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Twilight Sparkle_What?

My little Pony/Equestria Girls © :iconhasbroplz:
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"uh.... why did you do that?"

Twilight: No, it’s not true… THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

Her reaction to Sunset telling Flash to get over her.

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When someone grabs your ass......but you're home alone.
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Twilight Was Always Better Than Sci-twi
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Did Twilight just do a Usagi Tuskino
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If the girls from Equestria knew about her and Flash
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nice call on Doctor Who on what?
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I'd like to think this would her expression if any of the ponies discovered the fandom.
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Ultimate meme face. XD
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Yes, they are making a Similrillion  TV series
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EqG Twilight (Embarassed) Plz  ¡Visite esos sitios con fines académicos, lo juro!
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me parece que tiene cara de asustada ó algo así 
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Hehe funny!  She looks just like Sailor Moon on an off day!
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Ok this is perfect her face look really funny good job
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