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'German isn't an ugly language' stamp

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Stamp border : fav.me/d5hi46z by Gasara
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General123bendyfanHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it breaks my German heart when someone says something against my Country Q-Q so this stamp really makes me feel better, really thank you owo
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ShianfoxHobbyist Digital Artist
I mean, it has a word for E V E R Y T H I N G
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K-H-E-HProfessional General Artist
True. German is pretty fun to learn. Especially numbers an swears and insults! :D
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GojiCachouHobbyist General Artist
Je fais allemand, mais je ne sais pas le parler lol. Je trouve cette langue très belle. Love 
xRibbon-Candyx's avatar
xRibbon-CandyxHobbyist General Artist
Ich liebe es, Deutsch zu sprechen
distrustfuI's avatar
Nein, Deutsche ist hübsch.
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FrostbittenBearHobbyist General Artist
No but it is a very angry language, but in the right vocal tone, it can be beautiful. My only knowledge is WW2 films and the Magic Flute performances.
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GreenxArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
It can sound very angry  but actually there are many nice and beautiful words.
FrostbittenBear's avatar
FrostbittenBearHobbyist General Artist
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XigLuxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Deutsche ist schön.
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dooq-teethHobbyist General Artist
it's my favourite language!(of course it is, it is my mother language hehe)
I still don't understand how people can say that german is an ugly and vulgar language! 
Just because of Hitler? srsly o_q
TecuciztecatlOcelotl's avatar
Who the hell says that?
Ghost-MissingNo's avatar
Ghost-MissingNoStudent Artist
You could consider learning Dutch or whatever is spoken in the French Low Countries/Netherlands :P.

I was told it sounds like a drunk Russian trying to pronounce German, but in actual you had pretty huge influence there. Your whole national origin itself is from those regions ;). Now nevermind the whole Calvinism stuff and their split over petty religious denominations and 3 regional powers constantly mingling into their unification.
simmyfoxy's avatar
Na, Deutsch ist sehr schön, wunderbar!!! Auf jeden Fall meine Lieblingssprache :love: 
Judas-la-Carotte's avatar
Judas-la-CarotteHobbyist General Artist
Ja, mich auch, mit English und Französisch ! Aber kann ich nicht gut Deutsch sprechen...
simmyfoxy's avatar
Ich kann auch nicht! Mein Französisch ist noch schlimmer (wenn möglich), aber mag ich ihn auch cute blush 
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SatchithecatHobbyist General Artist
German is awesome. Even the Medic from TF2 (he's german) is proud of his origins.
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zackosletacosHobbyist Digital Artist
German is my favorite language, I don't understand how some people find it ugly.
GreenxArts's avatar
GreenxArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
German can sound angry or mad but there are many beautiful and nice words.
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GalacticSquidPrinceStudent Digital Artist
I love German... ;;
even though I only started learning it today XD
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ArumnielHobbyist Photographer
I'm taking it as my foreign language in college and I tutor the beginner classes. I personally think it is a beautiful language.
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Aggie-tanStudent General Artist
Danke shön! Aber Deutsch IST ein hart Sprache >_< Ich hatte gewesen sprechen Deutsch fur 2 Jahre jetzt ^o^ (and I had to use translator for like 3 of those words QwQ)
EngelchenYugi's avatar
Your grammar here is incorrect. ;P

>>Dankeschön! Aber Deutsch IST eine harte Sprache. Ich spreche seit zwei Jahren Deutsch.<<

Truth to be told some youths in my country write and talk even worse. It's sad how kids in Germany doesn't even know how to write properly and use some strange denglisch (a mix between english and german) words. I always wonder why people have such a hard time to see the difference between "dass" and "das".  
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