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The Bad Feeling

Another one of my fanart pieces based on famous works of art past. Unfortunately the last one for a while. I am always looking for more ideas though and may even put up a contest at some point in time once I figure out how.

Take a wild guess which painting this one of C-3PO is based on!
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I can hear him streaming 'We're doomed'
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that is high-larious! nicely done!
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:lmao: that suits Threepio so much! :D Excellent work :clap:
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It fits SO WELL. Seriously, my ribs hurt from how hard I was laughing over this. xD
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You're very welcome!
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Where's R2 when you need him? LOL 3PO is so screwed. LOL
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He's always getting himself in trouble.
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I know. LOL 3PO is so funny.
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This is hilarious. :thumbsup:
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Thanks. I'm thinking of trying more. Munch apparently made 11 of them. Then again... I'm not Munch.
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Any plans of doing a print of this one?
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Unfortunately not, now that Klingon's got pulled, I'm afraid I can't make any more parody art into prints. I do make prints myself. Visit my website and contact me that way.
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This. Is. Amazing. Great work you have here. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Thanks all for your comments!
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I've seen Star Wars parodies of this paint but not done as well. Congratulations!
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Can you say Edvard Munch? Nicely done. :ahoy:
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