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Terminator - Warhammer 40,000: Relic Expansion

A Space Marine Terminator of the Imperial Fists Chapter from the new Warhammer 40,000: Relic "Halls of Terra" Expansion set from Fantasy Flight Games.

The character card can be seen here:

©Fantasy Flight Games/Games Workshop
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The yellow in the thumbnail made me hope it was an Angry Marine, close enough
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LOL yes... I don't know if Yellow military anything makes sense..
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then your skill is truly amazing
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do you make costum OC Warhammer cards?
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Sure, not for free though!
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well of course
how much for one of my space wolf OC…
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For Rogal Dorn! awesome!
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(Terminator music starts playing)
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I don't usually go for Termies. But you convinced me.  ;}
Enjoying all the battle damge.
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LOL, glad you like it!  Must be hard maintaing the paint jobs on power armor...
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Black-Sweater's avatar one sexy looking armour é A è<3
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looking good man. imperial fists are my favourite chapter
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Thanks!  I haven't made up my mind yet who my favorite one is, LOL.
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say Imperial Fists and I'll be your best friend :D 
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Whoa, it looks like an evil fusion of Bumble Bee and Buzz Lightyear, with a head that looks like an evil fusion of Darth Vader, a stormtrooper, and optimus prime. Dang Terminator, you scary. The yellow metal reminds me of some construction equiptment in the real world. 

Looking at all of this together, I can't help but think how scary it would be if the Imperium of Man and the Galactic Empire fused. I mean, they are both humano centric (although the empire less so as time went on) and they are both totalitarian governments (although the Imperium of Man is a theocratic Oligarchy pretending to be a paepoceasaristic monarchy, and the Galactic Empire is a more technocratic monarchy and totalitarian dictatorship with elements of fascism and marxism...the Galactic Empire isn't openly Sith, or religiously Sith, even though the leader in charge is Sith and recruits dark jedi, he would prefer it if people didnt know or care that he was specifically Sith). But I was just thinking how scary it would be if these 2 fused. I mean especially if they swallowed their humanocentric pride and absorbed certain evil aliens like the shape shifting reptilians from the Dracon Empire and the visitor reptilians from V. Absorbing the shape shifters and the yeerks from animorphs, although not enough to bolster their numbers, would be great tools for infiltrating opposing governments. Things like the burning crusade, Mordor, the Undead Scourge, the various reptilians and insectoids would only bolster their numbers so much, and might cause friction with the human supremacists, but that's where compartmentalization comes in. The Galactic Empire, and the Imperium might be able to recruit Cerberus, and the Undead Scourge might be able to be the bridge between the Reapers and the others. Any non humans might be allowed to serve as parts of police state militias in certain territories, but they would be compartmentalized so as to reduce friction between the human supremacists. 
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