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Published: March 20, 2005
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I haven't been able to draw anything seriously these months because of academic reasons, ARGH! So my mood took a high when I was able to just sit down for a good day and draw. PS 7.0 (NO CS STILL!!!)

[EDIT]: A few people have mentioned this, so I'm going to mention it formally. :P My main muse for this was that one absolutely perfect shot of AC Cloud (on his motorcycle perhaps?) in the AC trailer. I was reluctant to say it before because I secretly wanted someone to comment, "Hey that looks somewhat like Gaara (Naruto)". *bangs head* But I'm terrible close to just drawing a flatout Gaara fanart.
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awesome, curious to see him with white or silver hair.
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Peaceful-ChildStudent General Artist
Amazing pic!
Angel0507's avatar
It's so amazing. I love it!
BluRequiem's avatar
BluRequiemHobbyist Digital Artist
That's just cool ^_^
TaiyoHisakawa's avatar
Super!!!! Great work!
eliseiepoo124's avatar
if it's any consolation, I thought it WAS Gaara when I first saw it :giggle:
Gaara or not, I like it !!
MusicalNature's avatar
MusicalNatureStudent Artist
Hehe its beautful, it does look like gaara. Please do gaara in this pose :D
Piece5113's avatar
Piece5113Hobbyist General Artist
wow, everything is so beautiful *u//_//u*amazing!
Lilliath's avatar
soooooooow beautiful :heart:
It could really be Gaara... but when I first saw the pic I thought about a vampire-character (because the skin looks just *flawless* :heart: ) from a novel, called "twilight" which I'm currently reading... and loving ^^
YH16's avatar
nice gaze, serious, i like that
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Rosaka-ChanProfessional Digital Artist
The perspective of this pic is interesting and colours + shading looks beautiful.
The overall colours look beautiful together. :heart:
Lightbeam--v-c-eliot's avatar
This. Is absolutely wicked awesome. In all my weirdness, I say: I really like her lips ... that prolly stems form the fact that I can't draw lips. *favorites*
swimmerdee7's avatar
WHOA!!! I LOVE IT!!! Great work!!!!
Raoulzd's avatar
omg omg omg omg omg wonderful!! :p
FerretBento's avatar
so beautiful, so mysterious! i love this so much. there is so much drama in her expression; the tension, the attention.... what the heck is goin on there? the more i stare at her the more i want to know and yet. nothing happens!
acousticaltrance's avatar
Amazing job! I adore the tattoos. That'd be kinda fun to cosplay or something...

Anywho, I read the artist's comment about how Cloud's shot in the AC trailer inspired you. I love that shot... Um, but that's not the point! *is trying to focus* It kinda has the calming feel of the picture, but he reminds me more of how I pictured the shade Durza from Eragon (if you've read it O.o) to look.

Right, so, I stop mumbling now! (Awesome pic! *faves*)
Night-Fox-Hiten's avatar
I love the eyes. To me, they seem curious, yet as if they expected whatever it is that they are looking at. Nicely done!!
CalamityJade's avatar
CalamityJadeProfessional General Artist
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wyngless-byrdHobbyist General Artist
i love this picture to death...the face...hair...eyes...awesome...
lightbird's avatar
lightbirdHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful - wonderful eyes and a nice colour mixture!
Freaks will move the world :crazy:
myako's avatar
A few mentioned before....HOT eyes. I love the perspective chosen.
SailorQuatre's avatar
Oh, I like. *nodnods* When I saw the thumbnail in your gallery I thought it looked a might Gaara-ish. Seeing it full viewed, it reminds me of a D&D druid. ^^; I love the background. It reminds me of the woods in AC, all glowy and white. *_*
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