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I wanna fart on them
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SHIIIIIIIP!!!!:screaming: Running and Screaming Emote Screaming Daisy excited HUNTER ultratard :stickymote: IM TRIPPIN BALLS MAN Why am i screaming?  (from screaming to a lot of screaming XD)
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I love the picture, it's so cute. My most favorite shipping in the brony fandom.
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cute but mose the fan thing twilight x comet
twilight with comet oh come on twilight never speek the him and never lookning to in the eye but no some fan thing thos is the best couple but is not and comet is not in love with
and i sure to 100% comet aready a marefriend and is not or all the mane 6 plus the fan think is the boyfriend for twilight only for his cutie mark and thing like (Oh comet mose be
good in magic so we make him with twilight but love so is best couple)this not the beast couple  plus this pony a zero back story like be a royal or a mage or exporer we not zero
of him you is better flash sentry but no and  flash (pony)him we know what his doin.
NOTE twilight is in love with and no outer pony
twilight get shyness on flash
twilight bonbing on flash two time
twilight never talk to comet
twilight never get shyness on comet
twilight nver bonbing on comet
the fan who think comet perfect boyfriend for twilight think his cutie mark and his a unicorn but mose of bad fan who thing flash is not boyfriend of twilight is only hate and dont
apporve for the fact flash is a pegas and his cutie mark but mosely for hate him for no good reason........but we cant stop peauple think  and you love bad thing this your problem
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Down here in the feel blue sea
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Star(Twilight) and Warrior(Flash).
The Princess(Twilight) and The Hero(Flash) they are together in love forever.
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They're basically like that for thier first ever feature movie 
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It's still beautiful and well-done.  Putting their cutie marks on their fins was a creative touch that IMO is good enough for canon!
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well the cms are on the fins in the trailers so xD it is cannon
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Reminds me of mermaid ponies. :) (Smile) 
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lol, twilight x flash haters going to hate.
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You made it good.)
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Sooooo cute!!
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Look like he will be appearing in the movie.
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I wonder why he hasn't made any more appearances in the FIM series?
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looks kinda FISHY no pun intended :D (Big Grin) 
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pretty nide well done
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