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Steampunk Hunter

By jubjubjedi
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Character I designed and painted for Aeria for one of their mobile card game, Immortalis. This shows the Level 4 version.
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That's really awesome :D
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Thanks, steampunk is fun to work on!
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Good day sir/madam,
I would like to know if you would mind if I use this as inspiration for an actual build. As in, I do leather craft and Steampunk and would love to actually make that.

Please let me know. You can see more of my work here.
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Hey, that sounds cool!  Please make sure to share any updates on your project, I'd love to see how things turn out!
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AWESOME! Thank you for the permission. You will be credited and named. I will be posting most of it on the Page. It does feed into Twitter BrassRoots_Lthr if you follow that and I do periscope transmissions too.

So if there is any name, personal info that you want to give me to use... I will be announcing it soon. I am going to try for two new projects for the next years convention here in Orlando.

Lastly, what did you envision on the back... a back pack, box, some type of satchel. Its the only detail I am uncertain about. The rest will be probably pretty close to what you have drawn with some minor adjustments, or corrections if there are mistakes to where things attach on the real body. (I only mention this as it has come up before. Nothing major, just some buckles were backwards on an image from someone else.)

Again, Thank you!
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Hey!  Well you can use my full name, Jacob Atienza, as well as my DevArt ID as well (jubjubjedi), whichever one works.

Regarding the backpack, I don't really think I designed that much into this character.  Looking at it now, I think it would be either a power generator of some sort that expels steam/smoke from multiple smoke stacks, and has at least 2 connections for tubes that connect to his left arm and his face mask.  There is also a handle on top, as you can see behind his head.
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Love the details on this! Gorgeous!
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Wow, really awesome !
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AHHHHHHHHH I found the creator of HSP-001 :D
One of the best cards  I had starting out in Immortalis!
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Hey, thanks for the kind words!!  Yeah, I wish that card was much stronger, LOL... I guess that's just the way it is with older cards, they need to make more and more powerful cards and the old ones just get set aside eventually.
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Very interesting work. Congrats on DD! :clap:
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Thank you for the kind words!!
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HSP-001, I think they did this recently in the Legend of Metal Immortal Chest
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Yep, I managed to get him!
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