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MLP Dark Stars and Dazzlings

Well, sadly this isn't going to be in the official story of the Friendship Cup.
Many people wants to see the Dazzlings with the Dark Stars. I never saw them as rivals;
the only rivals of the mermaids are Mane 7 and the Muses.
In this story the Dazzlings are only mentioned a moment by Flash Sentry.

It is decision of you what would happen if Dazzlings will meet the Dark Stars.

A curious data.
In Spanish, my native language, sirens and mermaids have the same translation; which is SIRENA.

Comics about the mermaids:………

A video about the mermaids and Muses:………………

My little Pony/Equestria Girls © :iconhasbroplz:
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The next thing I want to hear (or in this case, read) is someone calling the Dark Stars Dazzling-Wannabes, since they’re pretty similar. Anyone else think so?

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Uh, don't you mean pendants?
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Sirens make the right chose, listen to your heart!!!
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In my opinion, aria blaze makes a good randee.Just because of her personality
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I imagine the Rockster Girls would come and help the Dazzlings from the Dark Stars. What would Dark Stars think of the Rockster Girls the three colorful cyborg girls?
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That would be so cool
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i wonder if my oc meets yours.  
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those three Dark Stars are using the Dazzlings as puppets to take over the world. 
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Noooo! Don't do it! Adagio you know better then to do this!
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I think the dazzlings look sad. Don't give up your minds to those mermaids it's not worth it
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Poor Dazzlings! Hopefully they can get out of this mess.
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¡Te quedó muy bien!

Mmmmm ¿quién cedió su mente a quién?
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Esto es una idea descartada para la historia, las dazzlings no haran acto de prescencia;
solo son mencionadas brevemente en los recuerdos de Flash Sentry; como mucha gente queria
verlas junto las Dark Stars hice este dibujo.
En teoría de haber salido las Dazzlings habrian sido engañadas y manipuladas por las Dark Stars.
Al final las Dazzlings intentarian revelarse y traicionar a las Dark Stars pero no lo conseguirian.
Pero al final nada de esto estara incluido.
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Request Dark Stars are using the Dazzlings as puppets to take over the world. 
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Le voy a hechar un ojo a la historia
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Todavía no esta disponible jajaja
jesusthegrumpyguy's avatar
Que le hace.

Me avisas
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I want that this become a movie
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Realmente si las quisiera ver denuevo, talvez estan emparentadas o las dazzlings son realmente las unicas que pueden neutralizar los cantos de sus contrapartes.

Por la interpretacion las sirenas(mermaids) son las que ma conocen la gente de este lado del charco moco Ariel de la sirenita o las de Mermaid Melody las mitad mujer mitad pez. Las otras sirenas(sirens) comparten historia y creo que la unica diferencia seria el fisico ya que las siren's son mas paresidas a las harpias, vease las escamas de Sorrento de Siren y Tetis la sirena de los caballeros del zodiaco
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awesome piece of art!!! i loooove your art!!! and this can be cool if the dazzling are in the story but if they are not in i dont mind because i love so much the story and your art is awesome and your oc are so cool and awesome too!!
in this picture looks like the dazzling will be the ''pawn'' of the mermaids in there plan. this is gonna be awesome!!!!! mabe the dazzling will turn good too in the end.....
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 In the end, when the Dark Stars are defeated, I'd love to see the Dazzlings get some payback on them for taking their dignity! I mean, the Dazzlings have no power and must feel angry and insignificant after the Battle Of The Bands so, I'd like to see them teach the Dark Stars a lesson!
Redheadpony's avatar
yea this can be good!
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