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Young Justice: Now We Can Be Diamonds Together :iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 2 3
Titans: There's Just More Of Him To Love
“Ah, geez,” Roy Harper muttered to himself. “Come on shirt, don’t be like that.  You’ve always been the reliable one in our relationship.”
Roy had been stuck with a cast on his leg for more than a few weeks, after getting injured trying to fight off Deathstroke the Terminator by himself.
Brave, but stupid.
Of course Roy managed to get more than a few hits on the supposed master assassin, so that was something to be proud of. And with him semi out of commission, that meant more time to spend with Lian without shunting her off on nannies and babysitters.
But it also meant he’d been stuck on monitor duty while everyone else was running around saving the world.
He tried to keep active, of course. He still had one good leg and his arms were fine, which meant target and archery practices were okay. And of course he got to play with Lian and Garth’s kid Cerdian. But that wasn’t as much exertion as Roy was used to, which meant,
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 11 3
Mature content
Titans: Cakes and Confessions :iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 3 2
Titans: Of Nightmares and Mooks
“I cannot believe you talked me into this.” Damian Wayne muttered as he followed Dick Grayson down the sidewalk to their destination.
“Oh stop being so serious, tonight will be fun!” Dick tried to assure his surrogate little brother.
“Fun?” Damian scoffed. “You call dressing up like a bunch of jackasses and begging people to increase our likelihood of contracting diabetes fun?”
“Yeah, fun!” Dick responded with enough enthusiasm to ignore Damian’s sarcasm.
Fun. Ugh. Just thinking of the word made Damian cringe.
“Father wouldn’t allow this.” Damian huffed.
“You’re right, and that’s what makes it fun.” Dick reasoned.
“So if he told you not to jump off the Gotham Bridge, you’d consider that ‘Fun?’”
“Oh look we’re here!” Dick hurried up the driveway to Roy Harper’s new home in Arizona.
“I still don’t understand what thi
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 5 1
Mature content
i don't know what i'm doing :iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 0 0
The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider
The itsy bitsy spider
spun a pretty web.
The itsy bitsy spider
lived above her bed.
The teeny tiny baby
lay inside her crib.
The teeny tiny baby
drooled onto her bib.
The baby saw the spider
high above her head.
The baby saw the spider
this is what she said.
"Why do you have so many eyes?"
"So I can watch you as you sleep."
"Why do you have so many legs?"
"So I can run and jump and leap."
"Why do you have such scary teeth?"
"To eat the things that crawl and creep."
"Why do you look at me that way?"
The spider didn't make a peep.
The baby's loving momma
came in to say good night.
The baby's loving momma
was in for a big fright.
The baby's loving momma
thought it was a bad dream.
The baby's loving momma
opened her mouth and screamed.
The not so itsy bitsy spider
crawled out of the baby's bed.
For the not so itsy bitsy spider
had eaten the baby's head.
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 2 1
there is a man who smiles at me
there is a man who smiles at me
he lives inside my room
i don't know where he came from
i don't know what he wants
but every night he smiles at me
and i have never been so scared
he sits there every night in a chair in my room
i am afraid to touch the chair
because i don't know what he'll do
if he doesn't have a chair to sit in
i don't know what he'll do if he stand up
i don't know what he wears
but i see how tall he is
and if he ever stood up i am sure he would be gigantic
his hair is like straw
it is wild
it is messy
but it doesn't hide his face
i don't know what color his skin iis
but his eyes are black
his eyes are so black
i don't even know if he has eyes
or if the holes in his head are empty
but the worst thing is his smile
i always see it clearly
such a horrible smile
his cheeks stretched so tight
so tight they seem bigger than his face
how can he have so much skin
how can his face be pulled back so tight
doesn't it hurt
or does it he enjoy it
is that why he smiles
and his teeth
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 1 0
I Am A Ghost
I am a ghost, and I haunt this house.
I sit in this chair, in this house I hate, full of people I hate, but I am someone who does not exist in the real world.
I write these self-absorbed masochistic words on my despair and depression as part of my ongoing attempt to suck my own dick.
I am a blight on this world.
I am a ghost because nothing I do matters, nothing I do is for the betterment of those around me, nothing I do has a happy conclusion.
Every moment I exist in this state I radiate with negativity and hatred for myself and what I am and what has been done to me.
I am a ghost because I exist to make everyone around me as miserable as I am. I do not exist to do better, but to worsen. I disrupt the lives of those around me and leave them looking back on those moments they can never reclaim and wonder “Why me?”
“What did I do to deserve being haunted like this?”
I haunt this house, moving from room to room, making a mess and slamming doors, screaming, crying,
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 0 1
The Batman of Arizona
Batman Incorporated HQ
“Wingman, good, you’re here.” Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham City, didn’t even need to turn around as he realized his former sidekick Jason Todd, the second Robin, the second Red Hood, and now the second Wingman, had entered the room.
“You can just call me Jason when we’re not in the field, you know.” Jason spoke as he removed his helmet, revealing his black hair with a white fringe that, you know, I’m not sure if it was because of the Lazarus Pit or the shock of coming back from the dead.
“I wanted to introduce you to our latest recruit, Wingman.” Batman passive aggressively voiced his displeasure at Jason referring to him by his first name. “He’s going to be patrolling Arizona for us.”
“’Hi, Jason. How’ve you been since I decided to forgive you for trying to kill my favorite kid and my only biological kid?’” Jason sardonically replied. “Oh I
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 0 0
The Christmas Camp Out - A Roy/Lian Tale
“-but when she turned around, she saw the maniac in the Santa suit standing in the doorway, just as he locked the door behind him with the kids still in the house!”
“*Gasp!* Did he kill the kids?”
“Nah. The neighbors saw what was happening and called the police.”
“Oh thank goodness.”
Christmas Eve, 20XX ~ Arizona Desert
Roy Harper and his daughter Lian were on a Christmas camping trip. It’d been an unbelievably upsetting and frustrating year for the two, where nearly everything that COULD have gone wrong DID go wrong.
And then it got worse.
But then thankfully, things got better.
Roy decided he wanted to spend part of Christmas just the two of them, so they’d decided to go camping. Lian was, naturally, worried about Santa Claus losing track of them if they weren’t at home, but Roy promised her Santa would find them.
Camping isn’t normally a thing people do for Christmas, but the Harpers adapted. They brought with t
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 3 3
Mature content
Minako Plans Ahead - A Rei/Minako Folly :iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 1 1
A Great Christmas
Nora was spending Christmas with her grandma this year, because her parents were called away overseas on business and her older brother was in college. As it was, Nora’s grandfather had died the previous year from complications related to cancer, and all of their other relatives were off having Christmas celebrations of their own. So because it was going to be just the two of them, Nora’s grandma suggested they celebrate Christmas early and invited some of Nora’s friends for a sleepover a couple of days before the 25th. That way Nora could have fun with her friends before they went on trips with their families, and so the two of them wouldn’t feel so alone on the holiday. It was going to be a great Christmas.
Except for one thing.
Something was wrong with the lock to the back door. The key turned in the lock, but for some reason the door could be forced open even if the knob couldn’t be turned. It didn’t bother Nora as much when her parents were ther
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 2 1
What's In The Box? A Christmas Horror Story
Jamie was afraid at first when Ms. Cameron started living with his family. Ms. Cameron had been hired as his nanny since his parents were now working full time again, and they needed someone to watch Jamie when he came home from school. Jamie had never even needed a babysitter before in his life, so here was this strange lady he didn’t know, watching over him and preparing dinner for him while his mom and dad were out. It wasn’t something he was prepared for. None of his friends had nannies, so he couldn’t talk to them about it. His parents assured him Ms. Cameron was a very nice lady and she had lots of glowing recommendations from previous families.
It’s not that he thought Ms. Cameron was a bad person. Jamie just wasn’t sure what to think of her. But slowly, Jamie began to get used to Ms. Cameron, maybe he even liked her a little bit. She didn’t have weird tricks for doing math problems or sing songs while cleaning Jamie’s room, but she was
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 1 1
Sailor Moon - Smart Shopper Rei-chan
“Christmastime is coming, the old men are getting fat. Please put a penny inside a goose’s hat.”
“Minako, you’ve got that rhyme mixed up.”
“I thought it was weird that a goose would wear a hat but who am I to judge?” Minako shrugged.
“Why would a goose wear a hat?” Rei asked in a huff.
“Well, that wouldn’t be the strangest thing we’ve seen in our lives, right?” Makoto chimed in, sensing Minako was beginning to (no pun intended) egg Rei’s temper.
“Besides, why can’t a goose get to wear a hat?” Minako stopped and dramatically shot her fist into the air. “Geese are people too!”
“You’re just doing this to me on purpose, aren’t you?” Rei somehow managed to be both deadpan and growl at the same time.
“S-so how’s everyone’s Christmas shopping going?” Makoto nervously laughed, holding up some shopping bags filled with baking ing
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 0 0
HP: When You Mess With Reptiles
The two girls were lounging in an empty classroom, the door wide open. Both of them third years, the pale girl with the long and straight snow white hair was reading a Muggle magazine called “Entertainment Weekly” while the dark skinned girl with wavy, jet black hair scribbled away on a large blank pad.
“Oh I forgot to tell you, I got my Muggle Studies essay back today.” The white haired-girl, Nicole, pulled some roles of parchment.
“Oh yeah?” Gold, the black-haired girl, stopped sketching and looked towards her friend.
“Professor Burbage thinks I’m showing improvement.” Nicole handed the parchment over while she flipped a page in the magazine. “She especially liked the paragraph about why Muggles could make pictures on television sets move but not in actual photographs. I’m gonna write to Mum about it.”
“What do you think she’ll say?” Gold asked, scanning over the essay.
“That she has no da
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 0 0
Ugly Contest
“Now smile!”
The four male Robins, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne had finished posing for their annual Christmas photo at Wayne Manor. All four of them were dressed in ungodly horrific and tacky holiday sweaters.
“I don’t know why I agreed to this.” Jason, wearing a fuzzy red and green sweater decorated in puffy yellow stars, rubbed the bridge between his eyes.
“Yes,” Damian, inside a white sweater with a rhinestone designed mock up of Frosty the Snowman, snarked. “Don’t you have a meth lab to blow up or something, Todd?”
“Now come on guys,” Dick tried to play peacekeeper, it’s Christmas.” He was wearing the most horrible sweater of all. It looked like a facsimile of a Christmas tree with actual ornaments and bells sewn into the fabric. He jingled as he moves. There were even working lights. “And we all agreed-“
“Just promise me the Titans are never going t
:iconjudedeluca:JudeDeluca 1 1


Scary Scooby #4: 10,000 Volt Ghost by TrickTownsend Scary Scooby #4: 10,000 Volt Ghost :icontricktownsend:TrickTownsend 13 0 Scary Scooby #3: Jaguaro by TrickTownsend Scary Scooby #3: Jaguaro :icontricktownsend:TrickTownsend 7 0 Scary Scooby #2: Phantom Shadow by TrickTownsend Scary Scooby #2: Phantom Shadow :icontricktownsend:TrickTownsend 8 0 Scary Scooby #1: Spooky Space Kook by TrickTownsend Scary Scooby #1: Spooky Space Kook :icontricktownsend:TrickTownsend 15 2 MegaMen by theCHAMBA MegaMen :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 917 76 Pedro Pena Shazam by LucianoVecchio Pedro Pena Shazam :iconlucianovecchio:LucianoVecchio 168 11 Shaggy Rogers by BrokenCassette Shaggy Rogers :iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 67 8 Edwardian Legion 3 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 3 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 5 0 Edwardian Legion 4 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 4 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 5 3 Edwardian Legion 6 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 6 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 3 0 Edwardian Legion 7 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 7 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 4 0 Edwardian Legion 8 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 8 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 7 0 Edwardian Legion 9 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 9 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 6 0 Edwardian Legion 10 by BevisMusson Edwardian Legion 10 :iconbevismusson:BevisMusson 4 0 Fanfart by Jubilations Fanfart :iconjubilations:Jubilations 252 27 A lovely time for a stroll by stevie-foxx A lovely time for a stroll :iconstevie-foxx:stevie-foxx 222 3


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"Lian?" Ms. Godwin called over the shouting, laughing and crying in the big play area. "Lian can you come here a moment?"

Lian looked up from the drawing she was working on and headed to Ms. Godwin. The kind young daycare worker knelt down to Lian to speak to her at Lian's eye level. Ms. Godwin, or Kate, always did that when she spoke directly to one of the kids who spent their days at Danny's Daycare.

"Am I in trouble?" Lian asked. She hoped Zach wasn't lying about her hogging the purple crayons again.

"No, no," Kate laughed, "You're not in trouble, Lian. There's someone who wants to see you out in the hallway for a minute."

Lian was confused, but she let Kate take her out of the main room where all the kids played and did their usual thing and exited into the hallway connected to the building's main entrance.


Will ceased pacing in the hallway and moment it looked like his heart might've stopped beating for a second. Lian ran from Kate and into her dad's arms, completely and utterly surprised yet thrilled to see him.

Lian didn't see it, but as Will hugged her he appeared extremely relieved. It was as if his worst fear had been disproved. Which is why he held Lian tighter, scared of letting her go. All he could think of was his joy that she was okay.

"Are we going home?" Lian asked, not sounding happy about leaving early. "I don' wanna miss snack time."

"No sweetie," Will explained, "I didn't come to pick you up."

Lian noticed he was dressed in the uniform and hat he wore when he went to work at his business, Bowhunter Security.

"Didja leave Bow'unter to see me?" Lian asked.

"Sort of," Will smiled as he took off his baseball cap and placed it on her head. "I… had something to do for work in the area, and when I realized Danny's Daycare was nearby I thought I'd stop in and see how you were."

Lian giggled as she fiddled with her dad's hat.

"Are you gonna stay for snack time?" Lian asked. "Ms. Kate made cookies!"

"No," Will sighed, "I'm sorry Lian. I would love to stay and have some of Ms. Kate's cookies with you. But I have stuff to do. I just wanted to make sure you're-"

Don't say safe don't scare her don't scare her

"Having fun," Will beamed.

"It's okay," Lian put her dad's hat back on his head and kissed him on the cheek. "I know you got 'sponsbilities," Lian said before turning to face Kate. "My daddy works hard to protect people."

"Really?" Kate asked, kneeling down to Lian's eye level once more and appearing fascinated by this revelation Lian had to share. Although she already knew what Lian's father did for a living because Lian always talked about him when she wasn't talking about all her amazing aunts and uncles and grandparents.

"Tell her daddy," Lian cheered her father on, "Do the thing! Do the thing!"

"Well," Will couldn't help but smirk as he stood up, "If that's what my audience wants."

"My daddy runs a bizness in, um," Lian struggled to remember the word, "Puh-ri-vate secretees, and he's very good!"

"Is he now?" Kate asked.

"That's right, ma'am," Will struck a pose and mimicked a gun with his hand. "Because at Bowhunter Security, we're always on point."

Lian burst into applause at her brave dad and Kate clapped too.

"Bye daddy!" Lian waved goodbye as Kate led her back to the other kids. "See ya later! I love you!"

"I love you too!" Will called back, smiling…

But once Lian was back in the main area of the daycare and the hallway was empty, Will stumbled over to the wall and tried to keep himself from falling down.

"She's okay," he whispered to himself, "Thank you God."

Will Harper had never felt so scared in his entire life. And he had never felt as angry, too. Now he had one other thing to take care of, but first he had to get home and change. He didn't want to get blood on his work clothes.

Dick walked into the building feeling sore all over and wishing to take a 12 hour shower, with the hopes of scrubbing away any memories left of what had to be the worst case he'd ever been on.

"You would not BELIEVE what that mission was like," Dick moaned. "For a bunch of guys dressed like they raided a buffet table, Eurocrime turned out to be…" Dick forgot what he was going to say when he saw Babs for the first time since leaving a few nights ago. Her wheelchair was turned away from her array of computers and an expression of subdued anger and disgust was evident on her face. Dick could feel her stare from halfway across the room and wondered if she was trying to drill a hole into the wall with her eyes. Babs' arms were folded across her chest and it looked as if she was trying to figure something crucial out or was on the verge of murdering someone. Her phone rested on her lap.

"Babs?" Dick inquired.

"Call Will," was all Babs said.

"What?" Dick asked.

"I've been trying to call him and it's going to his voice mail," Babs calmly explained. "I called Bowhunter Security and they said he left for the day. Can you please try his number for me?"

Dick didn't even question her and did as she asked. He took out his phone and quickly punched in Will Harper's phone number. It immediately went to voice mail.

"Yo, this is Will Harper. If you're calling because you need some topnotch security, I think I might know a guy who can help you out. Leave a message at the beep. …unless you're Dick then don't leave a message BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. Nah I'm just kidding, love ya Dick!"

"Hey Will, this is Dick, just calling to check in, see if everything's okay. Give me a call back when you can and tell Lian I said 'Hi.'" He then hung up, looking at his phone and briefly reminiscing on when the two of them were younger. "Geez, I still can't believe he's the same guy who had a stick up his butt about wanting the Justice League's respect. Funny how people change, right?" Babs continued to glare at the wall with that sour, poisoned expression on her face. "Okay seriously Barbara, what's wrong?" Dick used her full name upon realizing something was legit bothering her and it was starting to frighten him. "Did something happen while I was away? And what does it have to do with Will?"

"That," Babs pointed to one of her computer screens without looking at it. "THAT happened."

Dick could see it was a comment thread about something. Babs kept her gaze off the screen as Dick leaned in to read it and discover what the problem was. As Dick silently read the words on the computer, his expression slowly changed from confusion to exasperated annoyance to disgust and then finally anger. Actually anger was an understatement. He stood up and folded his arms across his chest in much the same way Babs was doing, his back turned to her. He didn't know it, and she didn't know it, but right now they were both doing a perfect impersonation of Dick's mentor.

"You ever stop and ask yourself 'Why don't we just blow up the world?'" Dick growled.

"You say the word and I'll have the launch codes in 3 minutes," Babs responded. "Two if I'm not playing Candy Castle."

Had Barbara Gordon been somebody else with her exact mood at that moment, she would've done it.

Had Dick Grayson been anyone else with his exact mood at that moment, he would've let her.

Dinah let out a sound of pure delight as she threw herself on top of her bed, eager to finally catch up on some much needed rest.


Which was not going to happen.

"Just ignore it, Dinah," she told herself as she yawned. "You can deal with it later."

That would've been sound advice, but the phone kept buzzing. And buzzing. Dinah reached over and turned it off. There, problem s-

"DINAH PICK UP THE PHONE!" A voice screeched, causing Dinah to let out a little frightened shriek. What had-?

"Hello?" Dinah held up the phone and saw it had been turned on to a video call. "Babs? You hacked my phone?!"

"Sorry, not sorry," Babs said and Dinah could see Dick standing behind her, "But we have a problem."

"Guys please," Dinah complained, "I really don't want to whine but I have been running myself ragged dealing with the mess Oliver and Bruce made of the Justice League and I only got in a short while ago. Whatever the problem is, do you absolutely need me right this minute?"

The grim expressions on Dick's face and Babs' face did not waver.

"Yes," Babs said as the notification she sent appeared on Dinah's phone, "We do."

Dinah slowly read the message on her phone. Then she read it again. And again. No matter how times she read it, she couldn't convince herself it wasn't real or a delusion brought on by lack of sleep. And then she blinked.

"Richard, Barbara," she said in an eerily calm tone, "Would you please give me a moment?" Dinah set her phone down on the bed, got up, and casually walked over to the window on the left side of the room. Opening the window, Dinah stuck her head out of the apartment, opened her mouth, and screamed.

Car alarms went off and practically every window in the nearby vicinity shattered. Amid the cacophony and cries of a frightened public wondering what just happened, Dinah calmly walked back over to the bed and picked up her phone.

"Does Will know?"

"We think so."

"...Does Lian know?"

"We're not sure."

Paula regretted always putting this off until the last second, but she just wasn't fond of computers. Nevertheless, all the constant notifications about updates and replies on her social media accounts (which she didn't frequently use) were starting to get on her nerves. It was a hassle trying to figure out what she needed to keep and what had to be deleted. And, if she was being honest with herself, she was hoping she may find a rare message or email from Jade buried somewhere within all that garbage.

The one thing that lessened Paula's worries about her oldest daughter was that she still had Artemis in her life, and there was also Lian. Thank God Jade managed to snag a decent man like Will, instead of making the same mistake Paula made when she got married. At least Paula had taught her children that much.

Oh look, she had a notification about the post Will made for Lian.

Huh. There were a lot of them actually. What happened?

Paula clicked on one of the links and began to read. The more she read, the more her hands began to tremble. Her breathing intensified and she gritted her teeth until finally she let out an animalistic screech of pure anger and flung her half-empty coffee mug at the wall. As the mug shattered and her tea stained the wallpaper, Paula kept reminding herself to stay in control while fighting back the urge to cry.

Right now, Paula not only wished Jade was here, but she also wanted Crock as well. And more than anything she wished she wasn't stuck in her chair because for the first time in a long, long time, she wanted to murder someone. Her daughter and her husband had far more experience in that area, and it would've been a great help to deal with this particular problem.

Kaldur knew he'd forgotten something before the dignitary meeting began, and the buzzing sound in his pocket only confirmed it. He was sure he told everyone he'd be tied up for the rest of the day; he told his teammates not to call unless it was an absolute emergency. He should've shut his phone off, but wanted to be prepared in case he was needed. He hoped at least this was a false alarm, because what sort of person hopes for something bad to happen?

Taking a few steps into the back of the chamber where no one would notice him, Kaldur took out his phone to see it was a text message from Dick.


Confused, Kaldur texted back: NO. WHY? THIS ISN'T A GOOD TIME.

Dick responded: CAN YOU TRY TEXTING HIM?



Sighing, Kaldur did as his friend requested and sent a text to Will Harper.



Kaldur: WILL?

Kaldur waited five minutes, looking back and forth to see if anyone noticed he'd left his spot. When he received no response, he got back to Dick.

Kaldur: NOTHING.

Dick: DAMN IT.

Now Kaldur was getting worried.


There was no response for a minute.


Kaldur: I CANNOT.


Kaldur: ?


Dick: JUST.

Dick: HERE.

A link appeared on Kaldur's screen. He clicked on it.

And read.

"SON OF A-!"


Will was so enraged he started shoving arrows into his quiver, not even bothering to see what kind they were or if they were facing the right way. He probably would've begun stabbing somebody with them. Did he even NEED his bow for what he was about to do? Or could he just use his bare hands to deal with his problem?

"I'm home, Brucely!" A voice from downstairs called. "And thank God for that. This mission was a-Will?" Artemis stopped mid-sentence as she saw her brother-in-law, dressed in his Red Arrow costume, stomping down the stairs. Or at least he was partially dressed. He had on the mask and the top half of the costume, but was wearing his work pants and he wasn't wearing gloves. Arrows were haphazardly sticking out of his quiver alongside his bow. The look on his face was terrifying, but it wasn't aimed at her. Hell, he probably didn't even realize Artemis was there. "Will why are you-"

"Hi," Will tersely answered as he made his way to the front door, "Bye."

"Will stop!" Artemis grabbed Will's arm and pulled him away from the door. "What are you doing home so early? Why are you dressed as Red Arrow in broad daylight? Where are you going?"

"Out," Will snarled.

"Yes, out, obviously," Artemis rolled her eyes as she let go of him. Brucely came up to Artemis' side and she reached down to pet him, not taking her eyes off her housemate. "But WHY? Is this another situation with Nightwing?"


"Then... what?" Artemis asked. "You wanna maybe construct a sentence that contains more than one word so I can have an idea of what happened to tick you off this badly?" Will just stood there, looking as tense and tightly wound up as he did when he first knew Artemis all those years ago. "It... it's not my sister, is it?" Artemis inquired, looking fearful for a moment.

"No," Will sighed and removed his mask so he could look Artemis in the eye. "But it has to do with Lian."

"Lian?" Now Artemis was really worried. "What happened to Lian? Is she hurt?!"

"No!" Will quickly told her after taking his quiver off and putting it by the door. "She's fine. I went to her daycare and she's fine. That was the first thing I did."

"The first thing you-?" Artemis was more confused than ever. "Why did you have to check?"

Will took a deep breath, exhaled, and pinched the bridge between his eyes. He didn't want to remember this. He didn't want to explain this. He didn't even want to acknowledge it was real.

But it was a threat against his daughter, and that invalidated all of those feelings and desires in an instant.

"You remember the drawing Lian gave me?" Will asked, trying his hardest to remain calm. Artemis knew what he was referring to.


"Daddy daddy!" Lian excitedly ran to her dad as he arrived to pick her up from daycare. She was waving a piece of paper in her hand and looked really excited about something.

"Hey there, squeaker!" Will happily replied as he scooped up his daughter in his arms and twirled her around. "I missed you."

"I missed you too!" Lian cried as she kissed her dad on the cheek and happily waved a piece of paper in her dad's face. "Look what I made!"

"Okay, okay!" Will laughed. "Calm down, honey. Lemme see what you made." Will carefully took the paper from Lian's tiny hand and saw it was a drawing done in different shades of orange. While Lian had the exact type of drawing skills one would expect of a 3 year old, Will thought the figure looked familiar.

"You like it?" Lian happily anticipated her daddy's approval as he set her down and knelt beside her.

"I love it, peanut," Will declared as he ruffled Lian's hair. "You're so talented."

"Tha's Or'nge Diamon!" Lian explained.

"Orange Diamond?" Will asked. "Is this a Steven Universe character?"

Will and Lian had recently become fans of the show "Steven Universe" when Lian asked if they could watch it one day. One of the other Justice League kids at their annual play date had told her about it and she got very excited. Will made sure to check out a few episodes on his own before he let Lian watch it, having heard some unsavory stuff about the fans and how dark some episodes got. The first few episodes seemed okay (except that Frybo one), so together the Harpers (and Aunt Arty) set a date to watch them together.

Lian loved everything about the show about a boy and his alien gem moms/sisters, and Will slowly became a fan as well. Artemis hadn't developed an interest, but she enjoyed seeing how happy her brother-in-law and niece got during "Steven Time."

"Yeah!" Lian continued to explain. "I made him up. He's like you!"

"Like me?" Will replied before realizing that's why the character looked familiar.

"He's or'nge," Lian carefully explained by pointing to Will's hair...

"An' his face is fuzzy too," she said while pointing to Will's beard...

"An I put his gem on his big belly like you have!" She concluded by poking Will's belly.

"Hey!" Will laughed. "You made his gem look like the symbol for Bowhunter Security!"

"Yeah!" Lian was especially pleased with that tidbit.

"Look at you, trying to help promote the family business at age 3," Will couldn't have been prouder, "You're officially our new president of advertising."

"So you like it?" Lian inquired. "You really like it?"

"Oh Lian it's stupendous!" Will's face beamed with pride as he kissed Lian once on both sides of her face, "Thank you so, so much. Here, hold on," Will reached into his jacket pocket, "Let me get my phone out so I can take a picture of your masterpiece."

Will took out his smart phone and snapped a quick photo of Lian posing with her drawing. Then he turned the phone around and took a picture of the two of them together with the artwork.

"I'm gonna send this to everyone so they can see how awesome Or'nge Diamon is," Will started sending texts to everyone. Artemis, Roy, Jim, Dick, Dinah, Kaldur...

"Yay!" Lian hugged her dad, feeling very proud of herself for having made him happy and how everyone else was gonna love her drawing too.


"Yeah I remember, I saw your text," Artemis reminded her brother-in-law.

"Well I also posted a photo online," Will added.

"I remember that too, I commented on it," Artemis said, "Everyone did."

"Yeah," Will gritted his teeth and Artemis could see his fists were trembling, "EVERYONE did."

"Will?" Artemis saw his knuckles were turning white and-whoa, he was starting to bleed. "Will your hands-!"

"Take out your phone."


"I had a... accident with mine," Will tactfully described how he might've broken his phone earlier while at work. All he remembered was throwing it against the wall of his office before getting in his new SUV. Thank God he hadn't been on his computer.

Artemis did as she was told and, figuring what Will was referring to, went to his Tumble account and the post with the photo of Will, Lian, and the drawing she made. Beneath it was a description that said "Hey everyone! Check out Orange Diamond, the newest Steven Universe character! All rights go to Lian Nguyen-Harper, master artist."

"Yeah okay," Artemis began to read the comments below. There were plenty of encouraging words and praise from their friends, talking about how talented Lian was and how lucky Will was to have such an imaginative daughter. Dick complimented her use of orange, Ollie and Roy joked if Will wanted to be called "Orange Arrow" now, Paula talked about a drawing Lian did for her birthday, and Gar even offered to show it to the cartoon's creator if he ever ran into them.

If anything, this just heightened Artemis' confusion. What, exactly, was the problem?

"I'm not really seeing-"

"Scroll down."

And so she did.

And she wished she hadn't.

"What the hell?" Artemis whispered to herself. Slowly she felt her blood begin to boil as she saw the comments further down the post. And there were a lot of them. "What the HELL?!"

"Yeah," Will let out a disgusted laugh, "Did you get to the one that asks if Lian's braindead for thinking guys can be Gems?"

"What is wrong with these people?!" Artemis shouted so loudly Brucely yelped in defense as she scrolled down some of the most toxic looking nonsense she'd ever encountered. "'Guys can't be gems, is your kid stupid as well as blind?!' 'Did she draw this with her teeth? Hope you weren't gonna send her to art school?!' 'Fake fans like you and your brat are what's ruined this fandom?!' 'Where does your kid get off stealing my Gemsona?!'" That last one was more confusing than frustrating and she looked up at Will. "What is a Gemsona?" And then she saw the next post. "SORRY YOUR KID'S A SLAN-?!'" Artemis was left sputtering in disbelief at one of the worst racial slurs she recalled seeing. "Do these people know Lian's a 3 year old girl?!"

"I really don't think they care," Will spoke in a low voice that would've sent a chill down Artemis' back had she not been so angry.

"Oh this is just evil," Artemis felt her stomach getting knotted up from outrage when she started to scroll back up the page. The first insult appeared to have only been posted early today. But she noticed Will had left angry, disgusted replies to nearly every nasty, vindictive remark about Lian's art. "How does a show like this attract people like THIS? But Will, you weren't gonna hunt these guys down were you?" Will didn't say anything, didn't even look at her, but his scowl intensified. "I get it, you wanna protect Lian. And I don't blame you for getting angry. But it's not gonna solve anything to stop whatever you're doing to go after every single person who speaks-"

"There is only one person I'm worried about," Will grabbed Artemis's phone and scrolled down harder. His hands shook but he tried not to let the slight bleeding from the cuts on his palms get blood on her screen. "Here," he quickly handed the phone back to her and looked away. "I highlighted it."

Artemis took the phone and began to read the comment aloud.


"I DON'T NEED TO HEAR IT, TOO!" Will screamed, he actually SCREAMED, at her. Brucely ran out of the room and hid under the kitchen table, and Artemis took two steps back. She had NEVER been scared of Will before, but right now he was absolutely terrifying.

Artemis looked down at her phone and silently read the highlighted passage, mouthing the words.


Artemis dropped the phone on the floor. Or rather, the phone had slid out from her grasp. The color drained from her face. In fact, she looked like she was holding back the urge to vomit.

It… was best not to say how the rest of the comment went.

"I-I need to sit down," Artemis gasped. She staggered into the living room and sank into the couch, a wide eye look of disbelieving horror etched in her features. Will followed Artemis and sat down next to her, leaning forward burying his face in his hands.

After a few minutes of sitting in stunned silence, Artemis's phone began vibrating on the floor. Will did nothing, kept his exact position as Artemis walked back into the hallway. The caller ID said it was Dick.

"Hello?" Artemis asked in a strangled voice.

"Artemis, where's Will?" Dick shouted, and she knew what he was referring to. "He's not answering his phone and-"

"Tell him I'm not going anywhere," Will answered, not even looking up.

"He," Artemis swallowed back the bile rising in her throat, "He's not going anywhere." She wisely decided to turn the speaker phone off. "He says he had an accident with his phone. Yes he's home. ...Yes, I saw it too. I'm guessing you did too. ...Everyone? ...He said Lian's okay, she's at daycare. ...No, she doesn't know, thank God. ...No, he won't do anything stupid. ...No, I won't do anything stupid either. Okay. Okay. ...Okay."

She hung up.

"Babs is going to double check and make sure if this guy really is harmless, or if he's ever done something like... like what he...," Artemis blinked several times and repressed another gag as she thought about what the comment said. "They'll take care of it."

Will didn't say anything.

"What were you going to do if you found him, Will?" Artemis asked.

"What would you have done?" Will replied, still not looking up.

"...probably the same thing you were gonna do," Artemis admitted, sitting down next to him again. She had no doubt in her mind Will would've hunted down this guy and broke every bone in his body, and this was after he'd let go of a lot of his anger from a few years ago. Had Will seen such a message back when he just gained Lian in his life, back when he was the still the person Artemis first knew him a lifetime ago, she didn't want to think about what he might've done.

"I'm sorry," she sighed and placed an arm around Will's shoulders, not knowing what else she could do.

That's when Will began to tremble.


"Who does that?" He said in a small, shaking voice. "Who says things like that about a little girl?" Will slowly looked up at his sister-in-law, and Artemis watched as tears began to fall from his eyes. What was so gut wrenching about this is that, in all the time she knew him, Artemis had never seen Will look so despondent or upset. Not even Jade's departure had left him in such a state.

"She just wanted to do something nice for me."

Artemis placed her arms around Will and hugged him as he continued to cry, thinking of how someone could wish such awful things on a sweet little girl who never did anything to hurt anyone in her life. And she cried too.


A few hours later, Artemis drove to the daycare center to pick Lian up.

After Will finished crying, he retreated upstairs to his room and said he was going to rest, feeling too exhausted to do anything. She hoped. To be on the safe side, she hung around the house and kept her ears open in case Will tried to leave.

In that time, she periodically called Lian's daycare and tried to explain what happened. Kate mentioned Will had told her what happened when she saw how upset he was after arriving to Danny's Daycare. She assured Artemis no one suspicious or creepy had been floating around the building. She laughed saying they had a pretty good security system. Artemis didn't get the joke, but she knew Will wouldn't have chosen Danny's Daycare if he didn't believe it was a competent place to leave Lian during the day while he worked.

Artemis had a hard time eating lunch. She left Will a sandwich by his door, but wasn't sure if he ate or not. A couple of times from downstairs she heard Will's door open and close, but figured he was using the bathroom. She relayed Lian's status after each phone call and he was grateful.

"Will?" She'd knocked on his door to check on him before she left. "I'm going to pick up Lian, alright?"

"Okay," he said from the closed door. Artemis was thankful it wasn't locked and went inside. The relief she felt he hadn't sneaked out of the house didn't show on her face, but it was immense. She found Will sprawled on his bed, back propped up by pillows with a sleeping Brucely at his side, and was holding up his clipboard and a red pencil. There was an empty plate on his night stand.

"Are you coming?" Artemis inquired.

"No, I...," Will sighed and petted Brucely's head, "After what happened downstairs I'm afraid I might freak out and scare her. I need some more time to get my head together."

"That's understandable," Artemis admitted, but wasn't sure. He still looked exhausted though, so maybe he was still tired. She wondered if he actually tried sleeping and saw there were other papers and pencils on the bed near Brucely.

"Are you gonna be okay by yourself?" Artemis inquired. "Do you want me to pick something up for dinner? Get you anything before I go?"

"I think I can manage dinner," Will looked up from his clipboard. "It's cool."

"'re sure you'll be alright?" Artemis asked one last time.

"I'm just figuring this thing out for work," Will sighed again, "I was in the middle of completing next week's schedule when... anyway, I just need to wrap this up and then I'm gonna try to sleep for a bit."

"Maybe you shouldn't be trying to work right now," Artemis mentioned. "Considering-"

"It's cool," Will shrugged, "It's taking my mind off... that. Just, please hurry home, okay?"

Her feeling of relief gradually turned to worry as Artemis got in the car and drove off. Was it a good idea to leave him like that? Well, she genuinely believed he wouldn't have rushed out to murder that guy…

…at the very least, she was willing to take a chance he wasn't going to murder him. She knew Will would be able to locate the bastard. He had years of recon work plus all that searching for the original Roy Harper under his belt. And even if he did kill the guy, Artemis would've found it hard to judge Will.

In the time since her call from Nightwing, Artemis received multiple text messages, notifications, and voice mail from their friends and fellow heroes (mainly because Will's number was unavailable). All of them were seeing red and outraged at the hurtful things people said about Lian's drawing for her dad. Even Batman had called and said he understood how Will felt.

Dinah's message devolved into an angry screech that left a ringing in Artemis' ear. She might've damaged the speaker on Artemis's phone.

Kaldur and M'gann's voice mail were unintelligible, angry ranting in their native languages.

Roy swore up a storm promising to find the guy who said... that, and shove his laser canon down the person's throat. Considering Roy almost murdered Lex Luthor, Artemis believed him too. Even Jim, who was a total sweetheart, said he'd hold the guy down for Roy.

Lian's grandmother Paula was especially livid when she saw the remarks about Lian being "Chinese" and left a blistering reply threatening to hunt that particular bastard down and skin him alive with her bare hands. One strip of skin at a time.

As it turned out, the reason WHY these comments were just showing up today was because someone linked Will's post to a blog dedicated to ripping apart what was called "Bad SU fanart." Artemis briefly checked the page out and was further disgusted the comments left on Lian's artwork WEREN'T the worst the fandom had to offer. But that one guy…

Making a turn into the next lane, Artemis wished Lian's mother was around and could only imagine what Jade would've done had she found out about this. She hated her sister at that moment for not being here for Lian like she should've been.

"Damn it, Jade," Artemis said to herself as the car pulled up to Danny's Daycare. She was one of many parents and guardians arriving to pick up their kids.

"Aunt Art'mis!" Lian happily said as she saw her aunt enter the building. Lian ran from Kate's side and got ready for one of her auntie's patented hugs.

"Well hello there, kitten!" Artemis knelt down and hugged her niece tightly, maybe a bit tighter than she usually did. It was a tremendous relief to see with her own eyes Lian was okay. "Oh it's so good to see you!"

"Where's daddy?" Lian asked, wondering why her father wasn't here. Kate gave Artemis a concerned look.

"Your daddy's at home," Artemis said, "He wasn't feeling too good so I decided to pick you up. He even left work early."

Artemis found out he left Bowhunter Security early telling some of his employees there was a family emergency. She was pretty sure some of them might've known what happened too, but when she called she told them all Lian was fine. Will's employees adored her and they always enjoyed it whenever he brought her by for Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day.

Which, to Will, happened whenever he felt like. They even kept a coffee mug for her that said "Lian Harper: Team Cutie." Not that Lian drank coffee, but it was the thought that mattered.

...he kept the mug next to the framed Orange Diamond drawing on his desk.

"Oh no!" Lian gasped. "Is Daddy okay?"

"I promise you Lian," Artemis kissed her niece on the forehead, "He's gonna feel a whole lot better when he sees you."


Lian happily chatted away about all she did at daycare today, and Artemis carefully listened with rapt attention. Before she drove Lian home, Artemis sent a group text notifying everyone Lian was fine. The amount of replies she got in a half a minute was staggering. She asked they hold off on calling and asking to talk to her for now so Lian didn't get overwhelmed. Even though she was 3, Lian was perceptive and she might pick up something was wrong if everyone started showering her with attention out of nowhere. Artemis wished Will hadn't left his phone at work so she could text him, too.

"I can't believe he tried to hog all the cookies like that," Artemis responded to Lian's story.

"Zach's a poohead," Lian harrumphed.

"Why Lian!" Artemis made a dramatic, exaggerated gasp. "Such a potty mouth on you."

"I'm sorry," Lian apologized.

"I'm just kidding sweetie," Artemis laughed as she pulled into the driveway. "He does sound like a poohead. There're a lot of pooheads today," she muttered under her breath.

Once the car was in the driveway, Lian began fussing with her seat belt until Artemis helped her. At which point Lian hopped out of the car and ran up the front steps.

"Daddy daddy daddy!" Lian shouted. "I'm home! Daddy?"

Artemis hurried up the steps, praying Will was still home and hadn't-

"HEY there, peanut!" Artemis stopped in the open doorway and watched as Will scooped Lian up in his arms and spun around with her. "And how's my princess doing?"

"Daddy you're okay!" Lian cheered.

"I am now that you're home, sweetheart," Will happily replied and buried Lian in a tight hug.

"Daddy you're smooshing me!" Lian giggled in her dad's embrace.

"Am I?" Will replied. "I guess it's because I'm so happy to see you!"

"But don't smoosh me too hard," Lian laughed.

"I'm your dad, I have smooshing rights," Will teased. "I will smoosh all I want."

Artemis let out a sigh of relief and watched as Will hugged Lian, laughing with her and kissing her over and over again. One might get the impression this was his first time ever meeting her. From the way his hair looked she guessed he'd taken a shower.

"Are you okay?" Artemis asked Will.

"I feel fine," Will replied in between kisses.

"No I mean, are you okay?" Artemis emphasized. "Did you eat anything? Did you leave the house for anything?" Will gave his sister-in-law a look that seemed to communicate "Yeah, in the time it took for you to pick Lian up and come home I went out, murdered someone, and came back in time to shower."

"Arty said you didn' feel good," Lian explained once her dad stopped kissing her. Artemis looked up from her phone as she texted that Will hadn't left to destroy the man who threatened Lian.

"I had a bad day, Lian," Will told Lian while he smoothed her hair, "A very, very bad day. But you being home made it better."


"Like ten times better," Will emphasized.

"Like a hunned times better?" Lian asked.

"Like a MILLION times better!" Will shouted.

"How 'bout a BILLON times better?" Lian was getting in on it.

"INFINITELY times better!" Will laughed.

"That much?" Lian whispered in awe.

"Lian," Will calmly spoke. "That. Much."


Artemis tried not to laugh at how ridiculous Will was being with her right now.

"Come on," Will carried Lian with him upstairs, "I wanna show you something special and then later we'll order some pizza and have some extra long 'Steven Time.'"

"Really?!" Lian couldn't believe it, pizza AND "Steven Time" AND a something special in one day! "What is it, daddy?" Lian wondered.

"It's a surprise, just for you," Will told her. "I made it while I was home. It helped me take my mind off how bad I was feeling." Artemis wondered what he could've been working on while she was gone and silently followed after them. It looked like they were heading to Will's room. So he hadn't been doing something for the company after all.

"How come you were feeling bad, Daddy?" Lian asked. Will stopped. So did Artemis, wondering what he was gonna say.

"Lian-" Artemis was about to cut in before Will stopped her.

"I had to deal with some bullies today," Will explained. "You know that nice drawing you did for me?"

"Yeah," Lian answered.

"Well, these bullies said very mean things about it," Will told her, "And it made me feel mad."

"I hate bullies," Lian grimaced. "Zach says my pict'ers look like boogers and he makes me mad too. I'm sorry."

"You've got nothing to apologize for," Will assured her a bit too quickly, "It wasn't your fault. And hey," he started smiling again, "You know what Sunstone says about bullies right?" Sunstone, a character in the show that was recently introduced, was a Fusion of Steven (who was Lian's favorite) and Garnet (Will's favorite). So basically Will and Lian loved them.

"Uh huh," Lian said. "'Member kids-'"

"'If you ever have to deal with a bully-'" Will continued this bit.

"'Be sure to tell a 'dult!'" Lian finished.

"'BUNGACOWA!'" Father and daughter spoke in unison and then let out a little laugh, while Artemis rolled her eyes at how cheesy that was. Sometimes Will's dad humor drove her bonkers, but at least Lian thought he was funny.

"Now if you don't like it," Will said as they reached his door, "That's okay. I don't really do stuff like this and I'll see about getting you something better. Whatever you want because you deserve it."

"Why?" Lian asked.

"Because you're you," Will nuzzled Lian against his scruffy face, "You're the best little girl a daddy could want, and I'm proud of you every second of every day. And if anyone else doesn't see that, they're-"

"A poohead," Artemis chimed in.

"Gasp!" Will pretended to be scandalized. "Did you hear what Arty just said, Lian?"

"Ooooh," Lian looked appalled and shook her head, "Arty said a bad word."

Artemis put a hand to her chest, pretending to look like she'd been called out and betrayed.

"Don't worry Arty, I won't tell anyone if Lian won't, right Lian?" Will did a "Zipped lips" motion to Lian before he opened the door. Lian turned to her aunt and mimicked her dad.

"Thank you, kitten," Artemis replied.

"I hope you don't mind," Will apologized as he brought Lian over to his bed where a bunch of art supplies had been sprawled out over the cover. "I had to borrow some of your crayons and colored pencils because I don't have any of my own."

Which also explained why Artemis heard him moving around upstairs.

"That's okay daddy," Lian assured her father as he set her down on the bed. He reached over and dug underneath one of the pillows, pulling out his clipboard.

"I'm sorry it's kind of rushed," Will added, "But I'd like to think I was a little inspired. Ta-dah!"

Will flipped around the board so it was facing Lian. Her face lit up in delight and she gasped. Artemis walked over to the other side of the bed so she could get a look at what Lian was seeing.

On the clipboard was a piece of paper, with a drawing of a girl who looked like Lian, dressed in a hood, done in different shades of red. Artemis could make out what seemed to be a jewel in the center of the girl's chest. She was holding a bow and arrow. Above the drawing it said "For Lian."

"What do you think?" Will asked.

"It's so pretty!" Lian answered. "Who is she? Red Ridin' Hood?"

"Why Lian," Will announced, "Say hello to Red Diamond!"

"Red Diamon?"

"Like Or'nge Diamon," Will referred to Lian's creation the way she pronounced it. She had plenty of time to learn how to pronounce "Orange" and "Diamond" correctly when she got older.

"Wow!" Lian said, taking the clipboard from her dad to get a better look at her. "This is for me, Daddy?"

"Well sure, it says right here 'For Lian,' and you know the clipboard doesn't lie," Will answered.

"The clibboard doesn't lie," Lian nodded in agreement.

"I figured you can't have an Or'nge Diamon without a Red Diamon. You were so nice to make that drawing for me I had to give you something back," Will went on as he started pointing out different aspects of the drawing. "See, I even gave her a bow and arrow like I use and your aunts and uncles use too. And her Gem's located right where her heart is. Because she has such a big heart and she loves everything, and she makes everything better just like you do."

"She," Lian took a closer look at the drawing, "She looks like me!"

"Really? Does she?" Will sat down next to Lian and picked the clipboard up, sticking out his bottom lip and making an exaggerated look of contemplation as he inspected his drawing. "Hmm," Will mused as he laid sprawled on the bed, holding the clipboard over his face.

"Hmm... Well what do you know, she does!" He handed the drawing back to Lian. "I always did say you were a jewel Lian, and this just proves it. And now Or'nge Diamon gets to have someone like you in his life."

"Thank you, Daddy!" Lian's eyes practically sparkled with joy. "Now we're both diamons! Thank you thank you thank you!" Lian jumped on her dad's belly and hugged him tightly, thanking him over and over again.

Artemis had to turn away and blink back tears from how happy she was feeling, seeing how Will was trying so hard to make his daughter feel good even though she had no idea she'd been attacked in such a way.

"Thank YOU, Lian," Will hugged her tightly as he tried to blink back more tears that were forming in the corners of his eyes. "Thank you for everything. You're such a good kid and I wish everyone could see that, because you always make life better just by being you. Being your father's the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm happy every day you're in my life. Thank you thank you thank you."

"Stop! For the love of God stop!"

Will and Lian looked up to see Artemis had dissolved into a crying, blubbering mess while hugging one of Will's pillows to her chest.

"Aunt Arty?" Lian sat up and asked, confused at the state her aunt was in while her dad got up and rubbed his eyes. "What's wrong?"

"N-Nothing," Artemis sobbed, "I just... I j-j... YOU TWO ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!" With that Artemis sobbed harder and threw herself at her niece and brother-in-law, hugging them very tightly. "GOD YOU BOTH MAKE ME NUTS!"

"Daddy?" Lian asked, understandably confused.

"Yes Lian?" Will responded calmly, afraid to upset his sobbing sister-in-law any further.

"Why's Arty so silly?"

"I have no idea."

They let Artemis continue to cry for a couple of minutes without saying anything.


"Yes Lian?"

"Can we get extra cheesy pizza?"

"Whatever you want, honey."

"And can I wear my Steven shirt?"

"I got it in the dryer and ready, along with my Garnet shirt."

"Are you gonna cry if we watch 'The Anser?'"

"Absolutely," Will said with stone cold certainty. He would always cry when he watched "The Answer." Always.


Adam couldn't believe it. The guy who posted that crappy Orange Diamond artwork actually posted another OC Gem. And this was even worse than the other one! Red Diamond? Who thinks up this stuff? There were only four Diamonds, everyone knew that. Making a Diamond OC was the cheapest, laziest thing a fan could do and it pissed him off to no end. It was worse than those idiots who drew skinny Rose Quartz fan art. They deserved whatever they got, and Adam was always happy to give them what they deserved.

Oh, but it looked like this Harper guy wasn't the only one posting stuff. Seems a few of his friends were posting the same photo because of the comment Adam left on the other one. And boy they were angry.

Couldn't anyone take a joke?

But hey, the reaction he got out of her grandmother was hilarious. Like she'd really hunt him down, pfft.

"Well at least this one's a girl," Adam mused at the drawing as he was about to come up with another brilliant reply. Nothing beat a long day working a double shift at the hospital then venting on some of the morons who posted their crap in the fandom. Some people fished, some people painted, but he-


That was weird, Adam wasn't expecting anyone. And it was too late in the evening for a package. Getting away from his desktop, Adam headed downstairs as the doorbell rang again. Too bad, because if he stayed a bit longer he would've seen his bank account get totally wiped out by one of the worst viruses out there, courtesy of Lian's Aunt Babs.

And he was going to miss all the happy replies from his sister, parents, cousins, extended family, friends, work friends, co-workers, and his boss at the hospital. Babs was SO eager to show them copies of all the "Jokes" Adam posted on various fan websites. And she especially wanted to share with them his notes, rough drafts, and all the completed "Fan fiction" he'd written about children he knew from work in real life.

The police and the FBI would be getting copies too, but Adam wouldn't have known that until later.

Not that there was gonna be a later for him.

"Adam Murranski?" A voice from the other side of the door asked.

He flicked on the switch for the outside light and opened the door a crack.


"I'm from Wonderland Pizza and I've got your order of one extra large double meat lover's with a side of garlic knots."

Adam opened the door and found himself facing a pretty Asian woman dressed in a jacket and delivery uniform complete with a baseball cap. In one hand she held a pizza box with a small white bag on top.

"I didn't order any pizza from... where'd you say it came from?" Adam asked.

"Wonderland Pizza," she replied. As she read the writing on the receipt to herself, Adam couldn't help but notice she was really good looking. "This is 12 Belfast Avenue, right?"

"Yes," Adam answered.

"And you're Adam Murranski, right?" The delivery woman asked.

"Yeah but I've never even heard of Wonderland Pizza," Adam replied.

"Wonderland Pizza?" The woman repeated. "You KNOW, with that commercial where the Queen of Hearts says if we don't deliver in thirty minutes or less it's off with our delivery peoples' heads? Ring a bell?"

"Vaaaaaguely," Adam said uncertainly.

"Oh come on," the woman laughed, "I was in the commercial too. I played the White Rabbit."

Adam felt guilty and uncomfortable as he saw the hopeful look in the woman's face, the hope of recognition, slowly fade into disappointment.

"I spent hours running back and forth in that costume," she muttered.

"Oh, THAT commercial!" Adam lied. "Of course I remember you now, I'm sorry it's simply been a long day. But I didn't realize there was a Wonderland Pizza near my neighborhood."

"We just opened in the area," the woman answered as she was re-reading the receipt again, turning it over and triple checking. "Well it says on the receipt 'Adam Murranski, 12 Belfast Avenue.' I checked the order myself five times before I left to make sure this was absolutely the place I needed to be."

"I don't know what to tell you," Adam apologized. "Sorry."

"Ugh, I can't believe this," The woman groaned. "I'm such an idiot. This is the third time I've gotten one of these prank deliveries since I was transferred to this part of the franchise, and I'm on a three strikes policy as is. I'm so sick of this. Some kid picks a random name from online or something and phones in a bogus order for cheap laughs. When my boss finds out about this she's REALLY gonna have my head. I'm so sorry to have bothered you," the woman turned around, "Have a good night."

"Wait," he stopped the woman because of how helpless she seemed. "I mean, I'd hate for you to get in trouble with your boss."

"It's not your fault," the woman told him.

"No but really, the pizza's probably going to go to waste if you bring it back," Adam pointed out. "And you already brought it all the way here."

"Oh but I couldn't let you pay for a pizza you didn't order," the woman shook her head. "Please, I've bothered you enough."

"I insist," Adam assured her, "There's no reason for you to lose your job over some dumb kids."

"Kids are the worst, right?" The delivery woman asked sympathetically.

"Absolutely," he agreed. "I work in a pediatric hospital so I know what whiny, snot nosed little beasts they are."

"I feel the same way," the woman nodded.

"Besides, I was thinking of getting a midnight snack anyway."

"Well if you don't mind..."

"My wallet's inside," Adam explained. "I'll be right back."

"Take your time," the woman set the food down on the table near Adam's door. "I don't have any other deliveries tonight. Nice place," she noticed. "You own this house?"

"A few years," Adam mentioned. "I make good money at the hospital."

"Apparently," the woman agreed.

"Hey, if you don't have other deliveries, maybe you'd like to join me for a quick bite?" Adam asked on the stairs. "You should get a little something for your troubles."

"You are so sweet," the woman smiled as she spoke.

"Lemme just get my wallet," Adam was about to continue upstairs when the woman grabbed his arm. "How much did you say it was?"

"On second thought, don't worry about the money," the woman said as she removed her hat to reveal a mane of luxurious black hair. Adam felt his heart stop as the woman looked at him and kept smiling, dropping her hat to the ground and pulling him closer. "I believe we can work something out."

"A-are you sure?" Adam stammered. "I-I mean, I-"

"Trust me," the woman's seductive grin turned predatory, and Adam was so entranced by her he didn't notice the knife she held behind her back. Nor did he notice the "Receipt" was a print out of his comment on Will Harper's post with all of Adam's online information and his address.

"You've got this coming."
Young Justice: Now We Can Be Diamonds Together
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics

I wrote this story based off a tidbit I included about Will and Lian Harper in the newest season of Young Justice, in a commission of the two. Me asking for Will to have a Garnet shirt and Lian to have a Steven shirt turned into a headcanon post that turned into this. It was originally a drabble, but I was inspired by "Change Your Mind" and thought about how nasty the SU fandom can get.

I'm not gonna say what the comment was.
“Ah, geez,” Roy Harper muttered to himself. “Come on shirt, don’t be like that.  You’ve always been the reliable one in our relationship.”

Roy had been stuck with a cast on his leg for more than a few weeks, after getting injured trying to fight off Deathstroke the Terminator by himself.


Brave, but stupid.

Of course Roy managed to get more than a few hits on the supposed master assassin, so that was something to be proud of. And with him semi out of commission, that meant more time to spend with Lian without shunting her off on nannies and babysitters.

But it also meant he’d been stuck on monitor duty while everyone else was running around saving the world.

He tried to keep active, of course. He still had one good leg and his arms were fine, which meant target and archery practices were okay. And of course he got to play with Lian and Garth’s kid Cerdian. But that wasn’t as much exertion as Roy was used to, which meant, once the cast came off…

“Ugh. Roy Harper, you’re fat.”

The scruffy, green eyed redhead was standing in his room at Titans Tower and had been struggling to get one of his red shirts on, but to no avail. The shirt was riding up, his round belly exposed as it hung over the waistline of his blue jeans. After hearing a slight tearing noise, Roy uttered a cry of frustration and gave up the battle.

It was probably the donuts that started it.

“You just comin’ in, Wingster?” Roy, having been on monitor duty most of the evening while his daughter snoozed away and everyone else had a busy night life, asked as Nightwing trudged into the kitchen.

“Another late shift in Bludhaven,” Dick yawned. “And I gotta be back in Gotham.”

“Aww, Daddy giving you a hard time about staying out past your bedtime?” Roy joked about the stick that seemed perpetually lodged up Batman’s butt.

“Funny. Here, ” Dick had shoved an almost full box of donuts into Roy’s hands. “I wasn’t very hungry last night, so you can have them.”

“You leave any with the sprinkles?” Roy asked as he rummaged around finding a pastry to his liking.

“They all have sprinkles.”

“And that’s what keeps saving this marriage,” Roy joked as he chomped on a double chocolate glazed.

“Love you too, dear.”

And then let’s see, there was the pizza Wally left for me and Lian.

Roy was spending time with Lian in the living area, joining her in a round of coloring with one of the JLA books gifted to her by Uncle Superman.

"Daddy!" Lian looked and sounded appalled at the sight of her father's drawing. "You can't use purple on Grandpa Ollie!"

"Now Lian," Roy tsk-tsked, "It's my drawing and if I want your Grandpa Ollie to look like a prune, than it's my sacred right as an American to make him look like a prune."

"Well actually I was gonna say you should use eggplant instead of plum," Lian helped up a different crayon. "It'll bring out his eyes."

"Why didn't I think of that?" Roy wondered as he accepted the crayon from his daughter.

Just then, a large pizza box materialized out of nowhere on top of the coffee table where father and daughter were coloring. Tied to the top were paper plates and napkins. “’Thought you crazy kids might enjoy a snack, love Uncle Flashlight,’” Roy finished reading off the note taped on the box.

“Daddy, it doesn’t say ‘Uncle Flashlight!’” Lian laughed as she tried to grab the note from her dad.

“I’m embellishing, princess!” Roy laughed, playing keep away with his only child. Roy opened the box to see an extra large pie with extra cheese and extra pepperoni. The classic. “Want some?”

“Nah, we had pizza for lunch at school today,” Lian declined. "Besides I don’t like pepperoni.”

“Oh well, more for me," Roy greedily rubbed his hands together like an old cartoon prospector having struck gold.

"Daddy don't get sauce on my coloring book!" Lian cried as Roy ate straight from the box.

"Em ufin a saufe corored cwayon," Roy responded with his mouth full.

And the traditional Scottish breakfast Garth made.

“Oh hey Gillhead,” Roy hobbled into the kitchen on his crutches, seeing Garth at the stove working on something. Seated at the table in a high chair was Garth's infant son, Cerdian. The young Atlantean baby was playing with several plush toys shaped like different colored fish. "And good morning to Aquaman Jr. Jr."

“Roy!” Garth set a spatula down and wiped his hands on his apron. “I’m in a good mood, so I’ll let the Gillhead remark slide. I was about to make breakfast for me, Dolphin and Cerdian. Care to join us?”

“Oh, I already had a big breakfast with Lian before she left for school so I’m kinda-“

“Nonsense,” Garth led Roy by the shoulders and sat him down at the table next to Cerdian, who was flinging a stuffed octopus around by one of its legs. “I never get the chance to cook for anyone around here. And you can help keep an eye on Cerdian before Dolphin wakes up.”

“Well who can say no to an offer like that," Roy mused as he held up a stuffed clown fish in front of Cerdian. "Huh? Huh? You wanna be King of the Seas, little guy? Be a tough guy like your Uncle Roy and Grandpa Aquaman?" And Roy had to admit, whatever Garth was cooking smelled delicious. But as Cerdian cooed while Roy played with him, a thought occurred to Roy. "You’re not making haggis, are you?” Roy sounded worried since it was the only Scottish dish he was familiar with but was unsure if it was served at breakfast.

“Believe it or not they were all out of sheep stomachs at the grocery store,” Garth answered in a deadpan tone before he turned back to the pots and pans on the stove.

“Damn. Way to get our hopes up, huh Cerdian?” Roy turned back to his surrogate nephew and smiled. "Did you want your dad to make a nice sheep stomach?"


Oh and the cake from Donna.

Roy was in the monitor room, propped up in a chair and surrounded by snacks and a stack of comics he'd borrowed from Grant and forgot to return the last time Grant was in the Tower. He was nonplussed by the writing in "Justice Coven of America."

"Yeesh!" Roy slammed the issue down on the stack. "I don't know what this Johns guy's problem is, but the man shouldn't be allowed to write women."

"Knock knock," Donna sauntered into the monitor room carrying something behind her back. "How's my favorite marksman doing tonight?"

“Bored and disgusted for what passes for literature these days. How’s my favorite Wonder Woman doing?” Roy asked as Donna kissed him on the forehead. He saw she was hiding a box behind her.

“Well, I realized how dull it must be for you getting stuck here with that cast, so to say thanks for all your hard work I got you a little something. Ta-da!”

Donna revealed the box contained what appeared to be a triple layer cake decorated with the symbol he usually wore on his costume.

“Aw, babe, I don’t know what to say,” Roy tried to get up. “You shouldn’t have.”

“Pish. I enjoy doing nice stuff for you,” Donna took the cake out of the box.  “It’s an ice cream cake.”

“A cake made of ice cream?” Roy whistled before breaking a stereotypical hillbilly voice. “Well golly! What’ll them thar scientists come up with next?”

I ate almost half an entire ice cream cake. No wonder I’ve got a gut.

Roy had tugged off the red shirt and tossed it back on his bed since it was clear he wouldn’t be able to get the entire thing on. He looked at himself in the bedroom mirror wearing just a pair of jeans and socks. He wondered how he hadn’t noticed until after the cast came off, how it didn’t occur to him that his costume was highlighting a new set of curves that weren’t there before.

He placed a hand on his bare chest. It was soft. Much softer than before.

God, I’ve got boobs.

“Well, they do seem perky.” Roy tried to console himself.

He examined his new belly, and felt a twinge when he realized his feet were obscured. His stomach was definitely too big to be called a beer gut, which was good in a way. He didn't want to look like one of those moron sitcom dads who'd given up on life. He patted his stomach and gave it a squeeze. It was soft, but there was some firmness to it. Round, but it didn’t look flabby. Hopefully that was because he still exercised even if he’d been snacking and lying around so much. But his belly button looked kind of squashed. No doubt about it, he'd sailed past "Chubby" and was definitely FAT. It was weird no longer having abs. It was something he hadn’t thought of before, since almost every guy in the superhero community sported eight pack abs even if they never exercised.

Maybe I can be a trendsetter or something. Oh yeah, kegs are definitely in this season! It’s all the rage in Milan!

Roy flexed both his arms, and was relieved to see the musculature hadn’t diminished or turned to flab. Just to be sure he gave himself a pinch. He sighed when his arm felt firm. Turning around, he flexed again and could see the reflection of his back and shoulder muscles still looked the same too…

At least I still have that going for me.

Except for the appearance of love handles and a butt that seemed surprisingly rounder than before.

Heh, I wonder if I can make Dick jealous.

Turning around he saw his thighs were meatier too.

Great, not only do I have love handles but I’ve got thunder thighs to match.

He rationalized he probably hadn’t put on THAT much weight, but whatever pounds he’d gained were simply noticeable because his frame was already rather large. All those years of using a bow had given him a broad back and shoulders. It was more apparent when he stood to the side from the way his gut stuck out. But he wasn’t ready to weigh himself on a scale. He didn’t want to see what the new number would be.

Roy cautiously stuck his head out of his room to see if anyone was in the hall before navigating down to the room Wally usually occupied when he stayed at the Tower. He knew Wally was taller than him, so maybe he could borrow a couple of shirts that still fit on his bigger frame. Unfortunately, all he came out with was a jersey adorned with the Flash’s symbol on it.

It was either that or that tacky Christmas sweater Wally had bought years before he married Linda.

Thankfully in the safety of his room, Roy was relieved to see the jersey fit, but didn’t do much to diminish his new girth.

“Thanks guys,” he said to himself, thinking of how his friends had fattened him up without him noticing.

What, did they think I’m not capable enough to feed myself AND my kid?

Roy inhaled and sucked his stomach in.

I’m a grown man, for God’s sake.

And then exhaled and let his gut out again.

…I guess a growing man would be more accurate.

He sighed again, and knew it wasn’t really their fault. He hadn’t protested as much, had he?

I should give ‘em a break, they’re probably just worried about me. Which is why Twinkletoes probably won’t mind if I borrow one of his shirts until I can go clothes shopping.

Roy stood closer to the mirror and began to examine his face, noticing there was a plumpness that was brand new as well.

Were my cheeks this round, though? Ugh, my chin’s so fat, too. He scratched his scruffy chin. Maybe if I grow out the soul patch into a beard no one’ll notice before I can-

“Daddy what’s for din-“


Roy jumped back and almost knocked over the mirror, having not heard Lian enter the room. The young black haired, green eyed girl (who looked a lot like her mother) seemed alarmed, and was suddenly anxiously checking the room to see what had startled her dad.

“What? What is it?! Is Mommy here?!” Lian looked under his bed, expecting to find her genocidal terrorist of a mom hiding among the crap Roy shoved beneath the mattress. “Did she break out of prison again?!”

“No! No. Sorry peanut,” Roy apologized. “You just spooked me.”

“I’m sorry.” Lian looked apologetic. “I thought nothing scared you, Daddy,” Lian said as she stood up and brushed some dust off her shirt.

“Lots of things scare me, honey,” Roy sighed as he sat down on the bed, listing off the things which terrified him. “Health insurance, the thought of anything bad happening to you, your mom coming after you again, Uncle Batman when he’s angry…”

“Am I scarier than Uncle Batman?” Lian asked as she put a hand on her father’s knee. He smiled and ruffled her hair.

“You’re a real terror, Lian,” He meant as a compliment.

“Yay!” Lian cheered. “I wanna strike fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere! The Joker, the Penguin, Killer Croc!”

Roy couldn’t help but laugh as Lian started doing karate poses like her favorite actor, Jackie Chan.

“You’ll have ‘im shaking in their boots, kiddo.”

“Bam! Pow! Smack!” Lian punched and kicked at the air before she started laughing. Roy laid back sprawled over the messy bed, and started staring up at the ceiling light when Lian clouded his vision.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, kneeling beside her dad’s head. “You look like Uncle Dick whenever he has to talk to his daddy on the phone.”

“It’s nothing, kiddo,” Roy sighed again, and puts his hands over his face. “I’m fat.” He confessed.

“Oh, I knew that,” Lian replied as she sprawled herself over her dad’s big midsection.

“You did?” Roy asked.

“Mmhmm! Why? Did you not know you were fat?” Lian wondered.

“You always were the observant one,” Roy chuckled.

“Nuh-uh. What about that time you saw me trying to sneak Rice Krispie Treats behind your back?” Lian began to make her own list. “Or the time I was gonna do William Tell with Cerdian? Or the-

“Awright, I get it. I’m very observant. And very fat.”

Lian crawled off her dad and sat on the bed next to him.

“Do you not wanna be?” Lian continued to ask as she poked his soft side. “Cuz I mean, whatever you wanna do is cool by me but I kinda like you better this way.”

“Really?” Roy was surprised to hear as he sat up. “You don’t think I’m gross or anything?”

“No way!” Lian tried to cheer him up. “You’re great to hug now that you’re all soft, and you make the best pillow. And you look like that big fluffy dog we saw at the pet store that one time!”

“I think I kinda look like Garfield now, peanut,” Roy mused rather ruefully as he patted his belly. “And I don’t even like lasagna.”

“Garfield’s a jerk, you’re much nicer than Garfield. He’s always mean to Jon,” Lian huffed, a small pout rising on her lips.

“I look weird though.”

“You look very handsome, and, um, rugged!” Lian clapped her hands. “You’ve still got lots of muscles. Like a wrestler or a mountain man! You’re very tough,” An imaginary light bulb lit up above Lian’s head. “You can even use your belly to fight crime!”

“Yeah, I can probably beat people with it,” Roy rolled his eyes.

“Well you CAN use anything as a weapon, right?” Lian reminded him. Roy couldn’t believe how supportive his kid was trying to sound. He was even starting to believe her.

“You’re not worried about a guy who’s gonna be called ‘The Fat Titan’ now?” Roy inquired.

“I’d rather they call you that then ‘The Titan Who Did Drugs,’” Lian seethed and looked genuinely upset. Her happy expression was replaced by a look of scrunched up anger. She hated people who insulted her dad just because he once had problems with drugs, like that’s all he was. “When they say that it’s because they wanna be mean, not like when Hoshimini and everyone at the reservation is just teasing you. Are you afraid people are gonna make fun of you?”

“Hate to break it to you Lian, but people already make fun of me,” Roy scratched the back of his head, acknowledging his reputation among the hero community wasn’t exactly stellar.

“Well if anyone does, I’ll tell them to stop being a bunch of buttheads!” Lian declared. “And then I’ll pop their clocks like Grandma Dinah taught me!”

“Even if it was Grandpa Ollie or Uncle Batman?” Roy replied, touched by his daughter’s sincerity.

“What do you think Grandpa Ollie would say to you?” Lian wondered as she folded her legs beneath her and kept all her attention on her dad.

Roy stood up from the bed and started doing an impression of his mentor and second foster dad.

“Well, if I know your Grandpa, he’d probably go,” Roy used his hands to mimic Ollie’s beard, “’Roy for God’s sake you have a responsibility as a father and a superhero to set a better example for proper eating habits. By getting out of shape you’re promoting obesity and the likelihood of diabetes and other such diseases in the impressionable minds of the world. You have to think of the children!’”

“Daddy, Grandpa Ollie doesn’t talk like that!” Lian giggled. Roy said nothing, but raised an eyebrow as if to ask if Lian really believed that. “Okay no, he does. But what would Uncle Batman say?”

Roy placed his hands by his head and mimicked bat ears.

“He’d say ‘You’re allowing yourself to become a liability in the war on crime and are a disgrace to the crimefighting community.’” Roy lowered his voice to a Batman growl. “’Instead of spending your time eating junk food and watching TV, you should’ve been on a steady diet of JUSTICE!”

“Hmmph, well Uncle Dick says Batman doesn’t take good care of himself so he can’t say anything,” Lian crossed her arms across her chest and scowled. “And you know what, maybe he gets Uncle Alfred to hide HIS belly in those suits.”

“You think?” Roy crouched down to Lian’s eye level.

“Yeah, because Uncle Alfred’s a really good cook. And don’t you think it’s weird you can rhyme ‘bat’ and ‘fat?’ Think about it,” Lian nodded in all seriousness, as if she’d exposed a grand conspiracy.

That was Roy’s limit and he started to laugh.

“You’re silly, Etai Yazi,” Roy scooped her up in his arms hugged her.

“No you’re silly!” Lian giggled.

“I’m silly and fat,” Roy kissed her forehead.

“And that’s why you’re awesome!” Lian cheered. “But I’d love ya even if you weren’t.”

“Hey, how is it you’re the one who makes me feel better when I’m the parent and you’re the kid?” Roy wondered.

“Well I’m happy if you’re happy, so if I’m making you happy that means you’re making me happy. Get it?” Lian asked.

“Not really,” Roy walked out of his room holding Lian in his arms. “But thanks.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, I wanted to ask what’re we gonna do for dinner?” Lian remembered the whole reason she looked for her dad.

“Dunno,” Roy answered. “How about the two of us go for a walk and we’ll figure something out in the city. I need to stretch my legs after getting stuck in that cast for so long. And I’m definitely gonna need to buy more shirts until I can lose some of this.”

“But not ALL of it, right?” Lian pouted a puppy dog pout. “I don’t wanna lose my favorite pillow.”

“Okay fine, just a little bit,” Roy gave in.

“You wanna ask Toni to come along with us? She knows a lot about buying clothes,” Lian suggested.

“I’d rather just spend more time with you, Etai Yazi,” Roy smiled down at her, genuinely feeling better than he had earlier.

“Okay, I’ll go get my jacket!” Lian jumped out of her dad’s arms and ran down the hall.

“And don’t run!” He called after her.

Lian hurried into her room and grabbed a red hooded sweatshirt. On her way out she bumped into her aunt Donna and uncle Dick.

“Whoa there, Speedy,” Dick chuckled as Lian ran into Donna’s legs, “Where’s the fire?”

Lian hugged both her surrogate aunt and uncle.

“Hi guys, me and daddy are going out for a walk and do some shopping before we have dinner tonight.” Lian started to get her sweatshirt over head but was starting to get tangled up.

“Daddy and I,” Donna corrected as she knelt down and helped straighten out Lian’s sweatshirt.

“Thanks Aunt Donna,” Lian smiled as she kissed her aunt on the cheek. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Have fun, kiddo,” Donna stood up.

As Lian reached the other end of the hall, she turned around and shouted, “Oh, and if anyone has a problem with Daddy being fat, tell them I’m gonna pop their heads open!”

Donna and Dick exchanged confused looks with each other, wondering where that came from.

“Is Roy fat?” Dick asked Donna.

“You know I think he has put on a little weight,” Donna started to think back and remember. “It looks good on him though.”

“Oh and someone should tell Uncle Wally Daddy borrowed his shirt, bye!”
Titans: There's Just More Of Him To Love
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics.

Arsenal is fat. And what is Lian Harper going to do about it?

Okay, so, I love the idea of chubby!Roy, and I'm sick of how I'm the only person who seems to do anything about it. I love writing about Roy and Lian's awesome father/daughter relationship, so I focused on doing something with Roy a tad upset at putting on a few pounds and Lian being his little cheerleader.

This takes place during the Vol.1 Titans series, after Roy broke his leg fighting Deathstroke. But since Lian was younger in that series, let's just fudge with the timeline a bit.


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It was a nice looking jack-o'-lantern. Not an angry or scary looking one, but not a silly, dopey-looking one either. Lian wanted to feel proud, but she had to get a second opinion.

"Does it look okay, Donna?" Lian Harper asked her surrogate aunt, Donna Troy, as Donna finished cleaning the bowls and cups they'd just used. Donna wiped her hands on a dish towel before joining Lian's side. On the kitchen table there was a triple layer cake, covered in rich chocolate icing. Lian had just finished decorating the top of the cake with orange, green, and yellow butter cream frosting to make a pumpkin face. It smiled up at the young and younger women.

"It looks wonderful, Lian." Donna said, patting Lian's back.

"But it does look like a pumpkin, right?" Lian was unsure as she looked into her aunt's eyes. "You're not just saying that?"

"You won't be getting false praise from me, honey." Donna commented, then kissed Lian on the top of her head. That made Lian believe Donna was speaking true.

"I bet Daddy will love it." Lian mentioned.

"I hope he does too." Donna added, as they had spent most of the afternoon baking the cake for Lian's father Roy, while also keeping an eye on Lian's baby brother Tommy. This weekend, Donna's ex-husband (Terry or Jerry or whatever his name is) had custody of their son Robbie and her stepdaughter Jennifer. So Donna convinced Roy to let her watch Lian and Tommy for the afternoon feeling he'd been doing a lot lately and could use some time to himself. It was entirely transparent she wanted time with Lian to do something for Roy while he was out of the house, but no one said anything.

Tommy had just been fed and put down for a nap while Lian iced and decorated the cake. She insisted on doing it by herself to prove she could.

"Well we both love all the other cakes and stuff you've been bringing over." Lian reminded Donna. "But thanks for letting me help with this."

"It was my pleasure having you as a baking partner." Donna hugged the young girl. "I'm gonna go check on Tommy."

But before Donna could leave the kitchen, Lian had a question she wanted to ask. A question that had been on her mind for a while.


"Yes, Lian?" Donna stopped and turned to face Lian again.

"Is everything okay?" Lian asked, a look of concern on her face.

"Huh?" The question sort of caught Donna by surprise before Lian began talking.

"You've been coming over a lot lately," Lian explained, "And I know you and Daddy aren't together-I mean, 'Together' together anymore. Are you alright?"

"Don't worry about me, honey. I'm fine." Donna smiled. But Lian wasn't fully convinced.

"Is it cuz of all that stuff that happened when I… you know."

"No, Lian." Donna replied.

"Well, how come you're over so much?" Lian continued.

"Do you want me to stop coming over?" Donna asked.

"No! I love having you over. And so does Daddy and I'm sure Tommy does as well if he could talk." Lian emphasized. Donna laughed a little before she spoke.

"I just liking spending time with you guys, and I like cooking for you guys." Donna explained.

"I'll say." Lian smirked, thinking about all the homemade sweets and stuff Donna had been leaving for Roy at their house, and at Titans Tower, and at Donna's place. Her dad especially seemed to really like them. And it was starting to show.

"I'm gonna go check on your brother before your dad gets home. Okay?" Donna smiled at Lian.

"Okay." Lian smiled back.

But as Donna left the room, Lian's smile faded and the look of concern returned.

She wasn't convinced at all.

"I'm home!" Roy called out from the front door. "Any wild and crazy parties or dead bodies better be taken care of by the time I step over the threshold!" He held two big bags of groceries in his arms, and one plastic bag containing takeout hanging around his wrist, as he entered the house when Lian came running out of the living room.

"Daddy!" She threw her arms around her dad's waist and squeezed.

"Etai Yazi!" Roy called back, which was Navajo for "Little Girl." "Gimme a sec," he said as he tried to place the reusable bags down on the side table in the hallway. He then kneeled down to Lian's level and gave her a big hug and kiss on her cheek. "Missed you."

"Missed you more." Lian replied, kissing Roy's scruffy cheek.

"And you didn't burn the house down while I was gone." Roy whistled. "I'm impressed."

"Well I can be trusted not to burn the house down. Unlike some people." Lian folded her arms and gave her dad a pretend angry glare, referring to a certain incident Roy had while Lian was… away.

"True, true. You're certainly more trustworthy than I am." Roy conceded as he stood up. "We all know you're the responsible one, though I don't know where you get it from."

"Oh and, guess what?" Lian asked.


"Boop." Lian poked at his belly button, sticking out after his shirt came untucked.

"Hey!" Roy shooed her off as he tucked his shirt back in.

"Well it's your own fault for getting fat." Lian smugly informed him.

"I know, I know," Roy smirked. "I'm gross."

"Nah, you're not." Lian hugged her dad again. "Whatdja do while we were here?" Lian asked.

"I took care of some stuff at Titans Tower, then I did some shopping. No big deal."

"Come look what me and Donna did while you were out!" Lian began to pull her dad into the kitchen, bumping into Donna who was coming out of the first floor bathroom.

"Hi Mr. Speedy." Donna said as she hugged Roy.

"Hi Ms. Wonder Girl." Roy replied. "You guys have fun?"


"Surprise!" Lian practically shoved the cake in Roy's face.

"You guys made this together?" Roy asked as Donna took the cake from Lian.

"Does it look good?" Lian asked.

"It looks great!" Roy messed up Lian's hair before turning his attention to Donna again. "But what's the occasion?"

Donna shrugged, acting like it was no big deal.

"No occasion, just wanted to do something nice while you had the day to yourself." Was the convenient explanation she gave.

"I did the icing myself, and I put the pumpkin on it since it's almost Halloween." Lian revealed. "It's chocolate and spice."

"I really don't know what I did to deserve you two." Roy kissed Lian on the cheek and then Donna. "You're spoiling me."

"I can put these away if you wanna check in on Tommy." Donna offered as she set the grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

"It's cool, I can do it." Roy reached over, but Donna playfully slapped his hand away.

"No no, go see Tommy." Donna insisted.

"He wasn't any trouble today, was he?" Roy asked.

"Not at all."

"I'll go with you, Daddy." Lian joined her father.

The two Harpers headed upstairs to where Tommy Harper, nee Blake, the youngest member of the family slept. Roy quietly opened the door and stuck his head inside to see Lian's baby brother sleeping soundly in his crib.

"I hate leaving him alone." Roy sighed as he closed the door.

"It's cool dad, we had fun with Donna." Lian explained. "But, um…"

Roy saw the look on Lian's face and knew what she was referring to.

"She didn't tell you what was wrong, did she." Roy guessed. Lian sighed.

"No." Lian shook her head. "But she's sad about something, Daddy. I saw it when I asked her what was wrong. It was like when you used to tell me you were okay, even though you weren't."

"Damn it." Roy muttered to himself.

"I'm sorry." Lian apologized.

"It's okay, peanut. You didn't do anything wrong." Roy reassured her.

For the last couple of months, Donna had been acting strange. But then it had been a strange couple of years for a variety of reasons and they were only just returning to a semblance of their old lives.

Their REAL lives.

Probably the strangest things had been how Roy was brainwashed into thinking Jason Todd was his best friend, and Donna had been replaced by a doppelganger who then gave her life to save Donna.

With Roy and Donna back on the Titans with their friends Dick, Wally, and Garth, things felt real for the first time in a long time, even before the world had been gutted inside out. It was like someone had engineered a string of tragedies to make them as miserable as possible before killing them. Now they were all alive and healthy, and so were their kids and loved ones.

Yet Donna had started becoming… not clingy, but, was motherly the right word? Overeager? It seemed that way to Roy and Lian, and to a lesser extent Tommy. Admittedly, he was a new addition to the Harper household after Roy learned of his existence and rescued him from Tommy and Lian's mom a few months ago.

Donna seemed to worry a lot if Roy was eating enough, and had been showering father and daughter Harper in a variety of baked snacks and treats. Cakes, cookies, pies, even these delectable pomegranate pastries Donna learned of from her sister Diana. Roy was certainly enjoying them more than Lian was, since Donna saw more of the older Harper than the younger one. If he had to stay late at the Tower, she had food ready for a late night snack. If he was arriving early in the morning, there was breakfast in case he skipped the meal. It certainly explained how Roy had put on such a significant amount of weight and developed a noticeable belly on his large archer frame.

Roy could sense SOMEthing was bothering Donna, as this type of behavior was new. Oh sure, Donna had long doted on Lian as if she was her daughter. But baking and preparing meals hadn't really been something she was interested in. Roy and Lian weren't ungrateful, but they wanted to know what the problem was. He kept trying to ask her if she wanted to talk, but she smiled and said she was fine. The way she said it, Roy could recognize a slight trace of sadness. Then she'd hurry off to do something else, a mission or monitor duty or something with her sister Diana and the Amazons.

Lian recognized it too, but she was always a perceptive child and probably noticed before Roy did. They began to feel guilty that Donna was doing all this for them and asking for nothing. Maybe they were imagining things and she was trying to be friendly. But maybe not. That was why Roy had caved in so easily when Donna suggested he take a day for himself and let her watch the kids. He'd agreed with Lian that she would try to ask Donna what was on her mind without him in the vicinity.

"What are we gonna do, daddy? I hate seeing her like this." Lian admitted.

"I should've gotten Dick and the others to help," Roy said more to himself, "but I didn't want to put her on the spot in front of everyone."

"But she hasn't been acting weird with them, right?" Lian asked. "It's just us, for some reason."

"Yeah…" Roy furrowed his brow, trying to think.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Donna had finished putting away the rest of the food in the fridge when Roy tapped her on the shoulder.

"What'd you pick up for dinner?" Donna turned and asked him.

"I got some chicken and rice with plantains from this place near the supermarket." Roy explained. "But hey, before we eat…"


Roy sighed.

"Donna, I want you to please tell me what's wrong." Roy asked his teammate and best friend.

"You sound just like Lian a little while ago." Donna laughed. "You guys worry too much. Can't I do something nice for one of my best friends and his daughter? Is that so strange?"

"No, but I mean," Roy scratched the back of his head as he tried to come up with the right words. He should've been direct to begin with, but feared he was over thinking things. He trusted Lian's judgment, though. "I remember you don't like it when everyone expects you to act like their mom. So Lian and I, we were both wondering if you're really okay doing all this. The baking, cooking."

"Roy-" Donna was about to begin before Roy cut her off.

"Hey, I'm not complaining or anything. Aside that I'm gonna need some bigger clothes, of course." Roy smiled and patted his new belly. "I appreciate all the stuff you've done and how you're trying to look out for me and my kids. But I feel like I'm taking advantage of you, and that isn't even the main thing I'm worried about. Donna, Lian and I both think something's going on with you. Please, if something's wrong I wanna help. We both do."

Donna wasn't sure what to say, Roy's green eyes locked on her blue ones.

"Please? Tell me what's wrong?"

Donna hesitated and looked away from Roy and Lian. She scratched her arm.

"It's… it's silly, really." There was a little tremble in Donna's voice.

"Well look, why don't we eat dinner first, and then you can tell the two of us what's on your mind over that cake you and Lian made. Promise?"

Donna wasn't sure whether or not to look forward to the talk after dinner, which was something of an event when Tommy absolutely refused to eat unless Donna was the one to feed him. Roy had barely eaten anything as he struggled to get his stepson to budge a little on the subject of mashed carrots. Lian was happy to get dinner AND a show, until Tommy swatted his food in Lian's direction.

After Tommy finally settled down, had his bath, and was told a Navajo legend to get to sleep, Roy, Donna, and Lian sat in the living room with coffee and cake (and milk for Lian since she didn't need the caffeine AND sugar). Roy sat in the middle of the couch with Donna and Lian flanking him on both sides.

"So, tell us what's bothering you, Donna." Roy got straight to the point.

"Am I gonna have another baby brother, Daddy?" Lian wondered. "Is that why you're so unhappy Donna?"

Donna practically choked on her cake.

"Ahaha! No, Lian, nothing like that." Donna assured Lian.

"I figured," Lian sighed, pinching her dad's side. "But I was hoping he was eating for two."

"Hey now-!" Roy almost dropped his plate as he squirmed.

"It's cool daddy, I like you better this way." Lian giggled. "You make the best pillow when we stay up late watching movies and you're a lot happier than you were before."

"True. So thanks for that, Donna."

The three of them set everything down on the coffee table before they began to really talk. Donna looked down at her hands, folded in her lap, as Roy and Lian aimed their attention solely on her.

"I know my behavior has been bizarre lately-" Donna started.

"I wouldn't call it 'bizarre'-" Roy added.

"But with all the ridiculousness of the past few years and how badly things went for all of us," Donna began to list the horrible things everyone went through, "Prometheus, the Black Lanterns, the Villains for Hire, and then the time Barry Allen and Dr. Manhattan stole from us, I've been feeling… I-I guess I'd call it regret."

"Regret?" Roy was confused, wondering what she was referring to, "For what?"

Donna looked at Lian before she spoke again.

"Lian," Donna felt uncomfortable just remembering what happened, "You know about what happened after you…"

"Died?" Lian finished.

Roy and Donna both winced.

Her death. One of the most painful moments of Roy's life. A senseless accident that was a harbinger for what felt like an eternity of unhappiness for both the Harpers and their extended family.

"Um. Yeah. I-I do." Lian reluctantly confirmed.

"The last time your dad and I spoke before things got really bad, at your, um," God Donna hated everything right now, "Funeral. It wasn't great."

"I know about that too." Lian revealed rather somberly. She knew about the awful things her father had screamed at Donna regarding the deaths of her own children. How he'd accused her of "Whoring in space" with Kyle Rayner while her son died in a car crash. Which absolutely wasn't true, by the way.

"Looking back on it, I've felt, yes, what your dad said to me was really out of line, but I shouldn't have let that stop me from trying to help." Donna was now referring to how almost everyone in Roy's life had completely, utterly failed at trying to help him deal with Lian's death. Even with how aggressive he'd turned in the most recent days after Lian died, the lack of empathy most of Roy's friends had given was astonishing. It hurt worse because it turned out more had been going on than everyone assumed, which they would've noticed had they really paid attention to Roy's behavior.


"No. Please let me get this off my chest." Donna stood and seated herself in a chair away from Roy and Lian, so she could get a better look at them as she spoke. "I've been wondering about if maybe, if I'd tried harder to reach out to you Roy, when you started slipping, then maybe things wouldn't have reached the point they did. I've seen how much you've worked towards making it up to Lian, and how hard you've been trying with Tommy. I feel like if I'd been more help back then, you wouldn't have needed to work so hard now."

"I didn't 'slip,' Donna," Roy firmly told her, owning up to his actions, "I did drugs, called you a whore, tried to kill Dick and Mia, and joined Deathstroke's fake Titans because I was angry and using Lian as an excuse to justify all the crap I pulled."

"I'm not trying to absolve you of the stuff you did Roy-"

"He's been doing his best for me and Tommy!" Lian interjected, almost pleaded, to Donna, to immediately make her feel better and end this unbearable moment. "And I help with Tommy too! Plus I already forgave him for all that, a-and he apologized to Uncle Dick and Mia, anyway!"

"It's alright, Etai Yazi." Roy tried to soothe her.

"I'm sorry, is what I'm trying to say. I didn't do enough to help after Lian died. When Robbie and Jen passed away, I-I don't even want to get into some of the stuff that went through my head. You wanna believe part of me hated you, Roy? Because you still had Lian and I barely saw Robbie at that point after the divorce? I should've been more forgiving after that argument."

"And so you've been worrying so much lately, doing all that cooking and baking…?"

"I wanted to do something more tangible to show I care and that I wanted to make up for it." Donna finally admitted. "I've been trying to pay attention. It's easy to say stuff about doing everything I can to help, but I figured this was the best way to show it."

Roy and Lian looked at each other and then looked at Donna.

"Well, I've been trying." Donna sighed and sank back in the chair.

No one said anything for a minute that seemed to last hours, before Roy stood up.

"Donna, can you stand up please?" Roy extended his hand towards her.


"Come on, up and at 'em." Roy said. As Donna took Roy's hand, he pulled her into a tight embrace as Lian stood behind Donna and placed her hands around her waist."

"Listen Wonder Chick," Roy began, "you've got nothing to be sorry about and nothing to apologize for. I heard about what happened with the Black Lanterns, and you'd have been totally justified for taking my head off after what I said."

Roy referred to the nightmarish ordeal where Donna encountered a zombified version of son, whom she tried to kill in order to stop. It didn't work, and what she did continued to haunt Donna even though Robbie was alive again.

"Yeah, I would have and he's my dad." Lian agreed.

"Even before I found out, I didn't blame you for anything. You didn't do anything wrong. It's not right for you to blame yourself when you needed help too after what you went through. And I'm sorry I made you feel like you had to make it up to us."

Donna wasn't sure what to say.

"Come on, I hate seeing so unhappy. What can I do to make you feel better?"

"Yeah, what can WE do?" Lian corrected.

Donna relaxed, and smiled. Roy and Lian let go and she sighed, a sigh of relief instead of unhappiness. There'd been too much sighing today.

"For starters, next weekend you can make breakfast for me, Jen, and Robbie when she visits." Donna joked, then sniffed and wiped away a tear from her eye. "And then the six of us, Tommy included, can spend the afternoon baking at the Tower." Donna mused.

"Snickerdoodles, peanut?" Roy conspired with Lian, taking Donna totally seriously.

"Roy I'm ki-"

"How about something with macadamia nuts?" Lian wondered.

"No good, Jen's allergic to nuts." Roy surprised Donna by mentioning that since she wasn't aware he knew of her children's allergies.

"Okay then snickerdoodles!" Lian declared.

"Does that help?" Roy asked Donna, mock pouting with puppy dog eyes. "Snickerdoodles?"

"You're both such dorks." Donna held his hand.

"Well, DUH." Both Harpers said.

"Besides, I'm the Titan who's supposed to be constantly ashamed of themselves." Roy joked. "It's kind of my whole shtick, in case you hadn't noticed."

"Yeah, stop stealing my dad's shtick!" Lian ordered. "It's all he has going for him. It's bad enough you made him fat!"

"Yeah, it's bad enough you made me fat!" Roy parroted his daughter.

That was too much for Donna and she started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
Titans: Cakes and Confessions
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics

This is a post-Rise of Arsenal, post-New 52, and post-Rebirth story that explores a world where Lian Harper is alive and Donna Troy took her place back after being replaced by that bastardized copy from Meredith Finch's "Wonder Woman" run. I wrote this for Roy Harper's Birthday Week over on tumblr. The story is at a time Roy has custody of Lian's half brother, Tommy Blake Jr., and Donna's son and stepdaughter are alive as well.
“I cannot believe you talked me into this.” Damian Wayne muttered as he followed Dick Grayson down the sidewalk to their destination.
“Oh stop being so serious, tonight will be fun!” Dick tried to assure his surrogate little brother.
“Fun?” Damian scoffed. “You call dressing up like a bunch of jackasses and begging people to increase our likelihood of contracting diabetes fun?”
“Yeah, fun!” Dick responded with enough enthusiasm to ignore Damian’s sarcasm.
Fun. Ugh. Just thinking of the word made Damian cringe.
“Father wouldn’t allow this.” Damian huffed.
“You’re right, and that’s what makes it fun.” Dick reasoned.
“So if he told you not to jump off the Gotham Bridge, you’d consider that ‘Fun?’”
“Oh look we’re here!” Dick hurried up the driveway to Roy Harper’s new home in Arizona.
“I still don’t understand what this… thing you’ve made me dress as is supposed to be.” Damian gestured to the costume Dick had made them wear. The two of them dressed like a pair of gangster mooks straight out of an old mob movie. Dick had somehow managed to convince Damian to put make-up on his face to resemble dirt, like he really was some street urchin hoping to make a name for himself with the local mobsters.
“You’re a goomba! You know, a scrapper, a tough guy from the wrong side of the tracks.” Dick enthused.
“I look like I stepped out of a high school musical.” Damian complained.
“It’s funny you should mention that because I almost considered having us dress up like the characters from ‘Cats.’” Dick capped off as he rang the bell to Roy’s house.
“Well if we have to do this why do you insist on dragging along your barrage of childhood sycophants?” Damian asked for the umpteenth time.
“Because we haven’t had a chance to hang together outside of official Titans business for a while.” Dick explained before knocking on the front door. “Yo, Roy! You home?”
“Is this another Jehovah’s Witness thing?” A voice from behind the door called out.
“No, it’s your best friend!” Dick answered.
“Which is exactly what a Jehovah’s Witness would say.” The voice replied before finally opening the door.
The two childhood buddies hugged as Damian quickly walked past them in an effort to ignore the sickening display of sentimentality.
“Harper.” Damian sniffed.
“Damien.” Roy nodded as he shut the door after Dick. Damian turned to face Roy.
“You don’t appear as strung out as I was expecting, that must’ve taken a lot of effort to accomplish.” Damian snidely remarked.
“Oh yeah, I crashed hours ago.” Roy joked in response, no longer registering Damian’s haughty sense of humor. “Besides, Lian hid my stash.”
“Again?” Dick got in on the joke. “And speaking of which, where is one of my favorite nieces?”
“Oh she’s putting the finishing touches on her costume, lemme see if she’s ready.” At which point Roy started screaming at the staircase “YO LIAN!”
“WHAT?!” A voice called from the second floor.
“DICK’S HERE SO MOVE IT!” Roy hollered back at his daughter while trying not to laugh at how ridiculous he was being with his daughter right now.
“BITE ME, OLD MAN, I’M GOING AS FAST AS I CAN!” Was the response Lian gave to her father.
“Is his house always this eloquent?” Damian dryly asked while Dick and Roy laughed.
“We’re still meeting Wally, Gillhead, and Wonder Babe right?” Roy inquired.
“Wally said he’d be meeting us with Linda and the twins, and Donna would be bringing Robbie and Jennifer with her to meet Garth, Dolphin, and Cerdian.” Dick explained.
“Yes, that was my sentiment exactly.” Damian rolled his eyes. It was then Dick and Damian got a good look at his costume.
“So, um, your costume, it’s…” Dick trailed off, realizing Roy was wearing what appeared to be white, full body underwear with a red cape, a blue mask, and a drawing of a crossbones on the chest.
“You are wearing underwear beneath that thing, right?” Damian asked.
“As best to my knowledge.” Roy shrugged. “Wait’ll you see Lian’s.”
“Kay daddy I’m all done!” Lian skipped down the stairs and jumped into her dad’s arms. “How do I look?”
“Terrifying.” Roy assured.
“Lian!” Dick was pleased to see his surrogate niece and goddaughter.
“Uncle Dick! Damian!” Lian ran and gave each of them a hug, much to Damian’s horror. “I love your costumes!”
“And yours is…” Damian stopped and realized Lian was dressed in a black skeleton costume, complete with a skull mask covering her entire head. “Huh, I never expected you of all people to go for legitimately trying to scare someone.”
“That’s about as close as he can get to complimenting someone, so you should be flattered.” Dick “whispered” to Lian.
“You don’t have problem seeing through that mask, right hon?” Roy asked.
“It’s all good, dad.” Lian gave her a father a thumbs-up.
“So what are you two supposed to be?” Dick asked. “Crossbones and Skull Girl?”
“No silly, I’m Nightmare,” Lian pointed a bony finger to herself before gesturing to her dad, “and he’s Sleepy.”
“Who?” Damian was confused.
“They’re an old crimefighting duo Lian read about while she was working on a project for school.” Roy explained. “I’m the sidekick-“
“And I’m the hero!” Lian finished. ”I figured since Daddy has sidekick experience he’d be more comfortable as Sleepy.”
“And Lian can be a genuine nightmare sometimes so she fits the role perfectly.” Roy added.
“Aww, you know me so well, daddy.” Lian beamed.
“Oh, so you’re a knock off of Batman and Robin, I see.” Damian noted.
“Well technically, these guys are from the 1940s, so maybe Batman and Robin are a knock off of us.” Lian laughed.
“Ooh, you hear that Damian, you’re a knock off of Roy.” Dick laughed as Damian’s face turned red.
“W-well so are you!” Damian huffed at Dick.
“Oh he got used to that years ago.” Roy patted Dick’s shoulder.
“It’s true, I just had to get used to it.” Dick sighed.
“Well come on, Sleepy, there’s crime and candy a-foot!” Lian grabbed her dad’s hand and pulled him out the door.
“Sir, yes sir!” Roy saluted as he followed after his progeny.
“Ugh, I can’t believe he lets her drag him around like HE’s the sidekick.” Damian shook his head.
“Hey now, you know, if it came down to it I would be honored to be your sidekick.” Dick patted Damian’s head.
“Oh?” Damian asked, secretly flattered but not wanting to give his brother the satisfaction. “When exactly did you stop?”
Titans: Of Nightmares and Mooks
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics.

A birthday gift I wrote for my friend LevyRasputin featuring Dick, Damian, Roy and Lian, plus a nod to two Golden Age characters who belong to the public domain.

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