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Ahadi and Uru

Quick doodle before sleepies.

Exploring what Ahadi and Uru might have looked like. I tried to mesh a bit of Muffy and Scar in both of them.

In this version, my aim was to make Uru a lighter shade like the lionesses in the films, but also have hints of orangey/yellowy to represent Muffy. Her maw colours are more Scar.

I wanted Scar to appear more like his dad to show that he 'looked' more like the heir of the family. In this way, Muffy wasn't born with the advantages of being King (ie. The golden boy) as the king lineage was dark lions. Muffy was the 'black sheep' of the male lions in that era's Pridelands due to his bright fur. Ahadi's maw palette is inspired by Muffy.

If that makes any sense.

I might make some other versions of them.
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Is Ahadi actually the "light colored" character?

Ahadi is the male cub in this piece (the one with whiskers). Even though he has a design in the books he appears in, many artists in the fandom make up their own designs for him. Similar to how Kopa looks one way in the books (Simba clone with minor differences), but many artists who use the character choose to depict him as looking more like Nala.

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Oh, I'm sorry.:sorry:

I don't have the book series "The Lion King: 6 New Adventures", but I remembered several years ago, I thought on some other website, I saw a fan art of him and he's the light colored character, and the mother of Mufasa and Taka (aka Scar), who's named Uru, is the dark colored character.

No worries. Many artists do choose to depict Uru as a darker coated lioness. She isn't even shown in the books, only spoken about, so fans were left with no choice but to make up their own designs.

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I love your interpretations of them! Usually it's the other way around, Scar looking more like his mom, but I really like this too.

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this is adorable :D

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Wow this is so amazing and beautiful I would love to see another picture of them you did a great job and also a new watcher 😃
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I love them, they are so uniqu and cute ☺️

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Looking good! =D

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Thank you, and thank you manlines!

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I like them. they look unique but enough like their children to be a good blend of them. :3

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Thank you! Yes, I definitely wanted to try and put both of them in Uru and Ahadi.

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Oooo, nice, nice~ I like your explanations behind their looks~

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Thank you! Just trying to think of a different way to look at their design.

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They do make a cute and handsome couple

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Like Kion and Rani

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