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Hope to see you all there too :)
Nothing new there, just uploaded some old stuff.
Tooo much awesome ppl to follow :D
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By judetoth
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Maybe forever since you can't delete your account (yet - maybe when Anipan staff will see that deleting your account should be a function available from the beginning).
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Its just a beta now...i believe the site will update with more and more options :)
its a little messy, slow and confusing compared to da but lets give them a little time and support :)
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But I don't know any other site that doesn't have a way to delete your account. Also you can nowhere easily see what new features got added and someone has asked the question when deleting your account will be available - it didn't get answered but multiple other regarding deleting comments did get.

For me in the five hours I have an account there it's already way to messy. Every social website evolves but they start from a point where you can see how it is now and how it will become later. Actually Anipan seems like a bunch of wasted money ... not very different from MangaBullet.
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I felt the same about the facebook.
I tried to get rig of my acount and i had to go trough a bunch of questions to do it and it did not really got deleted cause i can activate it again if i want to go back just have to log in.

To tell you the truth, i dont really believe that an art site similar to da and aiming for the same audience as da can survive for years .
you can see lots of examples of community sites that came and then just disappeared.
Only if they can offer some great and original new stuff.

But..i can hardly keep track of my 2 da ccounts or reply back to all the ppl or give back lamas to anyone, comment on pictures.... rooting for them to be successful :)
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facebook is the horror if you want to keep something very private or even delete something.
I deleted everything from my wall and I bet it's still somewhere within fb's data, but at least no-one can see it anymore.
Some law-student from my country deleted his facebook-account and forced fb Ireland (the fb-section for Europe) to give him all his 'deleted' data: 122 pages of paper. I think he hasn't won his process against fb yet and has no by chances, but at least someone cares about his data.

I agree. There's no ongoing evolution like dA had and still has - Anipan needed thousands of Dollars/Pounds to be funded while I'm pretty sure dA had no money from people except the founders.
Now the expectations are high with every new art-site and if it's not well-thought then it will fail. I know enough pages which are crappy just because they have a bad design and no real concept. And of course people want see something really great happen with their money given away.

I had an old and a second account too, but I deleted both since I have no time to ever visit them. I'm currently having a time off/partly-off the internet to do useful things instead of lurking around dA and YouTube all day. And if it's just playing with my rubik's cube, everything is better than wasting time on the net doing nothing.