pride rock. I'm waiting for them to plummet to their deaths so I can eat them.
Friend: dude, that's sick!
Jackal: I know.
Friend: mind if I wait with you?
Jackal: go ahead, there's two of them anyways, one each.
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Hahahahah that's awesome!
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Glad I could make you laugh
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By which I mean thanks for the approval
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Nala: (sings) He's gonna be a stupid king!
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(Nala continues singing): no king was before! He's brushing up on falling down, he's fallen on the floor!

...sorry, I saw your comment and couldn't resist. :D Do they even have floors in TLK? I dunno; it was the only thing I could think of that rhymes with roar. :XD:
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It works, really good! :D
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oh my... XD third panel: Super Simba! hahhaha
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...or a dead king...
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do you think they did?
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