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Hello guys:)

Just a quick update about personal stuff.
University has started and I'm full of classes and school related works now. I'm trying my best to take it seriously, cause I need good grades for getting a good research spot later.
I tought that I will have more free time to draw but I dont.

So I was wondered, what to do about my waiting list.
Should I cancel it or not....
I found that doing CM-s is too much pressure for me and this kills my will to draw. Drawing is just fun and hobby for me and not a job.

So I decided to leave the WL as it is but I will do them for free  if I have the time and mood to make some icons.

Oh, and a big THANK YOU for my new watchers.
I feel so bad for not thanking them personally on their front page, but im really glad for you all.


Pictures in my journal were made by these amazing people:
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Yumichan216Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, I hope you do well in university c: And focus on your studies, just come back with you have time ;u;
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Thank you dear :)
If i do well on my semester between exams ( idk how this is called in english :) )i will have more free time at the end of thissemester in january ...

Thank you for your support as always :heart:
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Yumichan216Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome ;u; and awesome :D

you're welcome again :huggle:
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moved-to-QuiiaHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah ur right lol commission takes for me too long to finished them all o.O
and so I thought for my next commission I will gonna add only 3 people on waiting list so its not that a stress to draw, maybe u can make like that too if ur waiting list is done :3
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yes, thats a good solution...i tried it but i just couldnt refuse any ppl who asked.
but next time i will only accept a few, so i can avoid the delay...