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Older Ila .Back Tattoo Design.

By Jubriel
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Gee, I really needed to upload on here big time. Have only been posting on my LJ lately.
Anyhow, I'm doing good! Very busy, but good! =D

The Design for Ila's new back tattoo!
It's a religious image - pretty obviously - with a twist towards the story of which Ila is from. I don't know exactly what it'll all mean yet, but I do know the girl is Ila, the man she's holding her older brother Ilya, and floating above them their angelic, and dangerously creepy father, Il Delagrand.
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May 11, 2010, 4:36:03 PM
EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
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I think Ila is the most unique doll because of the wonderful mind you have. haha Your doll is only as cool as you make it. You make her really cool.
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Seriously, you make my day when giving me such humongous compliments. *3* <3 Thank you so much, hearing that really means a lot to me!

Gah, I so want to work on Ila again, but I have so little time, it's frustrating! Soon, hopefully, because there are so many awesome plans on the table for her!

Thx again!!! :huggle:
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Aww :hug: I hope you can find time to work on her. Maybe one idle afternoon in the near future is just waiting for you to create your art. ♥
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It looks so so good...! *Q* I want to see it done in her back...!!

I love Ila's designs, is simply amazing...! she's such an interesting character, I hope you post more pictures/drawings soon...!
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Oooh, me too! And this is also not everything about the design! I'm going to do something I've never done before with the new face-up and tattoo, and hasn't been done on any BJD for as far as I know! It's so exciting!

I started a little Ila comic, like the ones from the compendium, with Descenda and Mordec, but this time a scene with Ila. Haven't gotten far yet though, but I'll post something from it soon!

Hugs! :3
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O-O..... *tries to guess what is it* is something... are you going to engrave it or something??? O.O oh wow, I don't know what are you going to do, but now I want even more to see it....!!! :eager:

Ohhh, really? :'D I'd loooove to see it posted here...! Actually her whole story seems so interesting...! >U< I'd love to know more so I can understand even better her and the pictures you take of her :'3

*hugs too* nvn
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I forgot, did I link you my Livejournal? I have much more on there too! :3 [link]

Just posted a preview of Ila's new face-up there(though it's friends-locked, and I don't know if you have an LJ yourself?)

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I don't have one, but I think I get to see the face-up? XD it looks amazing...! *u* I don't know how you do it (magic?) but the tattoos and drawings and everything you gave your dolls look amazing and perfect...!
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No, it's not magic, I'm an alien! xDDD

Hehehe, thank you so much :heart: x3
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:D ok ok...! Can I just ask what do you use to colour them? if you use acrilics.... you may really be a magic alien xD

and you're super welcome :heart: nun
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I don't know what you mean exactly? I used a simple graphite pencil to draw the tattoo, and often use a combination of paint and pastel to colour. With face-ups I use my airbrush too. :3
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