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Hiiii Sarabi!

Here is our wise future King greeting his future Queen.

A quick doodle before bedtime.
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Aww so cute! <3 Looks like someone is annoyed xD

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I'm guessing she's more tolerant towards his more handsome brother at this time?
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Ugh, young Mufffy gives such annoying vibes^^;

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sarabi:...we're never getting married

years later

they got married

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Lovely to see these comic snippets again.

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Yeah, they're great fun to draw as well :D :D

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Sarabi: Oh no, that idiot again...

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I MISSED YOUR DOODLES SO MUCH!!!!!!! I hope you have had a good year start :D
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aww thank you! I hope you are having a good year so far too :)

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This is so cute!! The way Mufasa's pestering her is so funny. I love the looks on both their faces.

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Sarabi says "NO".

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yes, Muffy, listen!

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She looks less than enthused over her visitor!
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hahah she sure does!

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haha I love the Sarabi and Mufasa interactions you create! They’re so awesome! :D

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Glad you like it 😃

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Give its few years Sarabi and you'll be singing a different tune. ;p

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Hahaha! She wouldn't believe you xD

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