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I've had a lot of people ask me for this and I finally got permission from everyone involved (!). Enjoy. The true original of this is here: [link] I notice he has done another here: [link]
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By the way, when was this picture sent to Corbis, and that Microsoft bought the rights to the picture during the development of Windows Vista? :?
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This picture was originally made by a DeviantArt user known as "americanpsycho" back in December 2002.
It was inspired by Bliss, the default desktop background of Windows XP.
Some people used this picture as their desktop background for their Windows XP, Longhorn, Vista Beta, and Vista computers.
may I use? this is beautiful
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[link] - i hope you don't mind, but i used this as my base bg image here :) x
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isn't this default energy blue wallpaper?
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very vibrant colors. amazing :)
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if only i could get a widescreen of this
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im sorry, but i think this is like one of the prettyest pictures ive seen in a long time...and i really dont know why, it just is.

hmm. <3
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Looks very nice. This is what I would love to see around the world... clean and clear. Very creative. Makes it very soothing to see on my computer while I'm at work.
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This one's in my wallpaper gallery forever! Personal favourite. ;) Great work
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:+favlove: nice, but the fact that the grass seems mirrored and the sky doesn't is making me crazy!
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I've seen the VistaBliss wallpaper by someone else, but I think I like this too!
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Why is this mirrored??? It drives me insane.
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OMG did microsoft NZ use it in their "Energy Blue" Theme Pack? :O_o: It's a REALLY GREAT wallpaper. :love: it!
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Yeah. Go figure. I emailed them but got no reply. I cc'd DevArt but they aren't interested in pursuing rips by people on other sites.
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Well, it looks like the Bliss Wallpaper of the downloadable theme by Microsoft. So, I don't know if it's good or not as it lacks originality. Sorry
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nice .. using it as my wallpaper now
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I should try stealing artwork. After all I have no talent.

Meanwhile, if the link to this pic ever goes down you can always find another "copy" here--->>

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Now that is very interesting. You will note that the upload date on this deviation is Jan 24, 2003. If you download the 'theme' from microsoft you will see that the modification date on the wall is June 29, 2004 - a year and a half after I uploaded this wall.

So now. What do I do? Some fucker at microsoft has clearly ripped this image! However, as far as I am concerned americanpsycho is the true injured party here since his image is the original on which this is based.

Frankly, I'm lost for words.
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If Microsoft truly stole your work, you'd be rather well off by now (or you will be when your lawsuit/settlement is complete.....).
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