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X-Men Age of Apocalypse: Holocaust

A 3D sculpt of Holocaust from the X-Men, loosely based on one of several armor designs.  Photo-comped it in Photoshop for some atmosphere.
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i had this guys toy as a kid, he looked fricken awesome
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Nice, the Toy Biz one??
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I've always had a thing for clear and/or transparent action figures, LOL!
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You'd think he'd get more respect for slaughtering millions ?!
Great job man !
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Well, I'm giving him respect LOL!!  Thanks for the kind words :)!!
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amazing work ^^
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Nice job!  I wonder who Holocaust is in the normal MCU or if he lived long enough to exist as Holocaust?
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As far as I know he's only in the comics.  He did make it from an "alternate timeline" from Age of Apocalypse, I believe, into the mainstream timeline, only do die again or something like that LOOOL.
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Loved that series even better than the original x-men.  Holocaust, I believe, fried people with microwave energy.  His club-arm also had wicked spines on it that he used to rip people open.  Real nice guy...NOT
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His name was quite apt LOL!
looks a lot like a star wars b2 battle droid
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I can see that... though those guys have really, really skinny limbs...
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man that looks awesome :>
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Absolutely the coolest, well done!
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Thanks for the kind words!
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