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Clingy prince

Because sometimes even little princes can be clingy.

Here is Taka stuck to his mother, Uru. I based Uru off the version I uploaded 2 days ago. It's also based off a real life photo of a cub and a lioness. When I saw that photo, I just knew I had to draw it!

Drawn with copic markers.
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Feb 26, 2021, 1:54:23 PM
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ahh chubby cubbies are my weakness

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He's not scared, it's clearly he's just helping his mother with her daily exercise! Leg weights!

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hahahha! Well obviously. After he's done with the hind legs, he moves to the front ones.

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Gotta get all four legs equally! You don't want huge, buff manly manline legs in only your rear ones!

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oh definitely. Taka should also help with buffing up manly manlines on her shoulders and back too. Because surely, having only manlines on her legs would look odd.

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It might start a new trend, though. Many manlines on the legs only.

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Aaaww melting from cuteness!

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Awww that's cute!

A shame such a cute cub becomes a monster though!

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Yeah! it's sad when you think about what he'll grow up to be.

Awww I love how you draw taka :>

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I do always like the ideas a cub, Scar/Taka was pretty clingy. ...Here, he took it literally. :lol:

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hahah! yes literally! :D

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Aww... It's so cute! :D

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