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By Jubran
using only photoshop, i tried to create this scene....
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Awesome work man. The ancient Middle East was such a fascinating place. Home to the world's oldest civilizations, and each having their own very distinct styles and cultures. More work like this is needed, because it's the closest we can get to going back in time and actually seeing things for ourselves.

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Very beautiful work
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Babylonian civilization Very beautiful !!!! :) (Smile) 
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Achaemenid Empire (Cyrus The Great). awesome, tnx  Heart Love 
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It is very great, beautiful, wonderful and stunning art! Thank you very much! Bravo! 



I read books of Zecharia Sitchin. I like aliens, Anunnaki and Ancient Mesopotamia very much.

Look my arts of Sumerian and Akkadian mythology!


Dingir and his entum (Sumerian Jesus):…


Nanna and Enheduanna, Inanna and Sargon:…


Inanna and Anu - love and sex:…


Inanna and Shukalletuda:


Inanna and Gaygamesh:


Gaygamesh and Enkidu - kiss:


Abuni ang Singamil - Sumerian gay-lovers:


Sumerian god Enki:


Inanna and Enki - Stealing Me:


Dumuzi and Geshtinanna - incest hetero-love:…


Young Dumuzi and Yong Ishkur:


Dumuzi - the Good Shepard:


Inanna and Dumuzi - wedding:


Young Anu and Alalu:…


Nergal and Ninurta:


Nergal and Ereshkigal - love:


Nergal and Jesus Christ - sex:…


Jesus and Satan:


Ninurta and shumerologist V.V. Emeljanov - love:…


Ninurta, Shara and Enlil:


Enuma Elish - Enlil and Tiamat:


Anunnaki forewer! :)

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Now those are some epic beards!
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Very Hudson River School mixed w Lawrence Alma-Tadma. See Thomad Cole's "Architect's Dream."
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It's almost Hudson River School. Look up Thomas Cole.. The Architect's Dream... Or Lawrence Alma-Tadma from the late 19th.
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almost can imagine actually being in this time :) very beautiful!
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Whoa man! True detail! Very realistic too!
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You've done and amazing job :)
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I feel like babylon did truely look like this.
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Oh, my! This is magnificent! In terms of artistic ability, it is remarkable. Kudos to you!

I do have one small critique, though. On the buildings and pyramids, you should've added some blue-colored stone tiles to give them a sense of color. Still, it's an incredible creation of what Babylon must've been like. Well done.
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I love this. So beautiful. and accurate. :)
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It's so beautiful. ^^
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Hello darling! :wave:

You've been featured in my journal: [link]

:huggle: :heart:
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This blew me away. I'm in awe. Looks so real.
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Oh, this is awesome!:love: You perfectly depicted the atmosphere and..oh, just look at the lion. Its' perfect.
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Purely awesome! As a huge archaeology fan, thanks for posting such great work! You really captured the era! ^^
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Only using photoshop? Whoah... The angles of the characters and of the light seemed a bit odd at the beginning. But after observing the picture for a little longer they started to make sense(I believe).

All of those little details (the clothe's foldings, pictures in the walls, the architectural elements) must had taken you a considerable amount of time. Lots of pacience.

From my perspective at least they were well invested minutes.

Thanks a lot for your art.

Un saludo.
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