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Steampunk Robot

Not much to say about it, a steampunk-style robot of sorts...
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Hi, I am developing a card game and I am looking for suitable illustrations.
Will you contact me regarding licensing of this image?

You can check out the work-in-progress of the game here:…
Love it! His head reminds me of a super-bad-ass version of Scud.
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This is insanely good!
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awesome! could I use this for some card art?
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Sees plaque. "I'm the juggernaut, bitch!"

Haha, but seriously, awesome pic! Great detail and coloring! I would love to hear the story behind it. :D
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I'm the Juggernaut bitch!
Lol, I would crap my pants a bit at the sight of that.
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LOL... yeah, I would too... :shithappens:
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Echos of Jes Goodwin's Space Marine Dreadnought in this. Nice work ;)
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Damnit, everything I do seems to have a 40K reference of some sort LOL!! I guess it can't be helped since that was a big part of my younger life for quite some time. I do miss those old dreadnoughts, the new ones seem way too top heavy for my liking.
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The basic dread is still the same as the old one, just plastic. GW know when a design's a good one.
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Ah, ok... I was thinking of the old OLD Dreadnought from way back.
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Oh, those. lol... ;)
Liberty Prime is online!
Systems: Ready!
Weapons: Hot!
Mission: The destruction of all Chinese communists!
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LOL! But he was made in China (or at least a bootleg version was)!
Heh, I was referencing another big robot, from Fallout 3. Liberty Prime was a giant cold-war war-bot who's programmed to be extremely patriotic. Look him up on YouTube!
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LOL, I see, I'll check it out!
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