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The Electric Cyberwarrior by Judynator-aka-Noxia, visual art

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  • July 17
  • Hungary
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My Bio
Hi there!

Name is Judit, but my artist name is Judynator, but sometimes some people calls me Noxia because of my WoW/Transformers character because of their same name. But anyway... what you could know about me?
I'm young, but never ask my age because I want think myself as younger, even I'm seriously look younger than my age lol! :P May some Deviants want to be look younger, so...
Okay, okay, change the object! Let see some things about me.

What kind of arts I like to do?
Penworks. Traditional penworks. I like working with this kind of art because for me that's the TRUE art when you do it by your own existing hands not by mouse and Photoshop. Digital arts for me are those what you never touch it... okay you could if you print it, but that's just a copy, not the true one. The penworks and the other real drawings are true arts to keep them for the next generations, like Mona Lisa. No wonder why I RARELY make digital arts!

I love Transformers, Megaman NT, Xiaolin Showdown (not like that SHIT Chronicle... damn that disgusted thing!) and some great '80th cartoons. I love cartoons. Anime? Sometimes, but as you see, I prefert cartoons/animated versions what are looking like 2 dimensioned toons. Sometimes I pick up My Little Pony too, but not the most favourited one (nowadys). Also Twipsy and Cyberchase because I like the cyberpunk styles and these cartoons was parts of my childhood.

Videogames on my arts:
Megaman, Resident Evil, WoW, Elder Scrolls, etc, etc... lol. Sometimes. ;)

Current characters:
I prefer villains and villains who are going to be cool guys later. And some funny henchmen who could make my day gold.

Nah. I DON'T make request to anyone for free or money... also I never make requests. Unless you are my good friend and I want surprise you. Or make me first some good drawings without I have any idea about... I know, I'm a dick but I have good reasons for refuse requests.
Anywas, I don't drawing for money. Drawing is my hobby and that's priceless.

Kind of arts what I hate:
Well... I have no problem with arts, I'm opened, but there are some types, what I wouldn't like to see around.
- Fetish (mean foot, vore, and some disgusted things like them.)
- Arts what are made because of the artist would like to lick the better artists' boots (badly I see them around and I know some people here.)
- Nude arts with sexuality messanges (I know, I know, I'm racional and dick... I have no problem with simple nude arts, but if they are made for perversion, that's suck of a humiliate thing. Badly I saw an art, where a silly artist has drawn a dragon with hard... ehm, so you know what I mean.)

Original characters:
Well, some female characters are from same basic and sometimes got one or two of my real personality. Heheh, yeah I'm so meany but I try my bests. My four best OCs are Noxia (WoW - Death Knight, Transformers - Autobot), Magnetron (Transformers, based after Jack Spicer - Autobot), Judina (Xiaolin - evil liondragon) and Norie Sparks (Megaman NT - next gen NetOp of Elecman).

Fictional types what I prefer:
Nothing much, I'm not the biggest writer ever, so I won't kick J.K. Rowling from her throne. I mean I'm not a good writer in english... but when I write for myself and what I love to read, they are fantasy, sci-fi and cyberpunk! <3

I'm speaking english and italian but they are not my first languages. I'm hungarian glitch lol. If you find some miscorrect words in my writings those are because of my bad english and italian... eheheh... *nervous snicker*

Character shippings:
Usualy I ship canon and OC characters, but sometimes I do it with fully canon characters. Just a little info: I'm okay with yaoi but I have only one gay ship, so DON'T expect me make more yaoi ships please...

Wait, what about the roleplay?
Oh yes...! I love the roleplay! I do roleplays and roleplay kind story-writting in private with anyone of my friends or who are interested in. Just for know: I'm opened to many kind of rps but I don't prefer the stupid little family rps with illogical Mary Sue princesses with pink clouds. Also I hate godmodes and forcegames. If you want roleplay with me, you can ask me. I do roleplays with those worlds what I'm live in the Deviantart, lol.

What is JD-Team Studio?
Shortly Judynator's Dream Team. Even it has one member, eheheh. There my arts are being made. ;)

Favourite Movies
Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies, Star Wars, Transformers, Ready Player One, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc...
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Transformers Unicron Trilogy, Megaman NT, Xiaolin Showdown, Cyberpunk styled things, etc...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Powerwolf, Nightwish, Evanescence
Favourite Books
Harry Potter and other books by J.K. Rowling
Favourite Writers
J.K. Rowling
Favourite Games
Elder Scrolls games, World of Warcraft, Detroit Become Human, SWTOR
Other Interests
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Dear Watchers and Readers! I forgot to tell you but a while ago I joined to the Instagram where I built my Among Us type platform. If you are interested in, join and follow me there. Also, you can find many of very good artists of Among Us fandom. Link to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judynator_aka_noxia/ See you there! :D
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Dear Readers and Watchers! No idea how to start... It was a while when I made stop with making Elecman, Born of the Frost and the other series. No, not because of I bored them but I needed to a break. I wanted something new to try and work with, so this is how I started to work with my Among Us series. I admit I enjoy to work with it. So, Among Us: Horror on the Skeld is my very first comic what I'm drawing in digital version. May this will make me moraled to work with my other comics in same way. I dunno when after my "sus" comic is going to be finished but it's going to be only one parted. Who knows... it'a depend on how many people ask me to do part two. Now let see the next object about I have to speak. It's not going to be good news. Another thief. Another. Fucking. Thief. And this is the person herself who I didn't expect she would dare to do this cheating thing like this. Marthamarri has her own arts what she really made by her own hands, but she made something what she had
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Dear Watchers and Readers! It's been a little while when this has been started, so... let say I'm going to do it like everyone else. So, before I'm going to do that, please, write into the comments what CANON characters would I have to draw and I will draw those who get more "vote" here and on my Facebook. What I would like to expect, give me some characters who are from those movies, cartoons, games, books what I'm interested in but no worry, I can draw characters who I'm not interested in. This is the challange, isn't? :D Go on guys, I'm waiting for you comments! :D
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You are Hungarian? OMG! Me too!

Akkor beszélhetünk nyugodtan magyarul :D

Egyébként ügyesen rajzolsz, és tudom, hogy még több gyakorlással el fogod érni a profi szintet, viszont ha szeretnéd, hogy többen is felfigyeljenek rád, próbálj meg kitalálni egy egész jó kis sztorit, ami lehet akár regény, vagy képregény, amit megmutathatsz. Amiben tudok, segítek. :)

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Happy post 20th anniversary of the MMBN series.

Happy International Woman's Day.