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Guess who's going to see Lion King 3D tomorrow? :D
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nice! also, this is AMAZING XDXD
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Or... wait, what reference am I really thinking here?
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hahah can't say it's a CSI Miami referene xD I don't watch it.
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Neither do I but I think I might had seen clips of the cop wearing sunglasses but I hardly remember XD
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I see a CSI Miami reference here XD
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and remember to buy popcorn
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I went to see it in 3D as well! :)
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I saw Lion King 3D. I'd say that was the first time that 3D actually made a movie even better. the 3D effect was cool, especially when it is a 2D animation.
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it was good yeah? I was very very impressed!
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This sums up everybody's emotions after watching TLK in 3D :) Faved.
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i know right? :D glad you like it :D
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i saw it in 3D as well,i LOVED IT!....but the pepole i had WITH bored and i was like :0 "BORING?!?! THE 3D made it awsome!!! its WAY cool!" lol
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yeah the pepole with me got bored with the movie -_- i dont c y! its a great movie and the 3D was Awesome! :D
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I saw it too. 2 times... it was so fuckn awesom! O.O Sr, I'm just speechless! O.O
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i know right???
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I wanna see it, too - don't ake me jealous ;P
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