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Here's an animatic I made for "Farmer Refuted" from Hamilton.…
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I was finally able to get my first paycheck deposited (got a job working at the local theater), and I promised that once I did, I would donate to relief efforts for Puerto Rico.
I donated $15, which was less than I originally planned (minimum wage sucks), but I did what I could.
I encourage you to donate if you can. Here's where I donated;…
If you can't donate money, there are other ways to help. Lin-Manuel Miranda created a song called "Almost Like Praying" (which is amazing, I swear this man can do no wrong), and all proceeds go to hurricane relief. So if you got $1.26 laying around, go buy it off iTunes or wherever you get your music from, and get a catchy song.
Or if you're really broke, go donate blood. I'm a regular blood donor, and even if you get deferred for whatever reason, it's still really important that you make the attempt.
So there you go, guys. Go do some good in this world today!!
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I went and saw Captain Underpants with my friend today. I "read" the books as a kid (More like I looked at the pictures and played with the Flip-O-Rama pages), and my friend didn't. So we were going in with two different expectations on the film. I was expecting a nostalgia bomb, and my friend thought this would be an dumb movie with a ton of toilet humor that I wanted to see.
My thoughts? I enjoyed it more than I should have. I was laughing so hard at one scene where there was an orchestra of whoopie cushions. Yes, there was ton of toilet humor, but what did you expect from a movie called CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS? It was in the spirit of the original books. I appreciated George and Harold's friendship, being someone who also doodles silly comics. I found the Captain himself to be very lovable, and even as Krupp, I still enjoyed him. He wasn't too annoying, and not too mean. Only issue I had with him was he was barely in the climax, he was still there, but not doing much. That doesn't mean the climax wasn't good, I just wish he did more. The comedy was really good, I was laughing just as much as the kids. I also love the nods to the original source, for example there's a moment where they use the Flip-O-Rama, and I was so happy to see them use it. So, I really enjoyed the film, it made the little me who lives in my brain very happy.

As for my friend, she had this to say;
"It wasn't the worse mistake I've ever made"
She liked it.

I wanna go read the books again!
I have no idea where our Captain Underpants books went...
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Sorry I haven't written a journal in so long. My life has been going at a slow pace recently.
In case you weren't aware, I plan on moving back to my hometown to live with my sister, CaliforniaHunt24, and attend college there. We planned on having me up there by summer of last year...
it's been almost a year since I've graduated high school.
So, what happened? Well, a few things. Some of them are my doing, others are due to other parties.
I guess I should start when I graduated. I was given over $1,000 in graduation money, and my dad didn't want my mother to have access to my bank account. So we drove to the nearest Wells Fargo bank and made me my own account. I had hoped to save some of that money to help pay for our trip north. But as the moving day moved further and further away, I slowly spent the money till I had very little left. "Well, why didn't you get a job?", you say. Two reasons; One, I had hoped to be out of here fairly quickly, I didn't want to get a job only to quit a few weeks later, and two, I don't have a car, Oklahoma gets very hot, and I was scared to drive.
In my youth, I've seen many commercials, news stories, and even seminars in school about car accidents and how common they are. Even a girl died in a drunk driving accident while I was still in elementary school. All this built up to me being afraid to get behind the wheel. My dad and sister made it clear that I wouldn't be allowed to go north till I learned how to drive, but my anxiety elongated that process. I got my learners permit, and I spent the summer learning how to drive. When I finally got the courage to take my driving test, I booked it for November 18, so that way if I failed I could at least look forward to playing Pokemon Sun. Well, I did fail, I was a nervous wreck the whole test. It was so quiet in the car that when the instructor told me to do something, it startled me. I retook my test a few days later and just barely passed. Now that I had my license, I could drive myself to a job, right? WRONG. My mom said it was too expensive to add me to the insurance plan, so I'm not allowed to drive. Well then WHY THE FUCK DID WE MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT ME GETTING A LICENSE THEN?!
So, I stayed home, becoming the maid of the household. It was my job to clean the house, do the dishes, take care of the animals, so on so forth. I waited, and waited, and waited for my parents to give me a day when I would move. But things constantly got in the way, some understandable, others not so much. My great-grandmother passed away, so my mother made an unplanned trip to Virginia to help go through her stuff. My dad began working late and even on weekends hoping to earn some extra overtime. I made attempts to get a conversation going with my parents so we could come up with a plan, but they brushed it off every time. "We'll get you there," they would say. Slowly, the friends I had made in my new town moved away, leaving me with no one to hang out with. Eventually, I learned my mother had spent money on tickets to a concert. OK, back the fuck up. I've been waiting to move back north for almost a year, being constantly told we didn't have the money, yet my mom has the money to buy tickets to a FUCKING BOY BAND CONCERT?!?! This was the straw that broke the camel's back.
After a talk with my father, I got the courage to walk down the street to the nearby grocery store to get a job. Once I do get a job, I'm gonna help my father save for this trip. My mom applied me for disability (because of my Asperger's), but I never asked for it. Something I never want to do is use my autism as a crutch. Just because I struggle to interact with people doesn't mean I need money from the government! I'm gonna prove to her that I can do things on my own, without disability benefits.
So, that's what's been going on recently, I would appreciate any support you could offer me. Not money, but emotional support, that's the one thing I truly need right now. Knowing that there are people who care about me and support me in my efforts to go home...
Thank you for reading.
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One of my mom's favorite movies is the "Titanic" clone, "Pearl Harbor", and today, she decided to watch it again. I have some very strong opinions on this movie, and I made them very clear to my parents.
I hate the characters, I hate that this is based on an actual event that real people died in, I hate that its so long it needs two discs for the entire movie, I hate that I had to watch it in my "History through Film" class. I just really hate this movie!!
So, why do I despise this movie so much? Well, indulge me for a bit as I share my opinions about a movie no one cares about except my parents.
1. The main character is a dick. Ben Affleck's character is an absolute douche bag in this movie, especially to Kate Beckinsale's character. She passes him, even though his poor eyesight can endanger the fleet, then he waits till the last minute to tell her he's leaving for France to assist them, denies her farewell sex, tells her not to see him off at the train station (just so he can test her), and then gets pissed when she moved on to another guy because she thought he was dead for months!! Can you imagine if Jack did all that to Rose in "Titanic"? Like, Rose moves onto another guy several years after she saw Jack die, only for him to come back (somehow) and get pissed because she tried to move on with her life. What? Did you think she would obsess over you for the rest of her life? It's unhealthy!
2. The fact that the fictional characters are the focus. "But Titanic's main characters were fictional!!", I hear you say. True, Jack and Rose were not real people on the Titanic, but they had talented writers who were able to make these fictional characters believable. "Pearl Harbor" does not have that privilege. While we were watching the movie in class, my teacher continually brought up Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character, Doris Miller, who was an actual person who was at Pearl Harbor. Why not make the movie about him? His life story was interesting! I could totally see someone make it into a movie. But, no, we gotta ride on the coattails of "Titanic" with the love triangle. Speaking of the writers...
3. The dialogue is shit. I'm not saying I'm a master of human communication, but even I listen to these guys and groan. Let me share a few lines from the script;

Affleck: You are so beautiful it hurts.

Beckinsale: It's your nose that hurts.

Affleck: I think it's my heart.

Baldwin: That's bull-shit MacCawley... but it's very, very good bull-shit.

I don't wanna rewatch the movie again to find more, but you get the idea.

4. It gets me thinking about making a good movie. Yea, my hatred for this movie actually helps me. By critiquing it, and looking at it's flaws, it makes me think of how I could make it better.
You could focus on real people who were at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed (like the already mentioned Doris Miller).
You could make a movie about a fictitious place, that also got attacked in a similar way to Pearl Harbor, but its not actually about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In other words, make an event INSPIRED by Pearl Harbor instead of being BASED off it.
And those are the ideas off the top of my head!
So the moral is, no matter how much you hate something, you can use that hatred to make something better.

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I realized something...audiobooks and radio dramas kinda freak me out.
I remember when I finished listening to the FNaF: Silver Eyes audiobook, I had this weird feeling all around me as it ended. But it was just the narrator reading the copyright info with some music in the background.
I think I kinda know why. I listened to an audiobook for this creepy book during elementary school. The combination of the music, the narrator, and the book's pictures scared me so badly I ran out of the classroom and hid behind the coats hanging in the hall. Fast forward a couple years and my dad found a Sirius station that only played old radio dramas. Most of them were about murders, so adding that onto the scary music and voice acting, and once again I was creeped out. But I couldn't run and hide this time, because we were in a moving vehicle.
I dunno, its just something weird I noticed.
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So, I finished listening to the audiobook for Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes, and I wanna share my thoughts. I'll split this into 2 parts; one with no spoilers, and one where I hold nothing back. So, here we go.

Free Evil Purple Guy IconSPOILER FREEFree Evil Purple Guy Icon
 The story follows a group of teens who return to their hometown of Hurricane, Utah (which is actually a real town) because a scholarship is being given in remembrance of their friend, Michael, who went missing at Freddy's 10 years prior. One teen, a girl named Charlie, was the daughter of Henry, the founder of Freddy's. The group decides to investigate the murders, since no one was ever convicted.
So what do I think? First, there were WAY too many kids in this group. There was Charlie, Carlton, Jason, Marla, Lamar, Jessica, and John. Not only are there a ton of these kids, but their names sound too similar. Charlie and Carlton, Marla and Lamar, Jason and John. I often got mixed up because their names sound so similar. Because there are so many characters, the beginning is super slow. We spend 3 or 4 chapters just getting to know these people, and in the end I could only remember a few of them. I remember Charlie, because she's the main character and Henry's daughter, Carlton, for reasons I'll explain in the Spoilers section, and Marla, because she was worried about her brother, Jason. Those other kids are just...there. I had to strain my brain to remember all their names even though I just finished the audiobook about an hour ago.
Second, we're barely in the pizzeria. Most of the book is spent around Hurricane, and occasionally the characters would go to Freddy's. There's a ton of back and forth. First we go to a diner, then the motel, then to the memorial, then to Charlie's old house, then to the motel, then to the diner, then to Freddy's, and it just bounces all over the place. Not to mention we bounce from perspective to perspective. Like, we'll be following Charlie, then we'll go to Carlton, then Jason, then Duff (was that his name? idk), then back to Charlie. But I guess that's just nitpicking.
Ok, so what did I like? Well, when we focused on elements from the games, I enjoyed the heck out of it! We learn about the creator of Freddy's, his family, some of the murdered children, and we even learn somethings about the Purple Guy! It's actually pretty cool! Granted, we only focus on elements from FNaF 1 and a little bit of FNaF 3, but the narrator always acknowledged this book as "Book 1", so I'm guessing they're be more books in the future.

Free Scared Purple Guy IconSPOILERS BEGINFree Scared Purple Guy Icon
Ok, now I can really talk about my favorite things from this book.
My absolute favorite thing from this book was Dave Miller, AKA William Afton, AKA the Purple Guy. He is so creepy in this story. For example, Charlie knocks him out, and when they need to know how to get out, they tie Afton up, wake him up, and ask him how to escape. He refuses to answer, and instead stares at a Bonnie head. Charlie picks up the head, puts it on Afton, and then he speaks. All while he stares though the mask with a disturbing look. HOLY SHIT!!! And yes, just like in FNaF 3, he's killed with the Spring Bonnie suit, when Charlie unlocked the springs. Other than that, he's still active with his killings. He kidnaps Carlton, who's the police chief's son, puts him in a springlock suit, and kills an officer who was sent to find Carlton.
Another thing I liked was that we got names for some of the victims, and even who possesses one of the animatronics. The first child killed was Charlie's twin brother, Sammy, at Fredbear's Family Diner, and Michael is the kid who possesses Golden Freddy. That's really freakin' cool!
So, basically, when we get answers to a couple things from the games, that's when I start to enjoy the book. But when we have to wait around, then I get pretty bored.
Free Purple Guy Icon FINAL THOUGHTSFree Purple Guy Icon
Overall, I thought it was a pretty okay book. Not as great as Harry Potter or anything, but still enjoyable as an extension to the FNaF series. If you're willing to go in with an open mind, you'll probably enjoy it. But I can understand why some FNaF fans dislike it. Check it out and decide for yourself.

PS, Since when did Scholastic allow the words "jackass" and "bastard" in the books the publish? I can just imagine a little 3rd grader picking up Silver Eyes at the Scholastic Book Fair and them asking their parents what a "bastard" is. XD
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I just made a Tumblr page. I wanna get more exposure, so I'm branching out to other sites.
Be sure to follow me over there.
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It's come to this?
I can't believe it...
I thought we'd be better than this...
This goes against everything we stand for...
Everything we've worked so hard for...
Our dreams...
Our hopes...
Our freedom...
So many people are going to sleep tonight terrified of what the future will bring...
I doubt I'll get any sleep either...
I have my friends and family in my thoughts tonight...
We will make it through...
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I really didn't want to, but with Vine getting shut down, I said, "eeeeehhhhh fuckit."
So if you wanna follow me over there, my user is s.r._hunt
I'll post funny videos I made on Vine, and some other stuff I made.
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I'm sooo late...
Anywho, I've started Gravity Falls! I've only seen a few episodes, but I wanna share my first impressions.
I've heard nothing but praise for this show, but never checked it out until a few days ago. From famous people like Doug Walker, to close friends like CaliforniaHunt24 and TheDoctorsGirl99, so many people told me to check out Gravity Falls. So after years of pestering...

I ignored everyone and watched Steven Universe instead.
LOLOLOLOLOL See? I can do plot twists too! I was actually waiting for the first episodes of Gravity Falls to air. And the other night, they played episodes 1-4 then episode 9, I think? So, what do I think?
I really like it! I'm kicking myself in the ass for not watching it sooner. My favorite characters so far are Grunkle Stan and Bill Cipher. I love their senses of humor! I love Stan's grumpy old man personality, and I love Bill's insane antics (I haven't seen Weirdmaggedon, so NO SPOILERS OR I'LL KILL YOU!!!).
If I had some complaint (puts on army helmet) it's Mabel.
Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) Angry Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams
Hold on!! Let me explain!! I don't like how Mabel always gets her way. She always makes Dipper give up what he wants for her. Even Bill brings this fact up to Dipper in "Sock Opera". I'll side with her on saving Waddles in "the Time Traveler's Pig", but she always guilt trips Dipper into giving up his hopes and dreams for her. Granted, most of his hopes are dreams involve Wendy, but still! It reminds me of my lil' bro. He always gets his way. Even when he's in the wrong, he's never punished. Other than that, I never really thought she was that funny. Keep in mind, I haven't watched every episode, so my opinions on Mabel may change. But that's how I feel about her currently.
All in all, I'm really liking this show, and I'll keep watching it to see what happens.
Man, I've been falling into all the popular stuff nowadays. Steven Universe, Deadpool, Undertale, FNaF, Stanger Things, now Gravity Falls.

I have no problems with this!
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Hey, guys! Sorry I've been inactive, only posting journals when a celeb dies. ^^; Anywho! In case you didn't notice, I recently fell in love with Undertale! (every pun intended) So much so, that I've been making comics! And because my FNaF comic dubs have earned 187,560 total views since the first one went up, I've decided to do an Undertale dub!
The only problem is that I'm no longer in school...
I did both dubs at school and got away with it because I turned them in for grades. I had the software, the equipment, even free voice actors! But now all I have is myself and a fossil that can't even identify videos from my phone. SO!! I am looking for voice actors! If you're interested, let me know! Just keep in mind my friends who I know in person get priority since I can drag them into a room and get them to record for me.
I'm also looking for ideas for comics. I normally try to think them up myself, but inspiration can come from weird places. My rules are no AUs, this includes Underswap, Underfell, etc., and nothing sexual, I am NOT making a comic where Alphys and Undyne make out. AIN'T. HAPPENIN.
So, if you're interested, let me know, and if not, keep an eye out for the dub! Thanks guys!
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I'm so sad to hear that the great Gene Wilder passed away. He was one of my favorite actors, having stared in some of my favorite movies such as "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory", "Young Frankenstein", and "Blazing Saddles". He even inspired one of my original characters, Jaime. I'm gonna binge watch his movies in his memory.
Rest in Peace Mr. Wilder, and thank you for showing us a world of pure imagination.
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Yea, you're not crazy. You read the title correctly. I'm gonna go see it.
First let me clarify a few things.
1. I love the original Ghostbusters, it's one of my all time favorite movies. I even watched it a few days ago.
2. I do not care that the new cast is basically a genderswap. 4 female Ghostbusters and a male secretary. Ok, cool. I'm a girl, and even before this movie was announced, I've wanted to be a Ghostbuster. And it kinda sucks that now that there's an enitre team of female Ghostbusters that the Internet has lost its shit.
3. WHERE CAN I FIND SOME ECTO COOLER?!??! I didn't exist when they sold it, and I've heard it's the nectar of the Gods!!! I wanna try some SOOOOOO BAD!!!!
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So, I got a tablet from my parents, and I went looking for games on the Google Play store. I found one called TMNT Legends. It's a free to play game with micro transactions, so I had nothing to loose. I downloaded it, and I have some very strong thoughts about it.
The game is based mostly on the 2012 series, but as I'm writing this they've added the Bay Turtles as a promotion for Out of the Shadows. You start the game with Leo, whose going solo because the other three turtles were captured by the Kraang. The game is a turn-based RPG. There are five classes that operate like Pokemon typings; Might, Tech, Spirit, Swift, and Cunning. Each class has a Rock, Paper, Scissors effect on each other; Might beats Tech, Tech beats Spirit, Spirit beats Swift, Swift beat Cunning, and Cunning beats Might. As you progress, you can add new characters to your roster by collecting a certain number of their DNA. For example, if you want Donatello, you must first collect 5 of his DNA cards. Oh, the way you get items and DNA strands is by opening card packs. You can either wait a couple hours for a free pack, use micro transactions to buy one of three types of packs, or buy specially marked TMNT figures for a code to unlock a card pack. I'd be fine with the micro transaction thing if it wasn't for one thing; the prices for the packs range from $10.99 to $49.99!!! What the fuck?! I mean, $1 or $2 I understand, but $10.99 for a virtual card pack?! Bullshit!! So, if you're not willing to shell out $50 for virtual card packs, how do you collect DNA strands? Another way to earn them is by beating the hard levels. Each hard level has a chance to reward you with a certain characters DNA card every time you beat it. But it's not as easy as continuing to challenge the same level until you have enough DNA for that character. After you beat the level 3 times, you have to wait a couple hours before you challenge it again, or you can use your in game currency to skip the wait. And even then, you won't always get a DNA card.
The game gives you 4 characters to start off with; Leo, Karai, Newtralizer, and Spiderbytes. You can have up to five characters in your party. After you beat a level, you and your characters gain experience. But, your characters level will only go as high as your level. Say I'm at level 10, my characters won't be able to reach level 11 until I reach level 11. So their maybe times where you have to grind before taking on the next level. Each character also has different abilities. In order to unlock new abilities, you must collect a certain number of items, which can be earned by card packs or beating levels. There are abilities that damage opponents, increase or decrease stats, cause status inflictions, or heal. This is probably the strongest aspect of the game. Each ability is a perfect match for each character. For example, Leo can use his Healing Hands to heal his team, which is awesome! What isn't awesome is the cool down time. I know cool down is in other RPGs, AdventureQuest Worlds comes to mind, but here, it's annoying. Cool down time is measured by turns, so once you use an ability, you have to wait X-amount of turns before you can use it again. So, say I'm in a tight spot, I use Leo's Healing Hands, but it isn't enough to restore everyone to full HP. You have to wait 5 turns before you can heal again. That means, Leo needs to attack 5 times before you can heal again. That's great, except speed is a complicated thing in this game. There's a meter around your character's level and class that fills as each character attacks. Once the meter is full, it's that character's turn to attack. Some characters meters fill faster than others, which is bad news for you if the enemy's fills up faster than your's. I died in one level because the opponents meter filled up so fast that none of my characters were able to attack. By the way, I had to figure out most of this myself because the tutorial is shit. The only way you'll learn what the classes are is by the Help & Support FAQ!! They don't even tell you that stuff about the speed meter, I had to go all Sherlock Holmes to figure that out! But despite my problems, I still think this is a fun game. If you love TMNT 2012 like me, give it a try and decide for yourself if you'd enjoy it.
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In case you didn't know, Finding Nemo was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, so it has a very special place in my heart. I loved the story, I loved the characters, I loved the comedy, I loved the drama, I love this movie.
So, when I heard a sequel was coming, I, like many fans, responded with a quote from "Prisoner of Azkaban",
"I've done my waiting! 12 years of it!!"
Ok, it might've taken 13, but whatever. Anyway, today I went and saw "Finding Dory" and...I loved it just as much as the original.
I do love how this is Dory's story, because in "Nemo" we knew very little about her because she knew very little about herself. So here, we learn more about where she came from, her family, her old friends, and how she ended up in the Great Barrier Reef. Also OMG baby Dory is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Her eyes are huge and she's just DAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
The new characters are also fun. You have an octopus (actually a septipus) who doesn't want to go back to the ocean, a near-sided Whale Shark, and a pessimistic Balooga Whale. All of which are lots of fun.
And all of the reoccurring characters are always fun to see. Crush and Squirt appear again, and it's a nice thought that Nemo finally got to ride the EAC. And we even get an answer to, "Now what?" The only characters who sadly didn't return were the Sharks, which is sad, because they were great.
My only complaint is that Marlin and Nemo aren't in this movie enough. I understand why this is, because this is Dory's story, not their's. But sometimes there would be 25 minutes at a time where Marlin and Nemo will be stuck somewhere while we watch Dory make her way around the marine institute. I don't know who else shares this opinion with me, but Marlin was actually my favorite character in "Nemo". I loved how he faced his fears to get Nemo back, and I felt sorry for him whenever something bad happened. Despite their lack of screen time, Nemo and Marlin are still just as great as they were in their debut, and it's nice to see more of them interacting, since they spent the majority of "Nemo" separated.
If you loved "Nemo", you should see this ASAP. It's one of Pixar's best sequels, and it was well worth the 13 year wait.
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I'm sorry I've been inactive. But now that I'm free from high school, I can start posting more art! After I get my drivers license, move up north, get a job, get a car, and all the other adult shit I gotta do now....


On the bright side I ordered Over The Garden Wall on DVD, a Garnet POP! Figure, volume 2 of the TMNT original comics, and a Mega Lucario plush.
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I finally saw Zootopia.
Was it good?: Yes.
Whose your favorite character?: I think Judy, because I want to go into entertainment, despite now living in an area with a dying drama program in the school. So she was pretty inspirational. But Nick was enjoyable as well.
Parental Warnings?: If you're gonna take kids, especially really young kids, be careful because this movie can get pretty scary at some parts.
Do you think the theme is about predujuce?: Yes, but I don't think it's the only theme. I think the best way to describe the other theme is through the song "Try Everything". But as someone who hates Trump's predujuce views, I agree that this movie did come out at an ideal time. And I would love this movie even more if it managed to swing the running in a different direction.
Problems?: My only problem is that it shares the same plot point that all Disney movies have had since Wreck-it Ralph.
Are you a furry now?: No. T_T;
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God dammit, I really didn't want to like this show! It's pink, girly, and a romantic comedy, three things I don't like. But I can't stop watching it...I wanted a comedic anime to watch, like Sgt Frog and Devil is a Part-Timer!, and this was the best one I could find. This was one I didn't want to enjoy. My friends were obsessed with it back in 7th grade.
I'm gonna keep watching this, but anyone got suggestions of comedic anime on Netflix?
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So, I was going to be stage manager for our spring play this year, but because I've been so active with designing costumes and sets, my drama teacher promoted me to assistant director. Technically it's a down grade from last year, because I was a director. But who cares?