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Look at the stars, Simba

Cloudy with a touch of rain on the way over Pridelands.

(Please excuse Muffy's deformity)

Quote from :iconrasgonras:
"Say, dad, what happens when the sun comes out? And what's up with those falling stars, dad? And why are there so many lions in one spot, and in some spots nearly none, dad? Tell, me dad!"

"Uhhhh ...... The kings go to sleep, they go on a hunt, and they like to have ... like to ... nrgh"


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he is lucky it is only just Partly cloudy.
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"oh umm…. the grat kings of the past…. they..need to sleep! yes thats it."
Juffs's avatar
hahah exactly :D
CaseyDinoHeart's avatar
"but if they're dead how do they sleep and earlier you said that dead lions become the grass but now you say they're stars, how does that work?"

"err…..ummm……." (mufasa runs back to pride rock)

"wait dad, you forgot about me! :("
Juffs's avatar
you're right, Muffy does contridict himself hahaha
CaseyDinoHeart's avatar
There probably aren't that much kings in the past, the only kings of the past i know are mohatu, ahadi, and mufasa
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I'd be more concerned over all of them seeing every single thing he does all day... Imagine how Simba must feel about knowing his ancestors were watching as he finally “pins" Nala in the jungle. XD

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They like to to...nrgh...they have gatherings sometimes, okay?! :D
Juffs's avatar
Gatherings? All of them, dad? All the kings go on gatherings at the same time?? Why?? Tell meeeeeee!
VoadorChama's avatar
Oh dear. :XD: Go to bed, child! Lions can't see at night anyway!
ViviMheetu01's avatar
hahahahahaha I BURST OUT LAUGHING!!!
Juffs's avatar
glad you like it!
ViviMheetu01's avatar
It's really good ;)
LionKing1818's avatar
lol dad? dad? dad? dad? dad?
Korwynze's avatar
cloudy with a chance of meatballs? :3
0Enigma13's avatar
lol man, these are the best alternatives XD
Juffs's avatar
pahahah glad you enjoy them :D
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Mufasa: "Well, today is a festive day called, uh, 'King's Break Day', we all need our breaks, Simba".
Simba: "If you say so..."
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every religon has it's faults
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